Five Things To Feed The Hate

There is nothing to love about the Minnesota Vikings losing to the Green Bay Packers. Not ever.

There are, however, plenty of things to hate on days like these.

That is why it can be a dangerous combination to let a passionate fan own his own platform, such as a website like this one, without implementing a waiting period for content publishing following a horrible, terrible, awful loss.

If you are a Vikings fan like me, however, you are currently filled with hate. For you, I present the five things to help feed your hate following the 30-13 debacle that unfolded at TCF Bank Stadium on Sunday:

5. Joe Buck Can’t Help Himself

The Packers have the best travelling fan base in the NFL? Really, Joe? Do we need to buy you a map? They live here!

Plenty of Vikings fans live in Wisconsin, and even more Wisconsinites have reversed that phenomenon to flee their native state, almost certainly due to an assortment of pending charges.

Calling Packers fans the best travelling fan base because of their presence at Sunday’s game is ridiculous. By the same standards that led Mr. Buck to this astute “observation,” the New York Giants are quite easily the best travelling team in football… they have to cross a border to get to every home game.

In Joe “Disgusting Act” Buck’s defense, one Packers fan did come a really long distance to attend Sunday’s game.

I’m not sure he counts, however, as FOX paid that guy’s way and he got to sit on Troy Aikman’s knee in first class for the entire flight.

2. Adrian Peterson Is Hard To Defend

I love that Adrian Peterson crossed the thousand yard mark. I love that he runs hard and can help this team mask the poor play along the offensive line. I love that the off-field issues are (hopefully) behind him. I love watching as he chases the history books through what is now the twilight of his career.

He is hard to defend.

Of course, defensive coordinators would agree with me, but I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about his sudden regression back to 2009 form where he protects the football about as well as Joe Buck protects his secret Packer fandom.

The fumbles had previously ceased to be a major problem for Peterson, but he has to again figure this thing out, especially if he wants to see his team do some damage in the postseason before Father Time catches him from behind.

Until then, it is getting harder and harder to defend Peterson from those that think he is hurting this Vikings team more than he is helping them.

3. Mobile Quarterbacks Are A Problem For Us

This was the worst loss of Minnesota’s season. Yes, I’m saying this was even worse than the Week One nonsense that allowed San Francisco to beat us 20-3.

Mike Zimmer has a great defense on his hands, one that is a strong safety away from being in the “elite” category, and Rick Spielman has added a lot of speed to a roster that looked like it was constantly running in pudding just two years ago.

Still, they don’t have a solution for these mobile quarterbacks, such as Aaron Rodgers and Colin Kaepernick. Neither played particularly great against us, but both beat us with their feet and ability to sidestep the pass rush. The Vikings do best against statue passers, guys that stay put in the pocket, but Aaron Rodgers isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and it sure would be nice to see this defense come into a game looking like they are at least aware the quarterback is capable of walking at brisk pace.

We’ll face Russell Wilson in two weeks and it would sure make me feel better about our chances to be the NFC North champions if they close in and him and finish plays in the backfield.

2. I’m Going There: That Game Was Poorly Officiated

When you lose by 17 points, the referees were not the problem. Still, they were one of the problems on Sunday, and it was obvious to everyone watching.

Walt Coleman’s crew drew all sorts of criticisms throughout the game as they threw flag after flag against the NFL’s least penalized team, the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings ended being penalized eight times for a ridiculous 110 yards, but a truthful fan will admit they deserved most of those flags, and that it was the inconsistencies that seemed clear as day.

A head butt from Cordarrelle Patterson gave the Packers 15 yards. A head butt from Mike Daniels, though? Nothing.

A slightly over-aggressive shove from Linval Joseph? Give the Packers new life in the red zone. A clubbing to the head of Teddy Bridgewater, though? Nothing.

Matt Kalil clearly holding on a quick throw to Stefon Diggs? 10 yards. Green Bay’s entire offensive line clearly holding on 95% of their plays (unverified stat)? Nothing.

The Packers took four penalties for 19 yards on the day, but managed to get most of those back through incredibly generous spots of the football by Coleman and his fellow zebras.

Actual impact on the outcome aside, that lopsided tally of flags in this game is not a fair representation of how it was actually played, but rather it is a fair representation of how the cards were stacked against Zimmer and his squad on this particular day.

1. This Offensive Line Makes Us Pretenders

I’m not sure how an NFL team fixes their offensive line between Week Eleven and the playoffs, but unless the Vikings figure out a way to do that then they are simply pretenders when it comes to making a Super Bowl bid.

Any heroics that Teddy Bridgewater, Stefon Diggs, Adrian Peterson or even this defense put on display are only mere distractions from the Achilles heel that is this offensive line.

