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VT Question of the Week: Who Do the Minnesota Vikings Draft at No. 11?

Round 2 of VT Question of the Week is on the board! This week we keep in mind the free agency moves that have—and haven’t—happened thus far and look ahead to the 2015 NFL Draft. 

If you’re the Vikings, and the Draft is tomorrow, who do you take at No. 11—and why?

AndyAndy: Brandon Scherff, OT – Iowa.

The Vikings didn’t overspend for Iupati (smart) or Boling (ehh), so LG is still a need. [Joe] Berger is back, but he’s no starter, and Yankey is a major wildcard. If the Hawkeye mauler is there at 11, take him. Plug him in at LG this season and even let him audition for LT down the road if Kalil doesn’t rebound in 2015.

brentBrent: Trae Waynes, CB – Michigan State

Waynes has tremendous size and plays physically at the line of scrimmage. Not only can he body a wide out and put him on an island, but he has great ball skills and is more than willing to help in run support. Knowing how the NFCN throws the football, a corner back like Waynes gets priority over any 2 down linebacker or defensive lineman, in my opinion. Having two lock-down corners will be incredibly valuable to Zimmer, who likes to get creative with this defensive schemes. Trust your back end coverage, and you have endless possibilities on defense.

adamAdam: Trae Waynes, CB – Michigan State

As many of our readers know, I don’t put too much stock in “needs” when it comes to the NFL Draft, but value drafting has to play into things. If Adrian Peterson has taught us anything over the last year, it should be that there is nothing wrong with using the Draft to get better and deeper at a position of strength. In a blink of an eye, your sure-fire starter can disappear. So, making some assumptions about who is available when we select at number 11, I go with cornerback Trae Waynes—as you’ve seen from the first three versions of my mock draft. The Vikings depth chart at corner would allow for a guy like Waynes to work his way up the depth chart, instead of being handed a starting job (or forced into a starting job) before being fully ready. Waynes is one of my favorite players in this class, and pairing him with Xavier Rhodes could put the Vikings pass defense in the conversation for top in the league over the next few years.

carlCarl: DeVante Parker, WR – Louisville

I have always liked DeVante Parker with the 11th pick for three reasons: chemistry, talent, and filing a need. However, if blue chip talent like OLB Vic Beasley or Randy Gregory happen to fall to the Vikings, I think I would take one of those guys over Parker. I also think selecting OT Brandon Scherff is a good pick too, but I really believe those three guys will not be available at No. 11. I think WR Micheal Crabtree will be harder to sign than some of the other Vikings free agent targets like CB Chris Culliver, DE Michael Johnson and S Taylor Mays, so to answer the question, I just keep coming back to Parker with the 11th pick.


lindsey2Lindsey: Brandon Scherff, OT – Iowa.

I’ve been wavering back and forth between Scherff and DeVante Parker for the last several weeks now. It’s hard to turn down a WR if he’s available that high in the draft, but my gut feeling all offseason is that the Vikings need to fix their offensive line. In my opinion, the O-Line is the team’s biggest weakness right now. Now that we know Minnesota won’t be bringing in Iupati, and we unfortunately missed out on Clint Boling—who I wanted to see come here—I think the Vikings need to go with Scherff if he’s on the board at No. 11. Did you know that he had a tear in his meniscus as a senior at Iowa, and he only missed one practice with the injury? The guy is a beast, and he would immediately improve the line.


AustinAustin: DeVante Parker, WR – Louisville

Stepping into Rick Spielman’s shoes for a day, I draft a player who will have an immediate impact for the Vikings – DeVante Parker. There may be other holes on the roster, but the team is sorely lacking a dynamic red zone target and deep threat. Parker could fill that Randy Moss role of old, capitalizing on his chemistry with quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to ignite Norv Turner’s offense in 2015.


