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REPORT: Adrian Peterson Still Seeking A Trade

When it comes to the Adrian Peterson news cycle, perhaps nobody has been more connected and accurate over the last few months than Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports. Robinson is still keeping the drama alive, even late at night on a holiday weekend, and he is reporting that Adrian Peterson is still pressing for a trade out of Minnesota.

When Adrian Peterson skips this week’s organized team activities for the Minnesota Vikings, he will  attempt to send an unmistakable message to the franchise: He wants to be traded.

For Vikings fans that have been paying attention over the last nine years, Peterson skipping OTA’s is not a shocking development, but this story doesn’t end with that opening paragraph.

Robinson says that a source within Peterson’s “inner circle” contends Peterson has not wavered in his desire to play elsewhere and feels he has made his wishes clear to the Vikings organization during their face-to-face meetings.

The move to skip OTA’s will cost Peterson a quarter of a million dollars and the source says there is no certainty Peterson will attend June’s mandatory minicamp or even training camp in July.

This same source claims that Peterson’s contractual situation is not a driving factor and that for Peterson it has “never been about the money.” That source claims that his discontent is personal in nature and that he’s “adamant” about playing somewhere else.

With potential preseason injuries to other premier running backs, a frantic round of preseason moves that have yet to play out, and a mid-season trade deadline seemingly miles away… it is not likely that trade speculation ceases until Peterson is actually traded.

Until that time comes, and if that time comes, reports like these will almost certainly be a frequent occurrence.

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Adam Warwas

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    1. It was really sweet for nearly a month not having to hear about this- the more AP’s camp keeps this in the news, the more apathetic I come for trading him,

      Jerry said he willing to send a 1st for next year- maybe have to up that a lil (like a 3rd) and I will be happy.

  1. I forgave him for spanking his child and getting a little carried away. We all make misstakes. But when the Vikings paid him 9 Million last year have said they want him back at 13 Million and he is actting like he is this is what is getting hard to forgive. To the point know just do not care if traded, plays or sits out this year. He has brought all this on himself and is getting bad advice and not smart enough to figure that out. So so sad!!!

    1. All I want to know Bill, is who is the moron that ‘disliked’ your comment?
      (Pretty good evidence AD reads VT.)

    2. Mr. Schwandt, you left out the fact that at least one member of Vikings management colluded with the NFL to force Peterson to sit out for the entire year.

    1. barry sanders. Play here or play nowhere. unlike Sanders, he’s all about his stats. He’s not retiring. I doubt when week one rolls around, he’ll sit.

  2. Sit his ass for the next 3 years…See how that adds to his legacy and career. I have no time for ignorance and stupidity and this guy would make the Hall of Fame in either.

    1. But you apparently have all the time in the world for self-righteousness, punishment and cutting your nose to spite your face.

  3. I think everyone is missing the point. He feels betrayed. He is showing that he holds trust as something more valuable than money or fame.

    This is admirable, people. His priorities are truly the priorities you’ve always wished sports stars had.

    1. He is showing that he doesn’t accept responsibility for what he did,and he wants to blame others for the mistakes he made.

      1. “he doesn’t accept responsibility for what he did” – I’m sorry, I must have missed the part about Peterson denying the charges, failing to apologize to his son and refusing to follow the directives of the responsible Texas authorities.

        “he wants to blame others for the mistakes he made” – My apologies but I seemed to have missed, again, where Peterson blamed, um, anyone else, for his taking a switch to his son’s behind, resulting in the injuries we’ve all heard about. I was under the impression that he cooperated with the Texas authorities when the contacted him and, while justifying his actions on the basis of how he was brought up, did not seek to shift the blame onto…the league, the team or its fans, all of whom nonetheless reacted as if he had committed a crime against decency and against them, personally.

    2. He is the reason he’s in this predicament. I place no higher value on anything as I do taking responsibility for your actions and manning up and facing the tough questions. He’s trying to run from his problems instead of being a man and admitting them. His wife wants out because of the dozens of other women he’s done here. That’s the reason she wants out. Again, issues he brought on. Betrayed? The Vikings tried to reinstate him IMMEDIATELY. Then after the huge uproar from the country, they had to suspend him. It was a PR nightmare. Brought on by his actions. Now he’s not being a man and facing it. He’s trying to run away.

  4. King,

    He may feel betrayed, but most think falsely so. There is no doubt that Peterson created his own problem. Why, I ask WHY would anyone think the Vikings are under any way obligated to trade or release him? He is under contract and paid better than any other RB. AP needs to get over himself and play. If he decides not to report, unless we get a kings ransom….he can sit for 3 years.