Against some defenses, Norv Turner is able to successfully mask the fact that they are completely terrible, but they’ve been exposed multiple times this season and it is very likely other teams on our schedule will overwhelm them in a similar fashion.

I can’t even be mad at Matt Kalil, who struggled mightily against the Packers, as he was clearly impacted by his toe injury and has far exceeded his expectations this season. In fact, I can’t blame any single player, but the sum of all five parts just does not equal an NFL-quality offensive line.

This weakness is fatal and it likely cannot be fixed until the offseason. That’s an unfortunate truth, but it is a truth none-the-less.

And I hate to have to admit that.


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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. Good article Adam. The O-line flat out stunk. This is the reason the VIkings lost.

    Saying that, clearly, the NFL has it in for the Vikings whenever they play the packers. You really can’t fault the defense when the NFL keeps giving the packer offense chances to score.

    One other thing I noticed. Usually, after the other teams first offensive series, Zimmer will make defensive adjustments. Didn’t see that in this game. Maybe it was because of Erin. Maybe Zimmer did thisand I failed to see it.

    1. FYI to all Viking Fans attending the Pro Bowl this year. Due to the outcome of today’s game, we will be doubling the quantity of human sacrifice victims (packer fans) this year. We will gather at sunset in section 84 to begin the festivities. We tentatively have JeffMetaUniversalPeace scheduled to light the pyre. Word of caution, try to avoid anything with the word “Cutler” or the number “6” written on it. Eating this will cause diarrhea of the mouth

  2. I agree Adam, the officiating in the first half was atrocious and clearly one sided. No face mask on Teddy when he went down, first holding call on Kalil nonsense, Barr was illegally blocked but was called for illegal contact, left side of pack line moved before snap on Cobb td… but dumb ass penalties on the vikes that were earned too. Was there any question that gb would not snap on 4th and short? barr jumped off sides.Finally a holding call against gb and Joseph totally and unnecessarily pushes Rodgers? Just a bad game for MN all around. They did not blitz enough and they could not solve the pack’s blitz. Ass kicking in the end, a total embarrassment and the offense was totally anemic. sigh

  3. It is sickening to have to listen to Buck…next game I watch of his mouth the mute botton gets pushed.
    Anyone who thinks AD hurts this team more than he helps is…delusional.
    Agree on the mobile QB thing…ugh.
    The officiating has been awful all year. The roughing on Rodgers was laughable! As was the little headbutt from Patterson…bs.
    The O-line…they are clearly not good. But some of that falls on Teddy, he’s missing some quick reads or something. The ball has to come out! Can’t hold the ball very long in this league. Maybe the receivers aren’t getting separation…I don’t know. But Teddy is young! And I like him, and believe he’s going to be very good.

    1. I blame that Rat Bastard 2MT ………
      ….. bet he’s still living in his van down by the river

      1. You’re going way back….2MT. I barely remember that dude, my 1st days as a blogger on the old AV. I thought he was cool. No…this blame should be placed on Freds. He has officially abandoned us. Or maybe on Adam, with his beat GB widget at the top. Really Adam?
        Hell, maybe it’s on ABV, or Gunslinger….Maybe Bucky Scribner.
        No, I still blame Norv!

        1. Freds currently is in 7th place in our FFL. Bucky’s tally of dead grandmothers is now up to number six, (big family I guess). The real 2MT moved to Texas and has since moved to some place in Kansas. Guess they pay more for ditch diggers there. PBV died from an unfortunate “accident” while using a sexual prosthetic device. Rumors swirl that is was an electric Viking “horn”.

          ABV posts here once in a great while. I should blame her for the Vikings loss today.

          1. Maybe locate Krug…he’s gotta be over there in Aloha land somewhere. Trying to sell surfboards, or weed. He’ll know who is to blame.

            1. Krugger moved to Montana five or six years ago.
              Doug, if you’re reading this, call me. I don’t have your number.

        2. Hey CC, sorry, just seeing this now… You all can thank/blame for the “Beat GB” stuff you saw all week.

          Shall I sharpen my pitchfork and join you?

          1. Adam, I guess you mean Brett? Figures…him and coach Zimmer put the big fat jinx on us. ‘Hey, let’s print shirts and post beat green bay all over the place!’Yeah…let’s do that! Thanks guys…
            No, I don’t wanna mess with Zim, so Brett gets a pass.
            Can we just beat them next time?…without that nonsense. We’d appreciate that.

            1. You made the right decisions by not coming after Zim and I. We are an unstoppable tandem.

              I promise to next time create no “Beat Green Bay” stuff. In retrospect, it feels kind of silly. I’m not sure why Adam ever signed off on it, to be honest.

