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Mike Zimmer Names The Three Best Players He Has Ever Coached

If there is a reason it took so long for Mike Zimmer to become an NFL head coach, Vikings fans don’t know what it is. Zimmer has a talented roster in front of him as training camp gets underway, but Zimmer recently named three of the best players he has ever coached in a video with Brian Murphy, and none of them are current Vikings… or even current players.

Who are the three that Zimmer named?

Well, check it out below or watch the video above. Your choice!


[pull_quote_center]”Darren Woodson was an unbelievable safety, great person. Smart, taught himself so many things.”[/pull_quote_center]


[pull_quote_center]”Deion Sanders obviously was a terrific athlete.”[/pull_quote_center]


[pull_quote_center]”Charles Haley was really good—different in a lot of ways, but really good.”[/pull_quote_center]

Here’s hoping that he has at least one or two names added to the list between now and the next time he is asked this question.

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