Audie Cole Lost For The Season

When Gerald Hodges was traded to San Francisco, it was rookie linebacker Eric Kendricks that was handed the keys to the defense. Those keys were tossed to Audie Cole when Kendricks was unable to face St. Louis on Sunday due to an injury to his ribs.

Cole, however, did not survive this game and Head Coach Mike Zimmer indicated he would miss the rest of this season after suffering a fractured ankle during the action.

“I think Kendricks will get back and I think we’ll be fine,” Zimmer said following the game. “[Edmond] Robinson is doing a good job. [Brandon] Watts is a doing a good job. We’re not going to cry because we have injuries. We’re going to get the next guy in there and go fight.”

Cole registered two tackles in the time he played, contributing early to the Vikings success in bottling up talented rookie runner Todd Gurley. Watts picked up two tackles in relief duty while Robinson was credited with a tackle, as well.

The Cole injury occurred with 7:44 left in the fourth quarter. Both quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and cornerback Terence Newman also left them game, each with concussion protocol awaiting them in the locker room, and their ability to play next week remains unknown.

The Vikings win against St. Louis was much welcomed, and it launched them into first place of the NFC North when paired with Green Bay’s second straight defeat, but they will have to remain atop their division with a little less depth available at the linebacker position.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Geez. Trading Hodges doesn’t look smart now, but who knew. I like Robinson, seems like a freak athlete that is a bit raw. He’s in a good place with Zim as the coach.
    These guys are listening and responding to some good coaching, especially on defense. I like it.

  2. I didn’t like the trade then, now I really don’t like it. Hodges had played well last year spelling greenway and brinkley and was playing well enough this year at middle to be named the starter. Keeping him would have given them an eventual replacement for greenway and also depth across all lb positions. they got a late pick next year and a center that was not even drafted and was only good enough to make the practice squad… dumb, dumb, dumb….

    1. carter is correct though, Robinson looked good today, the whole d looked pretty good, they contained gurley and austin.. still the only team that has not allowed more than 23 points. waynes is getting better too, unfortunate penalty, was not a bad call but could have been over looked considering some of the non calls agains rams secondary.. pissed about teddy though. he was hit low (and maybe late) prior to the elbow to the head that ended his day.. irony huh, the same d coordinator that instructed cheap shots that were not called against favre in the nfc championship game against the saints still getting away with it.

    2. Vikes need the O-line depth with Sully out the rest of the season. Hodges being traded was for reasons we will never know. But there are rumors he was not very smart, would not listen to the coach, and was a bad influence in the locker room. Zimmer won’t stand for that stuff.

  3. Good news is it sounds like Teddy is fine. He said he could have come back into the game if they would have let him and he was going out for dinner with his teammates to celebrate. I hope he doesn’t have a setbacks during the week.