Lions at Vikings: Injury Report

NamePositionInjuryWed.Thur.Fri. StatusGameday
Jerick McKinnonRBAnkleFull FullFullProbableActive
Shemar StephenDTKneeFullFullFullProbableActive

The Vikings came out of Week 1 without any significant injuries, and it looks like their entire roster should be healthy for Sunday’s home opener. Detroit, on the other hand, is dealing with a number of injuries. Here is their updated report:

NamePositionInjuryWed. Thur.Fri.StatusGameday
Pettigrew, BrandonTEHamstringDNPDNPDNPOutActive
Levy, DeAndreLBHipDNPDNPDNPDoubtfulActive
Ngata, HalotiDTShoulderDNPLimitedLimitedQuestionableActive
Reid, CaraunDTAnkleLimitedLimitedLimitedQuestionableActive
Slay, DariusCBAnkleLimitedLimitedLimited ProbableActive
Stafford, MatthewQBRight upper armFullFullFullProbableActive
Tate, GoldenWRQuadDNPLimitedLimitedProbableActive
Waddle, LaAdrianTElbowNot listedFullFullProbableActive
Warford, LarryGAnkleLimitedLimitedFullProbableActive
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Lindsey Young

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  1. Last year we had many players not able to play due to injury and it really puts a strain on every aspect of trying to put a competitive team on the field, The Lions have always been a thorn in the side of the Vikings but those days are gone! We gave a gift to the 49ers and now that we have learned a hard lesson we are off to the races! We wll shake the rust off of AP and the offense will get better each week and by the time we play the packers game on! the packers will be softened up by that time and we will have their number!