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LINKS OF THE WEEK: Vikings Mandatory Minicamp Continues

Mike Zimmer may be the Vikings’ most visible coach, but his coordinators — offensive, defensive, and special teams — are just as important to the team’s weekly on-field success. After yesterday’s second mandatory minicamp practice, Norv Turner, George Edwards, and Mike Priefer each took the podium and addressed the local media.

Below, three quotes to keep in mind as training camp approaches:

Norv Turner — Offensive Coordinator

On the Vikings’ offense and adding to the playbook:
[quote_box_center]”We’re going to do everything we can on a weekly basis to win the game. There are always new trends, new things that people are doing, but if we’re going to be a good offense we have to be really good with our core, with the things we do day-to-day and we have to be able to execute against good people. The change-ups, the gimmicks, the little wrinkles, they happen when you get really good at the basics and you get really good at the fundamentals, then you have something to build on and you can create some different looks.”[/quote_box_center]

George Edwards — Defensive Coordinator

On Scott Crichton’s development this offseason:
[quote_box_center]”I think that’s the biggest thing is now he’s comfortable with the calls, not having to think as much. The one thing we really like him coming out, how hard he plays, the effort he played with, has transferred. Now he’s playing outside at defensive end inside at tackle now he’s not thinking about his assignments he’s really lined up and able to play all out, so from that aspect of it, we think he’s ahead of schedule and look forward to watching him progress through training camp.”[/quote_box_center]

Mike Priefer — Special Teams Coordinator

On the need for improvement from punter Jeff Locke:
[quote_box_center]”Well, Jeff’s got to be more consistent. We can talk about weather until we are blue in the face. It doesn’t matter. The opposing team’s kicking in the same weather and we were out punted a few times last year where I felt like we had the better punter. So punting’s got to improve, the snapping needs to improve. Some areas of protection we need to improve on. Coverage was really good last year; we just need to be more consistent. We do it all the time, not four out of five reps, but every rep.” [/quote_box_center]

And now, the best links and stories from the Vikings community:

  • MyCole Pruitt, a fifth-round pick in this year’s draft, is turning heads and vaulting up the Vikings’ depth chart at tight end.
  • A handful of players are wearing tinted visors at practice, including Adrian Peterson and Mike Wallace (the equipment is illegal, but it makes for some nice photography).
  • Troy Aikman visited Vikings practice today, and left impressed by second-year quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.
  • Veteran cornerback Terence Newman is a positive influence on and off the field.
  • Before Norv Turner adds more wrinkles to the playbook, he’ll focus on getting the most out of players like Mike Wallace and MyCole Pruitt — new additions to the roster.
  • Norv Turner’s offense is a theme — an in-depth look at the pieces needed to make it “tick”.
  • Do you remember the 1987 wild card playoff game between the Vikings and the 49ers?
  • According to, the Vikings have the third-best backfield in the league.
  • A detailed analysis of Jerick McKinnon’s success against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last season.
  • Evan Mathis may be an attractive free agent, but the Vikings would be better served taking a pass.
  • How will Mike Zimmer fare in his second season leading the Minnesota Vikings?
  • QB Coach Scott Turner was wired for sound at Vikings practice.

For you video game fans out there, here’s the first look at Madden 16:

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  1. Scott Crichton is *coming out*, hmmmm. So now that he’s comfortable in his own skin, I guess he’ll improve ….

  2. looking forward to seeing how diggs and pruitt do this year. sounds like we got two good 5th rounders with them

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