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REPORT: Vikings Doing All They Can To Dump Adrian Peterson, Multiple Teams Interested

Multiple sources have confirmed to me that the Minnesota Vikings are working as hard as they can to trade Adrian Peterson, and are willing to unload him “any way they can.” Though ownership and the front office have made overtures to keeping Adrian Peterson, the reality is that they are attempting to get him off the team through any means necessary.

One source told me multiple teams are interested in Peterson, though the strength or seriousness of their interest was not relayed to me.

The Vikings have been attempting to trade Adrian Peterson for weeks.

In many ways, this isn’t really surprising. The tension between Adrian Peterson and the Vikings have been rising, ever since Kevin Warren, former legal counsel for the Vikings, was promoted to become the Chief Operations Officer for the team even though it had been revealed that he actively worked to keep Peterson off the field last year. After Adrian Peterson’s agent, Ben Dogra, and Vice President of Football Operations, Rob Brzezinski, had to be separated at the NFL combine, it was perhaps made clear that the relationship was sour.

Though that blowup was representative of the collapsing relationship, sources within the organization tell me that the Vikings have been working for weeks to trade Adrian Peterson. Each source heavily implied that the Vikings would not be above cutting Adrian Peterson, although that seems unlikely and none provided that explicit information.

There are all sorts of football reasons to part with Adrian Peterson, and one source indicated to me that the multiple levels of risk—age, injury and discontent—are a big reason for it. Another told me that the bad press was a big part of it as well. A third indicated “it would make things easier” for the Vikings, who have to juggle the complicated demands not just of the on-field product, but sponsors, public relations and relations with local governments who are contributing in big ways to the stadium building effort.

The chances are zero that keeping Peterson on the roster would create an obvious or immediate impact on sponsorship or stadium progress, but the value of keeping partners happy is pretty high even if abstract.

At least one sponsor has high-level executives that care just as much about the moral issues at play as they do the financial impact to their sponsored product.

Given that Warren works at the pleasure of the Vikings ownership, his participation and reward for working to keep Peterson off the field, it isn’t surprising that the ownership is not too committed to actually keeping Peterson with the team despite their public words of support.

Last year, the Vikings were looking into Adrian Peterson’s trade value at the NFL combine. These deals are often made in principle at the NFL combine, though any trade for Adrian Peterson could not be officially made until the league year starts on March 10.

With a rich draft class at running back, a growing list of running backs hitting free agency and the generally agreed-upon devaluing of the NFL’s running game, it may be difficult to trade Adrian Peterson. Add to that the growing legal uncertainty of Peterson’s playing status, and the Vikings may have to settle for far less than they did last year. The Vikings’ 10-6 record ATS was better than their 7-9 regular season result. On the other hand, he’s the best at what he does, and he carried a bad defense and quarterback to the playoffs in 2012.


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  1. Out of curiosity, when did they start doing ‘all they can’ to dump him? Has this been going on all along, or a more recent development?

      1. To be honest this sounds a tad bit sketchy but common sense tells you it probably is true. I still don’t believe anything wholly one way or the other. I guess we’ll find out when it happens.

        1. Yea, I understand that. They weren’t going into specifics but to be honest, I don’t think they remember the exact starting date for their lobbying. Certainly before the incident at the combine.

          1. anonymous “sources” seems hokey. If what he (AP) did is so repulsive and anti-organization? man up and admit it. Just announce “we admire the football player, but are at odds with the man”

            “Dump him?” hyperbole!

            1. You don’t have to believe me if you don’t want to. Almost all breaking news that is not the result of the transaction wire comes from anonymous sources. I trust them in this circumstance.

              1. you do realize though, the consequences of being wrong? are nil. Your sources will either claim he couldn’t be moved, at any price, or; he will get traded and they’ll say “see, I told you so….”

                I believe you. But I am dubious of the motives behind your sources.

                1. I would have more respect for them, if they came out and said; “come hell or high water, AP will not be on the roster opening day 2015.”

                  As saying “trying to dump…” implies without consequence of being wrong.

                  1. What do the Vikings have to gain by making an announcement like that? It would only hurt any potential trade leverage.

                    1. They would be putting the word out there that Peterson is available… so a team like… oh let’s say the Cowboys are more willing to NOT sign a back before free agency starts.

                  2. lateefthetruthspeaker? The one and only hip hop artist? If so I am proud to know you are a vikings fan!

