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LINKS OF THE WEEK: Can We Make It Four?

Since their early bye week, the Minnesota Vikings have done nothing but win, and now have three straight victories to their name. Can they make it four? We’ll take a look around the web at everything being said about this team in advance of this week’s big game against the St. Louis Rams.

First, however, I want to point out that this last week has been a rare one in Minnesota sports in that the Vikings haven’t been the subject of the most important headlines. Really, they haven’t even ranked close to the top storylines in recent weeks. I’d like to use this space to draw your attention to a great article written by our own Lindsey Young.

Lindsey posted a great piece following the sad news of Flip Saunders’ passing and ahead of the Timberwolves season opener. Basketball fan or not, I’d encourage you all to CLICK HERE and give it a read.

Okay, on to all things purple…

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Looks like we have a few injuries this week. Hopefully bumps and bruises is all, the Diggs hamstring is a bit concerning. Those can become nagging.
    The Rams are going to be a tough game, that D brings it. I think we’ll win, but not a team to take lightly.

  2. Bar and Hendricks dnp Tuesday, yikes. Floyd dnp too, was/am hoping he can return this week. This game has huge playoff implications. If these aren’t just bumps and bruises … I have a bad feeling about this. On the other hand if 3/4 of these guys are health we have a good chance to win.

    Expect Teddy to have a good game.