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POLL OF THE WEEK: Keeping Matt Cassel

Back in January, as part of our Free Agency Preview features, I opined that the biggest question facing the quarterback depth chart this offseason was whether or not the team would be keeping veteran Matt Cassel who has been relegated to backup status due to the emergence of Teddy Bridgewater.

The Vikings could certainly do worse than Cassel when it comes to their primary backup position, but he carries a cap number of $4.75 million in 2015 which is considerable for a backup. Still, some are surprised (like our friend Christopher Gates over at Daily Norseman) that the Vikings are non-committal about Cassel being on the roster during the upcoming season.

That surprise stems from the Vikings having plenty of cap space heading into free agency and a lack of decent options to replace him. Both the Draft and free agency leave a lot to be desired when it comes to quality quarterback talent.

The Vikings, however, could opt out of Matt Cassel’s contract without any salary cap penalties. He is owed a half million dollar roster bonus on the seventh day of the new league year, however, so they would probably part ways with him prior to that if they are going to do it.

So, that is my question for you all this week. Do you think the Vikings should move on from Matt Cassel this offseason or no?



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Adam Warwas

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  1. Keep him. Decent back-up QB (always has been nothing more than that) and maybe save a little off the cap if he’s willing to renegotiate a multi-year deal and finish his career backing up Teddy. He might be willing to considering how fond he seems of Bridgewater.

  2. I’m afraid I might get flack for this but here goes:
    I like Teddy and hope he is the future but hes played 1 season and did get injured there. I’m not 100% confident YET(I wish I could bold the yet) so it would be nice to have one of the better backup quarterbacks around incase. There is also a possibility of a sophomore slump where he may need to sit a few games.

    That said I hope it isnt the case and Cassel throws as many passes for the Vikings as I do next season while young Theodore continues to shine.