      2. After reading the ownership is going to pay Peterson his 13 million , guys like you come up with crap like this. Go be a beat writer for the bears or packers and quit creating more confusion than there already is.

      3. Does your sources include the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and/or St. Nick?

  2. Nothing I can do as a fan but if it’s true, and it’s come to this. The team needs to do one thing.

    I say ship him to the team that offers the most but NEVER ship him to Dallas or an NFC team unless they give up a lot more than an AFC team would. They don’t have to let him go for nothing, and before they just release him I would send him to the worst team in the AFC so we don’t have to face him.

    1. They should probably hold him ransom and tell the 31 other teams if you want him give us a 1st round pick, this year or next, or he won’t play in the NFL again for X many years when he’s already over 30 years old.

      Colts and Buffalo get first dibs. Then I hear Cardinals are interested. Very last team gotta be Cowboys. If nobody else will give us anything then…and only then would I deal with the Cowboys.

  3. I’m skeptical. Dump him? It’d be more embarrassing to the league and team to trade him for a low round pick. You want to make a statement? cut him! Otherwise, make him play.

    1. It’s not about making a statement anymore. It’s about getting something, anything, for our star player. Anything is better than nothing. If it’s not already, this should be all about helping the Vikings win games.

        1. Don’t forget what happened last year with the Eagles and DeSean Jackson. Ended up with a league rival. AND Eagles cut him, nothing in return. Bad decision making / planning, Shda got something.

        2. You do if he’s toxic. But I agree with those whom say to make him play (at a restructured contract), since he’s not the same guy as he was before the scandal. Ray Rice used to make big $$$ as well, and nobody has even given him a whiff since his ordeal. AP has to realize that he’s lucky to even have the team remotely in his corner. Heck, the Broncos are about begging Manning to rework his deal, to retain talent around him. Adrian’s overpaid, not above the same, and even at 8-10M, he’d be more than compensated for what he does, in which the team would have additional resources to put more talent onto the field (unless he’s the selfish, self entitled brat that we’ve seen since the scandal), so that they can win, NOW! If not, try to get a trade that gets you an additional 1st and 3rd round pick. If nobody wants to play ball (other teams and AP himself), put em’ back into time out, he’s not getting any younger. Then next year, cut him if you have to.

          1. Yep, except for I think it is unlikely any team will be willing to trade for his contract. His current contract is way beyond any rb in the league now. If he is over priced for the vikes at 13 mil this year and 15 next year (?) for the vikes then he is over priced for other teams as well. Work horse Lynch just got 10 mil, I love Adrian and what he has done for the vikes, but he is not worth as much as Lynch. He would have to accept the trade with the agreement of contract renegotiation. If the vikes can get a first rounder and dump the huge cap hit, I say take it. I did like McKinnon, he is a tough kid between the tackles and a better receiver. Adrian has the 80 yard td at any time capability, but how much should a team spend for this once or twice a year happening?

            1. Adrian Peterson is a much better running back than Marshawn “I don’t want to talk” Lynch. AD is an all around back. He runs for power and speed. The crotch grabbing Lynch is a between the tackles power runner who is in the right system.

  4. I’m sticking to my initial instinct on this one and still predicting Peterson going to Indy. The Colts have $30+ million in cap space to play with, Trent Richardson was a flop, and the Vikes don’t play them next season 😉

    1. Hard to believe Indy will give up much though after just dropping the ball with Richardson.

        1. My point is that the Colts *just* gave up a first round pick for a running back. I’d be surprised if they did it again. Not saying they won’t but I just think it’s unlikely.

          1. I hear you, but it’s worth noting that the Colts are picking pretty low in the draft order. With that being said, I still wouldn’t scoff at a 2nd round pick, especially if you could get them to throw in another mid to late round pick (even a future pick) as a sweetener.

            Richardson was a total flop, but that was then and this is now. I’m not saying I believe it will happen, but the Colts seem like they’re in “win now” mode. It makes sense that they are willing to throw money around while they have it, because once Luck gets a new deal there won’t be quite as much to splurge with.

            Do I think he’ll go to the Colts? Not necessarily, but I believe they’re willing to give it serious consideration. AP doesn’t have much choice in the matter, but if he wants to win a title, there are worse places he could go, and he might even consider restructuring his deal (maybe a lower cap number with more guaranteed money spread out over a couple of years or something similar).

