MOCK UPDATE: I Can’t Quit You, Trae Waynes

Both Peter King and Todd McShay have Michigan State cornerback Trae Waynes currently mocked to the Minnesota Vikings.

Does that make me a trend setter?

All jokes aside, this is my third update to my 2015 NFL Mock Draft and I just can’t come up with many scenarios where I wouldn’t want Waynes to be our selection. Without going into an enormous amount of detail (those in-depth scouting reports are coming), let me give you a few insights into my thinking.

NEEDS ARE OVERRATED: Now, I’m talking out of both sides of my mouth here, because if you go through my mock draft you’ll find that I’m currently making a lot of decisions based off of team needs. Still, I think “needs” are a matter of perception, and that the perception often ends up being overrated. I’m a big believer that teams can help themselves just as much by using the Draft as a way of getting deeper and better at positions of perceived strength. After all, we’re always only one injury or suspension away from needing number two to step into the forefront.

CORNER IS ALWAYS A NEED: Even if you disagree with my first point, I wouldn’t dare say the Vikings should be content at cornerback. I like Josh Robinson and Marcus Sherels more than most, but cornerback seems like it is truly one of those positions where you would always like to be better and you can never have enough talent. With the passing attacks featured in the NFC North, those cliches have never felt so true.

Side note: Waynes mentioned Minnesota by name in Indianapolis as a team he has a visit lined up with prior to the Draft.

WAYNES IS SPECIAL:  My affinity for Waynes started long before his dominant showing at the NFL Scouting Combine. He’s got good height on a lean frame, the speed to run with almost anybody, and a knack for playing the football in the air. He can press a receiver with efficiency, is willing to defend the run, and seems to have those instincts people often describe as the “it factor.”  There are concerns about durability and getting bullied by stronger wide outs, but those concerns are far outweighed by his positives, to me. I would even venture to say that he is a better college prospect than Rhodes was coming out of college.

Again, please check out my entire 2015 NFL Mock Draft and report back here with your praise, criticism or insults. I’m all ears!