DarrenWKSTP’s Darren Wolfson, Guest of the Week: Vic Beasley, DE/LB – Clemson

[The Vikings] were big fans of Oregon QB Marcus Mariota last year, I’m told (before he chose to go back to school). But a) he’s not falling that far, and b) I’m a big fan of Bridgewater’s. I really, really, really like Alabama WR Amari Cooper. But it’s a deep draft for said position. So I’d be more tempted to go safety, if one was worthy, or linebacker. Having Arif Hasan in studio on 1500 Wednesday, he sold me on UCLA LB Eric Kendricks. But he’s not worthy of the No. 11 pick. So trade down, accumulate more picks, and take Kendricks. But to answer your question and tap-dance around: give me Clemson DE/LB Vic Beasley. LB coach Adam Zimmer was at Clemson’s Pro Day, and Beasley took part in the linebacker drills. He’s an athletic freak, and Vikings coach Mike Zimmer is a mad scientist with athletes like that. A top cornerback or the guard/tackle from Iowa would also be appealing.

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Lindsey Young

Lindsey Young (Featured Columnist) is a graduate of University of Northwestern – St. Paul and is an avid Minnesota sports fan[atic]. It’s been argued females don’t know much about sports, but she begs to differ. Her work has been featured on Bleacher Report,, and Fox Sports North. In addition to her work with VT, Lindsey is a contributing writer for Canis Hoopus, runs a bi-monthly fan feature for and is a freelance writer for You can read her blog at Making the Call and follow her on Twitter.

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  1. As much as I want a quality WR we need to turn our OL into something other than a traffic light stuck on green vs a pass rush. Our second greatest need is a CB.

  2. Ho- Hum, the GM is at it again it looks like If we are lucky we might end up with another 7 and 9 or maybe an 8 and 8

  3. Trae Waynes has tremendous size? 6’0″, 186 pounds ( Other than above average height, he’s puny. More like a tremendous exaggeration

    Good cover skills but he’s just a speed bump for NFL ball carriers.

    1. He’s 9lbs lighter than Richard Sherman and 12 lbs lighter than Revis. That weight can be added in a hurry with an NFL nutrition and workout programs. His weight doesn’t really bother me. Waynes also placed 4th at the combine in bench press reps, so I don’t think he’s missing necessary strength to hold his own. I don’t think it was a tremendous exaggeration at all.

      1. He’ll be 23 in a couple months and you’re right, he is strong. That’s why I think he’s topped out in mass. I don’t think he has the weight to throw around at the next level. I watched him get leveled by the Ohio State QB. Next two attempt to tackle that same QB were half-hearted. Yards after contact all of the attempts.

        What also bothers me is his short area quickness. Seems lagging to me.

        1. Which QB leveled him? If it was Jones, that wouldn’t bother me too much. At the end of the day, I’m drafting Waynes for his coverage ability, not his hard hitting or tackling. He’ll get in the fact of a WR and jam them at the line, because of his ability to do so, he has plenty of speed, imo.

          1. I think in some areas, we need dramatic improvement. O-line specifically. I would rather use a first on a freak (like Barr) or make the largest net gain. Do you think Trae (23 yr old rookie, 4.31 40) is a big improvement over Josh Robinson (24 yr old 2015 season, 4.33 40)? Enough to spend an 11th overall?

            I think Zimmer can coach Josh up a bit more and save a first rounder.

            1. I do think Waynes is a better CB than Robinson. If we saw that drastic improvement in Robinson from ’13-’14, imagine what Zimmer can do with a kid like Waynes. At the end of the day, I don’t trust Robinson 1on1 at all…but I do think Waynes gives you that flexibility. If our 2 corner backs can isolate a WR and take them out of the game, the defense can turn up the aggressiveness in the front 7. All of a sudden, you can have safeties covering TEs and the flats, while linebackers pressure the OL/QB.

              Now, I love Scherff..and if he’s there at 11, I do have a very tough time deciding between the two. Waynes will have some bumps in the road, as all rookie DBs do, but Scherff can be a dominate interior lineman from the get go. With that said, I was under the assumption that he will not be there at 11 – I think he’ll go to NYG.

              1. How about La’el Collins? Same kinda fit Scherff is, guard with tackle potential.

            2. Exactly! Anyone’s guess if Waynes will be better than Robinson. Not worth an 11th pick. Especially with Colins and Peters available later and a bunch of good prospects in the 2nd.