    2. Indy is a possibility, but what all these interested teams need to realize is; that the bidding starts with their 2015 1st round pick. If several teams want him badly, it will also cost a 3rd or a 4th to get it done.

  5. I’m with Lindsey – Indianapolis feels like the “right” landing spot for Peterson, and we’ve all seen how aggressive Grigson is in Free Agency

    1. I do not have a track record of breaking news, and I do not know what track record my sources have with other journalists they provide information for. I will say that I had multiple, independent sources confirm this and that I trust them, at least for now.

      1. trying to shop him might still mean they have standards. They may shop him but be unwilling to accept less than a 2nd for example. Plus, what is to prevent say the Packers from offering some information in exchange for this “source” doin their dirty work and lowers the trade value by leaking this along with those to confirm as part of a campaign to hurt Vikes. I can’t imagine having a multimillion dollar organization and not playing these kind of games to do all you can to hurt trade value of divisional rival but don’t pretend to know personally.

  6. The incident with his son did not matter. It gave more impetus to the decision but his contract is the real problem. No “smart” team is going to pay a running back 13 mil no matter who he is. I love me some AP but if I could use his cap space to sign Devin McCourty who the Patriots may not be able to prevent him from hitting the open market then I am all in with that move. And they should be able to go after a top guard in free agency as well. Now, if they can only do something about Jennings deal then we are talking!

  7. As a purple fan, you are a presumptuous idiot. Take your fantasies elsewhere. Adrian is under contract.

    1. I think this is a discussion based on information Arif received from sources close to the Vikings. You have your right to your opinion, just express it without name calling. Arif is just doing his job.

      1. The contract gives the Vikings the option to 1) pay Peterson the money, 2) trade him or 3) cut him. Every one of those options is “honoring the contract”.

        1. Honor to AP means “Get on her and stay on her.” hence all the children he has.

  8. First off Viking’s can’t trade AD until he is reinstated. Can we go a day or week with out writing this bullcrap about AD? This is getting old. Misinformation. I’m disappointed in VT for all this bullcrap about AD. Ya I know it is all about clicks to your page.

    1. This is team news that I learned about and reported on. I don’t know why you think it is all bullcrap or speculation. There’s a lot of non-Peterson posts here, too.

      One can still be traded while on the exempt list.

      1. Did you get any word on what the Vikes are willing to get back? Draft picks (round), players (position)?

        I would put my money on Arizona making a push and offering a 2nd rounder+ package.

      2. Arif… always have enjoyed your writing and look for it on several sites.

        On Vikings Update in the Purple thoughts Forum, I posted a topic of “Adrian to Dallas…. a win-win that makes sense”. I would like your thoughts since its gotten a lot of views and comments. Seems like some aspect of it could be a way for Dallas to manage cap and focus on Defense while retaining an offense capability that got them into the playoffs and manage their difficult cap issues.

    2. Actually, what really gets old are the people who keep apologizing for Peterson.

      Here’s a news flash for you: Peterson is a running back who is past his prime, carrying a ridiculously expensive contract he won’t restructure, is a PR liability because he likes to beat his kids, and blames everyone but himself for his problems.

      A reasonable Vikings fan should be happy that he is on his way out the door. Everyone else should probably be posting on DN, not on a site meant for adults.

      1. Your response was just as bad as the guy you were responding to.

        “likes to beat his kids” Wow.

      2. “Actually”

        That’s when you stopped making sense and went full rhetoric and hyperbole.

    3. No, you didn’t hear? The doty ruling means that AP can be traded, team can discuss, team can talk contract…. But no trade can occur officially until March 10th

  9. If they weren’t above dumping him the time to do that was last year before paying him 8mm to sit on the exempt list. The Vikings paid that 8mm for a reason which I think has to be trade value based on your sources.

    I would have liked to see how AD and Teddy worked together. I don’t understand why AD resents the Vikings, if up to the league it sounds like he would have been suspended without pay, and the vikings did try to put him on the field…it was public and corporate outcry that pulled him off. He should be thanking the vikings for working to get him in the exempt list, he has 8mm reasons to do so.

    Throughout this entire affair I can’t help think AD has handled this poorly. From not expressing remorse immediately, to skipping meetings with the NFL, and now being mad the organization for putting him on paid leave…sad but he needs to go. If we really are desperately trying to unload him I bet the team wishes they had cut ties long ago. Really too bad, he and teddy could have been great together.

