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POLL OF THE WEEK: You’re the General Manager

Earlier today, Vikings general manager Rick Spielman addressed the media, offering a few insights into his plans for the 2015 NFL Draft. The usually cryptic Spielman left little to the imagination, making three points emphatically clear:

1. The 11th-overall pick is FOR SALE
2. The Vikings are not interested in an Adrian Peterson trade
3. Analytics = critical to 2015 draft planning

As mentioned in previous articles, and most recently by Ryan Boser, Spielman wants to accumulate nine or 10 total picks each year. With just seven in his pocket before the draft begins on Thursday, fans can expect Spielman to play an active role in early trade negotiations.

It’s unlikely that the Vikings trade up in the first round, but a trade back (or back into the first round) wouldn’t be out of the question. Yesterday, Ryan proposed two major trades, both of which included first round selections:

Minnesota sends 1(11) to Houston for 1(16), 3(82) and 4(116)
Minnesota sends 2(45) and 3(76) to Indianapolis for 1(29) and 5(165)

In his post Tuesday afternoon, Arif also envisioned situations where Rick Spielman parts ways with the 11th-overall pick. The first would involve the Dolphins (14) or 49ers (15), who may move up if one of the top three receivers is still on the board. The other sees the Saints move up from the 13th spot to draft one of the remaining edge rushers.

As it stands, the Viking have no intention of trading Adrian Peterson, but history suggests otherwise. After insisting he wouldn’t trade the disgruntled Percy Harvin, Spielman sent the receiver to the Seahawks for two 2013 draft picks and a mid-round pick in 2014.

Until Peterson suits up for the Vikings this year, his status with the team remains a question. Could the Vikings surprise the NFL and part ways with their superstar during the draft? It seems far-fetched now, but anything can happen once a team is “on-the-clock”.

Fast-forward to April 30th; it’s 6:15 pm CT, and the Vikings are slated to make a decision with the 11th-overall pick. You’re Rick Spielman, sitting at the head of a long conference table in the Vikings’ war room. You’re “looking forward” to moving back in the draft, but at what cost?

Take the poll below and let us know what you’d do in Rick Spielman’s shoes! We can’t wait to provide you all the best Vikings draft coverage around!

DIsclaimer: For straight trades (49ers, Browns, Saints, Dolphins), fair compensation and later picks are implied. The Houston Texans trade comes straight from Ryan Boser’s Rick Spielman Mock Draft 1.0. Feel free to include your own scenarios in the comments below.

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Austin Belisle

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  1. I voted other as I’m not convinced they will have anyone to trade with.Rick is trying to talk things up by saying the pick is “For Sale.” He then goes on to say that there’s not much difference between the 11th guy or the 18th guy,which is true but also applies equally to other teams.
    Houston would be nuts to make that trade,they would pick in rds 1 & 2 and then wouldn’t pick again until rd 5.They are not a team that can afford to miss out on adding talent,one receiver won’t take them to the SB.

  2. Spielman has some inside answers to questions I don’t know like:
    Is Adrian Peterson serious about not ever playing in Minnesota?
    How bad does Teddy want DeVante Parker, if he even wants him at all?
    What role do the coaches “really” have in mind for Cordarrelle Patterson?

    The answers to those questions will tip my draft selection moves with the 11 pick and throughout the first and second rounds.

    Based on my limited inside informantion, I would select Gurley and shop Peterson to the highest bidder.

    1. I think Teddy will be happy with whoever is picked,Peterson wants out any way he can get it,and Patterson may well get traded,depending on when we take a WR and who we end up with.
      Just my little bit of gut feel speculation 😉

  3. Cleveland will be dumb enough to move up for Parker if they think Miami is also in play to move up for Parker.

  4. I could see the Vikings trading back with Cleveland one spot for their 5th. ..then back again to 20 with Philly for their 1st and 2nd rounders, vikings giving them their 7th. They take Mariotta. Top 10 mostly defense… the Vikings take Gregory from Nebraska or kendricks from UCLA at 20. CB and RB in 2nd round, in that order… A+ draft