  4. While scherff has been a popular pick for the Vikings, there are too many good lineman in this draft to take a guard at 11. The OT’s will take up the 1st round, with a few falling into the 2nd and 3rd. The good guards won’t even come off the board until the 2nd round and last until the mid to late rounds of the draft. You can’t pass on an elite player at 11, and I don’t know if you could go as far to consider any of the lineman elite in this draft. The top 3 WRs, like 5 or 6 OLBs, and a Trae Waynes would all be worth while picks at 11. If we get michael johnson in FA though, I doubt the Vikes take a LB at 11 unless a guy like beasley falls(unlikely), so it comes down to Amari Cooper, DeVante Parker, or Trae Waynes. My guess is we trade AP, get an extra 2nd and 3rd round pick, take Cooper or Parker at 11, then get a LB (kendricks/mckinney/perryman/orchard/harold) with one 2nd round pick, and the top remaining DB (S or CB) with the other 2nd round pick. Then we can target a guard in the 3rd, and hopefully snag a RB like Jay Ajayi or David Johnson with the other 3rd.

    1. I’d add David Cobb and agree totally. Though I don’t think Waynes is worth an 11th. It seems that at least as far as we can project the talent at CB is good, not great, but deep and flat into the 2nd.

      1. I like David Johnson but Cobb is the best power back in the class. I think that’d better complement McKinnon. I’d be happy with Johnson though too.

  5. Beasley, Gregory, big 3 WR, Scherf, or trade down. Bud Dupree if we don’t sign M. Johnson. He’s the steal of the draft but is more of a DE than a LB.

  6. OL is A must have since we missed out on 3 good OG in FA. But the position OG is not a value @ 11 We can Addressed that in the 2nd round with player’s like, A.J. Cann OG South Carolina , Tre Jackson OG Florida State and Ty Sambrailo OT Colorado State.. Ty Sambrailo, can also play OG. Four-year starter, mostly at left tackle, but also earned snaps at right tackle and both guard spots. So you can see the versatile there..! So if we do not get a CB in FA.. .Than @ 11 should be Trae Waynes….And i really like Parker alot ..! Just because of Teddy & Parker , :”) They have a good chemistry..! But for the Team is CB Trae Waynes….And also WR in the 2nd round , maybe take a chance on WR Dorial Green-Beckham! But i do not disagree with OL…too ,We really do needed…

  7. What do you guys think of this = Is just a suggestion… I heard 49ers is showing interest in AP.. What if we trade AP & the draft we got from the bills a 5th & 7th for 49ers 1st pik @ 15 And if they refused.. how about two 5th round & 7th ..I believe, we have two 5th round pick ..right..! ?.. So it will be two 5th round and a 7th round + AP For 49ers 1st pick @ 15…If that could happen…We would have 11 & 15.. would that be worth..? Or are we giving up too much..? What do you guys think..?

  8. Scherf, Landon Collins, Trae Waynes, Top 3 WR’s are all immediate upgrade selections at #11.

    The idea of Trae Waynes being comparable to Josh Robinson is a big stretch considering both Waynes being 2 inches taller and having the strength of jamming WR’s and one-on-one situations. Robinson has been below par at both even with Zimmer on him. I like how the draft is setting up and how we’re saving our money in FA to pay our previous 1st rounders soon.

    1. You’ve missed my point. The idea is Waynes does not compare favorably to Josh Robinson AND whoever our eleventh overall pick is.

      I take Josh because it costs me zero draft picks. Coach’em up Zim!

  9. I’m becoming a little enamored with the idea of a first round Collins’ pick. Yes, the apostrophe is intentional. I think S Landon Collins is set to fall a bit and we could possibly trade down a few picks and still get him. I still haven’t seen supposed tape of WR’s taking the top off him in the passing game. Apparently it exists but he was my “Teddy” last year in college where I watched him as much as possible and considering he played for The Tide I saw a lot of him. Never saw anything but great coverage instincts and elite against the run. Then Rick being slick as he is could move back into the first round and grab LSU Jalen Collins. Jalen has elite everything as far as a prospect CB except experience. Give him the best DB coach on the planet as a head coach and we’re talking potential top secondary in the NFL. Also, there are a lot of good looking Guards we could take in the 2nd without “strength” issues to fill the biggest hole in the upcoming draft.