    1. the hold steady / lifter puller is easily my favorite band (I don’t really separate the 2 too much)

      I agree with you that they kept him for trade value (at least that was one sure return they would get), but I think that is the right move to do.
      Remember when they cut McKinnie? They could have gotten something, anything for him- instead of flat out cutting his ass. Sending his ass to Oakland for a 5th or a 6th sends a better message to me than “go play anywhere else you choose”. At least they would have gotten a pick out of the deal making the team tangibly better off- not just the locker room message.

  10. What type of a return do you guys think MN will get? AP will probably have to restructure with whatever team he gets traded to, so he will have some leverage in order to pick the handful of teams listed by his Pops.

    Would Isray or Jerry give up a 1st or 2nd for him? Are we looking more towards mid round range because of his age? Can Slick Rick inflate the price?

    1. I am thinking a 3rd is the best and hopefully a conditional pick in 2016 as well which probably would be a 4th or 5th.

      1. You’re telling me that the running back position is so devalued now that the best back in the league can’t even pull a first round pick? The guy has had a full year to rest his body and hasn’t shown any signs of age as of yet.

        1. I have no idea what AD’s worth is when it comes to the negotiating table. On the field he is worth his weight in gold.. we’ll, maybe platinum. He has age, contract and PR problems going against him. But if anyone can squeeze water from a turnip, Risk Spielman is doing that as we speak. I really hope for a 2nd and a 6th or a 3rd and 5th… We’ll see how this all unfolds.

          1. He is worth about $4M in gold at roughly 220 lbs. He’s actually worth more than his weight in gold and that is pretty amazing!

    2. Given the right situation, the Vikings may be able to get a second rounder, packaged with a lower round pick (which could be conditional). A third rounder might be a more reasonable guess.

      Anything more is Slick Rick doing his magic.

    1. I think it’s safe to say any public statement Spielman makes at this point is hopes of positioning and leverage. I don’t know why everyone is so quick to doubt that the Vikings are trying to trade a 30 year old RB who is due to make $13M and recently expressed interest in starting fresh somewhere else.

    2. Beneficial dialog could be AD telling them he will never at here again…ok, good to know, that’s beneficial. Pft famously publishes ambiguous non-news aimed at speculation. I just don’t understand Adrian’s resentment to the organization.

  11. After all the crap he’s drug this franchise through thus last year he damn well better play for us thus season and earn every bit of that money we paid him for a one game season

  12. First of all, both parties are not very bright for letting this story be released. It causes AP’s stock to plummet, and the Vikings are not willing to let him go cheap.

  13. He’s become even more of a diva than Harvin ever was. “Me, me, me, me, me, me, me….but enough about me, let’s talk about you. What do YOU think of me?”

    Sick of his attitudes – both his attitude about his current situation, and his attitude about breaking every rushing record known to man. Barry Sanders, Walter Payton, and Tony Dorsett – now THERE’S a group with class.

    1. Agreed.

      He was “annoyed” that Leslie Frazier was canned as coach. Zimmer looks like a pretty substantial upgrade to me. Now, he has issues with Kevin Warren. Peterson should just buy his own team (Although he is probably short a few hundred million). Until then, he should learn to be quiet and just carry the ball.

    2. Barry Sanders retired when his trade demands weren’t meet. Is that what AP needs to do to be considered a ‘class act’?

      1. A little bit of apples and oranges. Sanders played for a team that was as far away from contending as you could get.

        Peterson had his chance in 2009 (screwed up that game more times than Favre did), and right now is too blind to see how the Vikings are becoming contenders, and he could be a part of it.

        My real point was that Sanders, Payton, and Dorsett never self-promoted, never made a spectacle when they scored a TD or busted a long run.

        AP is an attention slut.

    1. I do not have sources on this story from the AP camp. All my sources come from the team.

      1. That’s a whopper of a story, Arif. Seems to contradict what is being put out there at this time by Vikings officials – although Spielman has been consistent in saying any discussions are not being made public at this time.

        1. If you take Rick Spielman at face value then I have a beautiful 4door ’92 Ford Taurus w/230K miles that accelerates like a Ferrari F40. It can be all yours for $40K!

          1. Oh and “gullible” is written on the ceiling too. Better check it out

  14. Interesting choice of words from the source…”any way they can”. I thought there was a way they would be able to patch it up and also thought that they would be willing to pay him more than other teams, perhaps even paying the 12M for his services this year. We’ll see what happens.