              1. BRETT, yes! I meant to write “Brett” but the idea of chasing him with a pitchfork had me way too excited!

  4. What was learned in this game? Nothing new. The Packers and NFL officials have an arrangement of sorts, and our offensive line is flawed. Nothing new. We knew that coming in and that’s is exactly what we saw tonight. We knew coming into the season we were a year or two from being serious contenders. At the same time, no team in the NFC is “complete” and thus the “hey why not us” mentality spread.

    Take comfort, teams like Packers get exposed and they aren’t going anywhere. We still play them again and they did NOTHING to convince me they are out of league or are even the better team. I’m looking forward to the rematch.

    One thing that bothers me about the Pack is the way Rodgers throws up hoping only to get an interference call. It’s smart, but it really makes for a bad watch. That 40+ yard penatly against Newman before the half completely changed to game. Newman out his hands on him which pisses me off because the Packer had no chance of catching that ball. It’s easy to say that I don’t think a flag should have thrown because my team was on the short end of the call, but I did feel like the contact had no bearing on the outcome of the play. He wasn’t going to catch that ball.

    Was it the very next drive CP84 got called for the “head tap”? Really frustrating to watch. Complaining about the officials aside we should have been able to overcome and we didn’t. We didn’t hit Rodgers often enough. We didn’t protect Teddy well enough, and we didn’t make enough plays. Frustrating game all the way around.

    I look forward to rematch. Again, the Packers showed me NOTHING suggesting they are out of our league or aren’t beatable.

    1. Good take, Derek. Will you be attending our annual human sacrifice of packer fans at the Pro Bowl next February? Purple Thongs will be provided for first time attendees.

  5. While I find many of their fans annoying, I’m not quite ready to set fire to them. I have more anger at the refs and a fww our own guys than I do at them to be honest.

    I’m just annoyed by the way this game played out, and maintain that while I believe we are still a year or two away… We still…even in the wake of this loss…have a chance to win the north and make a run. I’m looking around the NFC and I’m not sure there is any team that strikes me as more complete than our team. The Packers certainly didn’t demonstrate it today, and if we win the next match we finish the season with a better divisional record. If we have to go through GB via a wild card, all the better.

    All things aside this is a good learning experience for a young team.

  6. our o-line was crap. giving up 30 points was crap. sendejo was crap, too, but we just plain got beat. they needed it more and played like it. give them their props

    gotta be patient. we’re getting better and still building. we’ve finally got our coach and qb, but we’re not near elite yet

    making the playoffs this season would be good experience for us, but don’t get your expectations too high. sure, get in, go on a hot streak and run the table, it happens, but, do you really think we could beat the patriots?

  7. the problem is teddy, you can tell that teddy doesnt trust to throw the ball deep. hes the reason why we are struggling to get more points. dont tell me its oline or wrs issue. teddy still have plenty of time to find a wr but he looks lazy to the ball out of bount. theres no way we can win a superbowl with him especially walsh.

    1. C’mon QAWSED. We are not 7-3 without Teddy….Am I right? Would you rather have Ponder? Cassel? Freeman?
      Think about it. He’s only 23 YEARS OLD.

      1. youre delusional. hes 23 so what..he havnt play well since a rookie like ponder and he will not change the way it is. without adrian peterson how can teddy carry our team to the playoff when he only score 1 point per game? i just dont trust him. why are you even mention about ponder, cassel, and freeman when theyre no longer with us? i hope taylor heinicke turn out to be better than teddy. if not then find a better qb in the future.

        1. What were you doing when you were 23 years old QASWED? Did you posses unique talents that allowed you to be the face of a franchise worth a billion dollars.

          FYI, laying on your bed, upstairs in your mom and dads house, dreaming about hooking up with Mariah Carey as you drool over her latest photo shoot for Tiger Beat magazine doesn’t count.

  8. I’m mostly disappointed in the defense. Of all our accomplishments and victories this year, most can be traced back to a stiff defense and getting to the QB. They played without discipline like it was the first game of the year. Not letting Rodgers scramble was job one and they knew it. Every time he scrambled he burned us. Denver kept him contained and he fell apart. What part of that don’t they understand?? Why did Newman drop coverage when Rodgers started to scramble?? He had a bad game after such a good game.

    The Oline is about what we thought they were but hoped for better. The Dline had moments but just couldn’t get it done.

    As an old fan, this scenario is very familiar. The Vikes will get your hopes up and then rip your heart out and stomp on it. The sad part is I’m dumb enough to come back for more!

