Week 10 Injury Report

Vikings Injury Report
NamePositionInjuryWed.Thur.Fri. Status
Trattou, JustinDEFootLimitedLimitedLimitedOUT
Kendricks, EricLBRibsDNPDNPLimitedDoubtful
Barr, AnthonyLBLow BackDNPDNPLimitedQuestionable
Bridgewater, TeddyQB ConcussionLimitedFullFullQuestionable
Sherels, MarcusCBShoulderLimitedLimitedLimitedQuestionable
Floyd, SharrifDTKnee/AnkleLimitedLimitedFullProbable
Joseph, LinvalDTFootLimitedLimitedFullProbable
Newman, TerranceCBConcussionLimitedFullFullProbable
Patterson, CordarrelleWRShoulder________LimitedFullProbable
Robison, BrianDEAnkleFullFullFullProbable

Raiders Injury Report
NamePositionInjuryWed. Thur.Fri.Status
Hudson, RodneyCAnkleDNPDNPDNPDoubtful
Carrie, T.J. CBHipFullFullFullProbable
Cooper, AmariWRQuadricepDNPFullFullProbable
Murray, LataviusRBConcussionDNPLimitedFullProbable
Walford, CliveTEQuadricepFullFullFullProbable
Woodson, CharlesSShoulderDNPFullFullProbable
Lots of things are up in the air on the Vikings side, which adds to the level of uncertainty headed into Sunday’s game. Mike Zimmer seems confident that Bridgewater will play, which is key. Hopefully for the Vikings, they will have at least one of their starting linebackers on the field.

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  1. if hudson is out, that’s a big one. the back up is a dud and they’ll hafta help him or get swallowed up by joemamma