    1. Broke a story? “Sources tell me the Vikings are going to trade Teddy Bridgewater to Seattle for Tarvaris Jackson, straight up.” There, I “broke a story.” Gobble it up. This Peterson rumor has as much credibility as a 3 dollar bill.

  15. doesn’t make sense. these team sources have chit for brains if they tell someone who will go public with their statement that they want to trade a valuable asset “any way they can.”

  16. Hearing that Spielman has been looking to trade Adrian isn’t really a surprise, and this report just kinda verifies it. Personally, I’d trade him for a 7th rounder if that was the best offer, as I’m interested in the freed-up cap space more than anything.

    Also, if there was any statistical evidence that Adrian’s presence on the field improved the passing game, then perhaps I’d feel differently, but unfortunately that isn’t the case (I believe it was you, Arif, who did that research).

    The bottom line imo is that the Vikings’ future lies on the shoulders of Teddy, and the fact that his progression is unlikely to be affected regardless of whether or not Adrian is here, makes it very easy to cut bait with him and his 15.4M cap hit.

    1. I agree with this. With Teddy, the championship window is widening, and will continue to do so. Just look what likely happens in the next 3 years
      Manning / Brady / Brees age QBs retire in a few years
      Rodgers / Rivers / Romo / Roethlischeese age QBs get older- some will fade off, others will remain effective- but in 7 years all will be on their last legs
      I am not saying Teddy is the only good young QB prospect (actually, there are a few of them) but he is surrounded by young talent that for the most part has been productive. This is a team built for the future, and adding some younger talent and depth in FA, along with additional ammo for the team, is the best route to go. It may take the team longer to make it to the playoffs, but the team will be built to stay there for a while.

    2. You actually have statistical evidence, but more importantly, basic logic. It is simply looking at the average player in single coverage per target/snap vs that same player in double coverage. That has selection bias in that teams are far more likely to put in single coverage if they have Revis, and far more likely to double if they need it… So you have to adjust for defensive talent. You do all that I guarantee you the passing game improves…. AP creates single coverage… We just haven’t had the talent at QB and WR to capitalize off of it.
      Here is the problem…
      Teams that have a Culpepper to Moss or Stafford to Megatron or Romo to Dez typically don’t see 8-9 in the box as often. teams with great QB WR combos can’t afford a back like AP. So unless you are looking at ’98 Vikes or ’99 rams and maybe even Cowboys 2014, you don’t have a quality comparison. Marshawn Lynch makes things easier for Russel Wilson and vise versa as well…
      Teams with bad QBs typically build around the running game.

      Plain and simple AP adds match ups that given a quality QB-WR combo with average supporting OL will see a tremendous boost…. But modeling that and accounting for it statistically limits the sample size and thus is difficult to really accurately measure but I’m almost positive that 8+9 man fronts means more single coverage, and more single coverage means better per play performance.

  17. Spielman needs to play hardball with AP. Talk to all the teams interested and explain to AP that all they got in return for AP in trade is(let’s say 3rd rounder) _ pick. Tell AP that the Vikings will not be trading him for that low of a draft pick and that he will need to communicate with his agent on significantly lowering his contract with a trading team, so the Vikings can get better value. If he doesn’t want to restructure for a trading team, then we will see you at Training Camp.

    This is what needs to be done.

  18. Does anybody see the Broncos making a move for AP? They will probably be getting rid of J Thomas and Wes Welker and restructuring Peyton’s contract.. I’m no expert on cap space, but I would love to see Peyton and AP on the same team.

  19. I don’t think it’s ridiculous for a team to spend $12 to $15 on the best running back in the NFL. Both Jacksonville and Oakland have to spend more than $50 million to reach the league minimum. Mgmt there might decide that he could create some interest in their organization.

    1. If he gets traded to the Jaguars or Oakland I will laugh my ass off! That is exactly what he deserves at this point. AP has stabbed every Vikings fan right in the back, not to mention the organization that paid him 8 million plus to sit on his duff for a year! I hope he gets traded to Jacksonville and then they move the team to England! Then he can go play with his buddy Toby and they can suck it up together, as far away from Minnesota as possible, and watch the Vikes bring home a championship with Teddy “too many touchdowns”. AP is a self serving diva and the Vikes would be better off without a running back who only cares about breaking rushing records, as opposed to winning games! (Language, please)

      1. AP is a **** (*Language, please)? Right, how about the fact that he gave everything he had for the last 7-8 years. Pretty much put the team on his back in 2012, when this team had no business being in the playoffs. I never looked at him as a diva…but I suppose just about all great players get accused of that.
        AD went too far in whipping his son. But I think the Vikings could’ve helped him out more than they did. I think they were deceiving, as they are now. And that’s BS. So, it goes both ways.

