NFL Draft 2015

MOCK UPDATE: I Can’t Quit You, Trae Waynes

Both Peter King and Todd McShay have Michigan State cornerback Trae Waynes currently mocked to the Minnesota Vikings.

Does that make me a trend setter?

All jokes aside, this is my third update to my 2015 NFL Mock Draft and I just can’t come up with many scenarios where I wouldn’t want Waynes to be our selection. Without going into an enormous amount of detail (those in-depth scouting reports are coming), let me give you a few insights into my thinking.

NEEDS ARE OVERRATED: Now, I’m talking out of both sides of my mouth here, because if you go through my mock draft you’ll find that I’m currently making a lot of decisions based off of team needs. Still, I think “needs” are a matter of perception, and that the perception often ends up being overrated. I’m a big believer that teams can help themselves just as much by using the Draft as a way of getting deeper and better at positions of perceived strength. After all, we’re always only one injury or suspension away from needing number two to step into the forefront.

CORNER IS ALWAYS A NEED: Even if you disagree with my first point, I wouldn’t dare say the Vikings should be content at cornerback. I like Josh Robinson and Marcus Sherels more than most, but cornerback seems like it is truly one of those positions where you would always like to be better and you can never have enough talent. With the passing attacks featured in the NFC North, those cliches have never felt so true.

Side note: Waynes mentioned Minnesota by name in Indianapolis as a team he has a visit lined up with prior to the Draft.

WAYNES IS SPECIAL:  My affinity for Waynes started long before his dominant showing at the NFL Scouting Combine. He’s got good height on a lean frame, the speed to run with almost anybody, and a knack for playing the football in the air. He can press a receiver with efficiency, is willing to defend the run, and seems to have those instincts people often describe as the “it factor.”  There are concerns about durability and getting bullied by stronger wide outs, but those concerns are far outweighed by his positives, to me. I would even venture to say that he is a better college prospect than Rhodes was coming out of college.

Again, please check out my entire 2015 NFL Mock Draft and report back here with your praise, criticism or insults. I’m all ears!

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. I think it would be smart for the Vikings to get a potentially good corner because no ones coming to sign to the Vikings in free agency without paying double the amount of money they’re worth so between Wayans or London Collins I think her huge things for the Vikings to consider in this years draft at the number 11 pick

    1. This guy gets it. Give Zim a blue chip at #11 and then draft offense to try to help soften to loss of AD

  2. I really like Trea Waynes… and he did look great at the combine. I wouldn’t have problem at all if the Vikings selected him with the 11th pick. My only question is, is he physical enough in run support to really knock Zimmer’s socks off? And the drop off of talent in the next 3-5 corners is not a “major” drop off.

    But Waynes is certainly “one” of my favorites with the 11 pick.
    Great mock Adam! Sticking with Waynes is not a bad move at all.

  3. Love it. We can get a good guard in 2nd Wayne’s would change the way our secondary works freeing up Smith skoll vikesdrink from Rogers skull cap

  4. I have been on the Byron Maxwell bandwagon, and still might be for the right price. But, word is Maxwell may get more than he is worth. I also agree that CB is always a need for almost any team, is it possible to have to many good CB’s? Probably not in today’s NFL.
    I like this pick, and would be happy with it for sure.

  5. No way, Trae. The guy weighs 186 pounds. He won’t be nearly as physical as Zimmer wants. There is also his pitiful 20 yd shuttle. Jake Fisher, who outweighs him by a 120 pounds, ran a quicker shuttle and almost was quicker in the three cone drill! Trae will be a 23 yr old rookie. Josh Robinson was 23 last year and has all the speed Waynes has, only he doesn’t cost us an 11th overall draft pick!

    This years corner class is weak at the top, inflating Waynes’ draft stock. I don’t even like him as much as other CB prospects.

    Byron Jones: explosive, same height, bigger body, WAY quicker in the shuttles and three cone. He has 10 inch hands. Trae’s hands are tiny!! Nearly the smallest (or THE smallest) of all draft prospects. Watch him in combine drills, he looks like a child when he holds a football.

    No way, no way, no way! Not with the 11th overall. O-line in the first and second. Unless Amari Cooper is available.

  6. I agree with Matt Demon.

    I only saw Waynes play in 2 games this year but he was definitely unimpressive in both, especially the bowl game against Baylor. Granted, Baylor has a prolific offense and a great QB but he didn’t shy away from throwing at Waynes. I remember Waynes getting outmuscled several times and can’t remember him making one impressive play.

    Cornerback draft ranking always gets inflated because it’s a constant position of need. I think there much better value to be had if Scherff is available or any of the top 3 WRs.

  7. Adam!!! What’s up old friend!? I was looking at some mock drafts online and ran across your name, figured there couldn’t be another Adam Warwas! That’s awesome that you do this stuff, I’m jealous!! Anyways, it will be a crazy offseason for the Vikes. I’m hoping they will fill the main holes via free agency (Clint Boling, Kareem Jackson, Adrian Clayborne) and able to snag Amari Cooper when he falls. I’m still on the Patterson band wagon, so I don’t think it’s as glaring of a need as people say, but a 3-deep combo of Cooper, Patterson, Johnson would be nice. And oh yea, Peterson returns and all is sunshine and rainbows!

  8. Waynes is becoming a popular Viking selection.Draftek & Bucky Brooks at NFL.Com also have him mocked to us.If he’s available I’m happy with the pick,I just think someone may jump up and grab him if he falls past #8,the team from Louisiana & Miami might be players.
    I’m also not convinced a QB will be first overall,I favour Tampa taking an edge rusher,then the whole dynamic of the draft changes.