  9. I seldom post on this site, because it is clearly a fanboi site. Very little in the way of serious football discussion occurs here. It simply serves as a place for people to air their rationalizations for why the Vikings (and certain Vikings players) fail.

    With that said, I simply couldn’t help myself today. Let’s just lay it on the line: the Packers kicked the Vikings arse yesterday, in an appalling manner, in a game the Vikings should have won.

    None of this is Joe Buck’s fault. Why anyone would even complain about his commentary yesterday is beyond me. I am not a Joe Buck fan, and haven’t been since the “Disgusting Act” game. With that stated, yesterday Joe Buck was more objective than Paul Allen could ever dream of being.

    Even more egregious is the b*tching about the officiating. Are you even aware of what the rules are? There were a couple of missed calls yesterday (to the benefit of both teams), but overall that was an exceptionally well officiated game.

    The Vikings committed some boneheaded mistakes which were beyond belief, and they got flagged for them. Perhaps the worst was Patterson. Someone as mediocre as he has been should be smarter than that, but then if he was smarter than that he wouldn’t be as mediocre as he is. The cycle continues.

    There are benefits to being a responsible adult, one of which is the ability to assess blame and place it where it belongs. This article reeks of the kind of immaturity which gives sports “fans” a bad name.

    1. I agree. The writer of this article is a hack.

      I too think the part where the author blamed Joe Buck for the loss was uncalled for. I haven’t read it yet, because it doesn’t exist, but I’m not letting that stop my complaining.

      You’re right. The author should’ve qualified that the errors of the officiating crew didn’t lose this game for the Vikings. He might’ve done that, I don’t know, reading comprehension isn’t my thing. Even with that disadvantage, I’m going to re-read the rules as you suggest to figure out just how taking your helmet off or spiking the football to delay the game were legal in this very well officiated contest.

      Mike Kano, you should start a website for that gives sports fans a good name! I’d love to read your superior thoughts on a daily basis!


      A fanboi who openly admits to being a fan and even re-clarifies that in the opening of this article.

      1. isn’t this the guy who had the axe to grind about AD? now that’s serious stuff, as is displaced anger that will never be resolved on a sports fan site

      2. Well Adam, I have never read an article of yours where you have not been honest regarding MN, good or bad. Hack is the last word that comes to my mind when I read articles by you, Lindsey, etc. And yes, all that you wrote was factual, from the extremely poor and one sided officiating to the lame MN o line play. I think that Jerry Markbright must have trained this crew.

        1. Ha, thanks for reading luv! We never claim to be perfect, but we do try to keep things interesting and informative. With that being said, I like being a hack… please don’t take that from me!

    2. Hi Mike. I’m the one that “Liked’ your comment. I just did that to get you sucked into thinking that someone agreed with you. HAHAHAHA! Got You! I didn’t like ANYTHING you wrote. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass. . .

    3. You got some kind of special computer Mike Kano? One that can smell? That final sentence you wrote makes me wonder…….

      1. Mike is simply saying that the responsibility for the loss lies squarely on the Vikings, not on anyone or anything else, including Joe Buck or the refs. He uses a bit of colorful language, but, that said, his point is an important one: if our team doesn’t take full responsibility for the loss, then we won’t grow from it and become better. We cannot afford to become “victocrats” and I don’t think the Zimmeister will let us.

        That said, I’d like to say in defense of this site and its writers, I’m not exactly sure what a “fanboy” is, but I like the writers’ calm, rational analyses and the generally polite, respectful comments below. I don’t like writers of Viking blogs who use a lot of profanity and scatological references, and, as a “Franciscan” Viking, I don’t even like the use of God’s name in vain. So this site is a kind of safe “space” for me and I hope it remains that way : )

        1. Franciscan, Thank you for this comment. Brett and I have a rule we present to any new member of our team:

          “The internet is filled with places to find filth and there is no reason for us to be one of them. We want VT to be a place safe enough for even the youngest of Vikings fans to join in on the conversation.”

          I’m thrilled to see that mindset sets us apart for some readers!

          1. Yes, thank you for keeping things classy, Adam. More and more will eventually gravitate to your site, and less and less to A Site That Shall Not Be Named. Funny, I didn’t catch the irony of your response to Mike, nor did I know you were the one who had written the article in the first place. It was all completely lost on me (as my response above indicates). You’re not only a good, completely non-hack writer, but a good satirist, too! ; )

    1. Was it so profane and insulting, luvvikings? Didn’t seem so to me, but it never hurts to apologize when there’s any doubt.

    2. luv, thank you for owning it and for the apology to the group. We try to not put to strict of filters on our comments section, because that gets annoying, but we have no choice but to take them down if they are worse than PG-13. Thank you.