        1. I’m way past caring what he did or gave to the Vikings the last 7 or 8 years, his childish behavior and back handed comments over the last 7 or 8 months have been more than enough to make me forget about all that! And I’m sorry, paying him 8 million freaking dollars to sit on his happy child beating ass wasn’t doing enough to help him out??? Are you f’ing kidding me? If I beat my kid so bad that I left marks all over him and got charged with a crime for it my employer would fire me without blinking an eye! So take your BS AP pity party somewhere else, cos I’m not buying what you’re selling dude. And I repeat: #APologistsneedtogetalife

            1. Nice, couldn’t think of anything clever to say so you resort to insults? Must just be because you’re old and feeble minded. And I’ll leave it at that.

      2. If you got something like that to say seek a MF out ans be a man and say it to his face. Calling people names from your computer doesn’t make you a big man.

  20. I don’t get it. AP made a mistake. He admitted his mistake and has paid the penalty. The guy is still a great running back. Let him play! AD should be so lucky as to just suffer double jeopardy. He gets kicked when down and then kicked to the curb to boot. He’s our best RB. Let him wear Purple and get off his case.

    1. Dude, have you been out of contact or something? AP does not want to play for the Vikings. He has done everything to make that utterly clear except come out and straight up say it, which (apparently) would be crossing some kind of line. No one wants to kick him to the curb, he wants to leave.

    2. I think we all agree with you on that. I think the issue that the Vikings are weighing is what is the trade value of AP versus his production value on the field. And most importantly, how adamant he is on pushing for a trade. AP is under contract so his options are play, sit or retire.

  21. Well Arif…this is some news. Take some guts to put it out there, bravo. I was hoping AD would stay, such is life. Of course, if this report doesn’t come to fruition, and he plays as a Viking this year…there goes your breaking news career.

  22. I don’t like this article for only one reason. It devalues AD even further. I’d take a 5th rounder for this Harvin 2.0 crybaby. Get him out of here.

  23. If he doesn’t want to be a Viking…trade him to a place where you can get the most out of, plus where it’d make him happy and he’d have a shot a title. Don’t be like the Packers, that was stupid. They looked like they were running scared with the Favre thing. And they got what they deserved in 2009.
    I’ve got no ill will to AD, he gave it all he had. I wish him the best! Just not on that day he lines up against us.

  24. Send him to Cleveland to join the Johnny circus! They’ve got 2 first rounders,so they can give one to us. Slick Rick is pretty well versed on how to dupe the Browns.

  25. Up is down, so if the Vikings are leaking that AP will be traded, they are trying to hurt trade value. That way they can say… See AP, teams are only offering a 2nd round. Modern market isn’t there… Then contract negotiations stall…
    Then in June or something Vikings say…. No one has the cap room to pay more than $6M, they spent there money. w e’ll give you 9M because we are generous, but I f we cut you, you get less. we even give you guaranteed money. no? Then we cut you and look how much less you make…. And the agent will be very convincing since agent wants money and AP gets one more contract or restructure and that is probably it.

  26. So AP’s agent is Ben Dover (Dogre) and attorney Rusty Hardon… What’s next, a Dick Burns is his nutritionist?

    Ben Dover I hve a rusty hardon!

  27. Arif, in your opinion, what’s the best scenario in terms of a trade? Do you think the vikings could get a second rounder this year?

  28. Arif has common sense! The writing is on the wall when the Wilf’s promoted Warren as COO. Peterson is not the face of the Vikings anymore, Teddy Bridgewater is face now and the Vikings will add more players for Teddy, than they will for Peterson. Peterson is only a two down back that can’t pick up a blitz in pass protection.

    1. Hall of fame back that would play every down in a Turner offense where he would not be asked to block, but instead release as dumping option.

  29. What do you think is the max the Vikings could get for him in a trade? I’m a Cowboys fan and I an, needless to say, INTERESTED!!!