    1. Ah yes, the sanctity of that holy of holies, “THE CONTRACT.” Would that employers, corporate or public, treated contracts the way sports fans always seem to want players to treat their contracts, instead of ignoring them, breaking them or running to the courts every time they want some concession. Heaven forbid an employee ever even think of re-negotiating a contract or demanding concessions given a change in circumstances. Nope, employees must be punished, PUNISHED, I say, anyway, anyhow.

    2. I forgot to note that AP wanted to play last year but was denied the opportunity by the NFL and Vikings management. But never mind any feelings of betrayal he might have, never mind the complete absence of due process, he needs to just “get over himself and play” for the team and fans that didn’t stand up for him and demand fairness.

      Gods, are you all such sheep in your own personal lives?

    1. That’s as concise a description of the NFL owners and main office as I’ve ever seen. Congratulations.

  5. If Adrian feels so betrayed, than come out and tell your side of the story. Adrian most likely has nothing that is serious enough to make sense. He is most likely embarrassed and wants to run away from his problems. He feels if he has a new jersey. New people to back him it will be easier to forget. Problem is, mature people know you can never run from your problems.

  6. Exactly. For as tough as he always wants to act, he’s seeming like a coward. All that $ and love from the fans and he wants to avoid it and go somewhere else. I hope the Vikings hold him to it in a good old fashion way.

    1. Yeah, so much love from the fans that they mobilized to demand that he be suspended not for the whole season but for a reasonable number of games instead of being forced to bear the brunt of the NFL’s image problem in the wake of the Ray Rice scandal. Hell, it’s you all who want him to just back down, take the money, shut up and give us our DAMN entertainment who want him to be a coward.

    1. D’Oh, I just got this. I know I’m probably one of the most prolific defenders of AP on this site, but I’ve also commented on many other subjects so, no, I am not Peterson’s agent.

  7. You know, I don’t care what AP “feels” like. For those of us in the real world, if it is time toi go to work and we are being compensated in accordance with a schedule that we agreed to, we go. Period. We don’t spend all our time whining.

    If AP chooses not to show up, let him sit out and collect no pay. I am tired of people who agree to contracts and then decide that they are not good enough. Peterson is clearly not very bright- no one who is well-off financially and smart has multiple kids by multiple women and relies on courts to set the support levels. His current campaign is just as juvenile, stoopid, and self-desctructive.

    1. “…no one who is well-off financially and smart has multiple kids by multiple women and relies on courts to set the support levels.”

      I’m not sure how involved the courts were in setting levels of support, but Clint Eastwood and Steve Jobs fit the bill when it comes to well-off financially, smart and having multiple kids with multiple women.

  8. Note to the Minnesota Vikings, just trade AP to the Dallas Cowboys for La’el Collins and 2016 First-Round Pick . And get it over with. This AP drama is getting tiring,boring,old news / some people is getting sick of this shi?.Do it for the state of MN. Get rid of the headaches thats been going on for months. AP is 30 and he is not going to get better . Only worst! Look at the only game he play last year against the Rams. Carried the ball 21 times for only 75 YDS. AVG. 3.6 TD. 0 REC. 2 thats the out look to come for AP’s future. Every body in the NFL has figured AP’s running style and technique out just like how they did moss. Time to move on. No matter how good you are, you can only shine for a while than it has to end. Look at Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders,Barry Sanders,Emmitt Smith,Jerry Rice,Joe Montana,John Elway,Brett Favre and so on …….Get rid of the cry baby.. at 30 we all know is just going to keep going down not up so Jerry Jones said he’d consider trading a future first-round pick “if the right situation came along.So this is it. Also try for La’el Collins in the trade because it only makes sense that Vikings are in need of OG. La’el Collins can play T and G. Add more power to Vikings OL. and Matt Kalil did play well the last 4 games but still need some insurance just in case. Is not a bad trade..AP for 2016 First-Round & La’el Collins . Mostly every one will be happy. The headaches will be gone,Saves bundle of moneys ,not paying the cry baby and use els where like a Contract extension for Vikings players, like Harrison Smith. AP will be happy, Vikings get a value for a 30 old back. Win/Win for every body ! Vikings should not play the chicken game in this (play for us or play for no one) and make AP sit out or retire like Barry Sanders did. Is a lost cause, especially if you are going to get a 2016 First-Round . It will be interesting and exciting, when the 2016 draft rolls in.

    PS Not a AP Hater / just how AP handle the situation

  9. No. Let’s not take the easy way out. Let’s hold him to it. Saying he’s a “30 yr old”, we all know better. He might be awesome. I’d rather see how it plays out than let him off the hook.

  10. Josina Anderson:

    Statement to me from Adrian Peterson: “The reason I’m not attending OTAs has nothing to do with wanting to be traded. It’s about securing my future with the Vikings. It’s business, not personal and I understand that firsthand. Go Vikings.”

    like i said before, don’t be naive, it’s the money