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LINKS OF THE WEEK: And… We’re… Back

These early bye weeks always feel kind of out of place. If you are like me and draft way too many Vikings on your fantasy teams, then the early bye is even kind of a pain in the ol’ keister.

The plus side is that you get some time to rest up those players that have bumps and bruises, and you can perhaps make some needed adjustments before the standings get away from you. Hopefully the Vikings were able to take advantage on both fronts.

Before I get to the meat and potatoes of the “Links” segment, I want to welcome a new addition to our roundup, which is a site I only recently became aware of… but they are plenty worth bookmarking and making a part of your daily routine.

NFC North Bar Room is putting out some great content about all four teams in our division, including some coverage from our local word warrior Austin Belisle, and encourage you to check into their Vikings stuff on a regular basis.

We’ll be sure to include NFC North Bar Room in the “Links” from here on out, but now it is time to check in on what everyone else around the web is saying:

  • The Vikings defense needs to make the Chiefs offense one-dimensional on Sunday. Once they do that, they need to lock down Jeremy Maclin.
  • Nobody likes to see a player like Jamaal Charles injured like he was last week, but there is no denying the Vikings will benefit from his absence this week.
  • Hey! Don’t forget to check out the cool T-Shirt designs from our good friend Matt Engstrom. Christmas is sneaking up on us all, so add them to your wish list.
  • Is it possible that the 2015 version of Adrian Peterson is actually overrated?
  • Need a recap of what happened in Denver? Here you go.
  • Here is another great notebook from our last contest.
  • I really hope Teddy Bridgewater can light it up after the bye so fewer articles asking questions about his ability to lead us to the promised land are written.
  • The youth movement in Minnesota may not be over, as some things are pointing towards an even younger roster on the horizon.
  • Mike Zimmer says that the strong safety position is still “fluid.”
  • All eyes are on the Vikings receivers when it comes to the post-bye injury report.
  • I don’t know if it’ll happen on Sunday, but watching Stefon Diggs play against Marcus Peters could sure make for a fun battle, as Paul Allen suggests.
  • Five things to keep an eye on as the Vikings come out of their bye week.
  • Xavier Rhodes was recently made to practice with boxing gloves with hopes of reducing his penalties on game day.
  • Josh Robinson is hoping to play Vikings football starting Week Seven, while John Sullivan thinks he’s on track for a Week Nine return.
  • Here is some fun with numbers (10 of them!) prior to Sunday’s matchup.
  • The Gerald Hodges trade changes the whole dynamic of the depth chart on defense for the rest of this season.
  • Heralded analysis site Pro Football Focus released their power rankings yesterday. The good news is that the Vikings are in the top ten. The bad news? The Packers are at the very top.
  • Stats can be used to show that Teddy Bridgewater is doing incredibly well in certain situations.
  • And now, your moment of Zen:

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