  30. Trade his Ass to the jags or Oakland or Browns let him see what those teams got to offer him I wouldn’t let the spoiled baby get his way and go to colts or Dallas or Arizona he has handled this situation horrible he should have stayed committed to Vikings all the way even if it’s not what he wanted to do you stay committed to ur team until ur butt is out the door

  31. Well Teddy might be the new face of the franchise but it takes two to tango and
    Asiata has 2 left feet. The vikings need to address the running back position via the draft and FA because what they have now isn’t good enough. Not even close and Melvin Gorgon cannot replace AP!

  32. I’ve never liked anonymous sources because these sources could work in the cafeteria at winter park and could be a source in the Vikings organization. Not saying Arif is lying I just don’t believe anyone with power in the organization would anonymously release a statement that would make their job more difficult by telling everyone we want to trade Adrian by any means necessary. What I wish the Vikings would do is come out and say this ” Adrian Peterson is under contract which means is and will be a Viking for the 2015 season. The only way that will not happen is if either he retires or we get an offer we can’t refuse. We will absolutely not cut him nor will we give him away. Even though his contract is enormous for a running back by today’s standards. He has proven that he is not only one of if not the best running back in the NFL but that he makes players at other positions play better. So to the other 31 teams in the NFL unless you have an amazing offer don’t waste yours or our time. To Adrian’s agent unless you want to discuss restructuring Adrian’s contact we have nothing to discuss so argue with someone else. To our sponsors as much as we appreciate your support we will not be held hostage with threats that if you don’t get what you want you will pull your sponsorship because the minute we allow that to happen we open the door for it to constantly happen and that is something we cannot allow this organization to be exposed too. To Adrian we expect you to honor your contract and we look forward to seeing you at training camp. Last and most importantly to our fans we truly love your support and hope you will continue to be fans of the Minnesota Vikings because without you their is no us. We understand that some of you will not like this decision and we hope this will not change your feelings towards our team. So with all that said the players, coaches, and the front office have nothing else to say on the matter. Which means no need to ask anymore questions on the matter because this our stance and will be.

  33. Let the man seek his fame and, possibly reduced, fortune elsewhere. The sash on his window isn’t what it was, Teddy’s window is a brand new double hung that is still rising, also Bridgewater uses a lot of shotgun, which negates Peterson’s downhill style anyway, and Organization probably doesn’t want to mess with delicate Locker room chemistry with Bridgewater now gaining the neccesary confidence to a assert himself ESPECIALLY if their is any chance of a returning AD being disgruntled. No, I like a second and a fourth from Tampa Bay, gives Lovie a guy he’s familiar with and his rookie QB someone to hand it to that has something to prove

  34. Disclaimer….not a Vikings fan. This viewpoint is from afar.

    It is now 11 days later, and for a team who was “willing to give him away for nothing” (or whatever)still has him. While I believe what Arif reported, a trade of Peterson is going to be very hard. This is not surprising for a number of reasons.

    First off Peterson and his agent have almost no guaranteed money left on a 3 yr deal. Zero job security pretty much. He wants one more shot at bonus money, and the only way to do that is to try to kick and scream and force a trade because obviously that money won’t be coming from Vikings. The problem with that is you will need to find a team that will give up a draft pick, for the right to guarantee a 31 yr old RB enough money to make him happy. Good luck.

    Meanwhile IF you can find a team who is actually interested, looking at those base salaries they are going to be looking to do the opposite, reduce his salary. That is the conundrum. AP wants more….team who will acquire him probably wants none of that…just like Vikings. Could a team say look we will guarantee some money, but those base salaries need to come down? That is a possibility. But then you get into AP, while getting a new signing bonus, playing for 8m a year instead of 13. In all likelihood a large part of that “new guarantee” would be in the form of a guaranteed 2015 base salary, plus a small signing bonus. So what is he really gaining in end? Not much.

    So when you look at it, any way you try to manufacture some type of deal has serious hurdles that are going to be hard to get over. Unless the Vikings are prepared to cut him (or just give him away for nothing) I don’t see even a team like the Cowboys stepping up.

    We haven’t even mentioned the on field ramifications, I am sure the Vikes would be much better off with dominant RB in the backfield, to help their young QB on the rise. Yeah he wasn’t there last it. But if you think he wouldn’t help out a young QB and the offense in general you are fooling yourself. Just imagine if Teddy was able to get it done without AP, what he could do with him.

    I just don’t get why Vikes would be so motivated to get rid of him, especially now when pretty much all the top FA are gone. I am guessing before the agent threw a fit he was in the budget, and they planned on having him back. But right now getting rid of him just makes the team worse, with no way of signing a player to make up for that loss.