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Adrian Peterson Reinstated by the NFL

The long awaited reinstatement of Adrian Peterson by the NFL has finally occurred. Effective Friday, 4/17, Peterson is eligible to rejoin the Vikings for all scheduled activities.

The NFL’s official statement can be found below.

There is obviously still plenty of speculation on Peterson’s standing with the team. The Vikings have since issued a statement on the reinstatement as well:

“The Minnesota Vikings have been informed by the NFL that Adrian Peterson has been reinstated. We look forward to Adrian re-joining the Vikings.”

Any team that would provide sufficient value for Peterson via trade, would not have done so if expecting the NFL to further suspend Peterson into the 2015 season. The reinstatement eliminates any concerns of that happening.

That said, a quick and public statement by the team clearly draws a line in the sand for Peterson and his agent Ben Dogra.

More news to come on this topic, I am sure. However, for those waiting for resolution, here you have it.

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Brent LaBathe

Brent LaBathe (Contributor) Cloud technology leader by day, sports nut by night, Brent is a local purple diehard who's passion for the team boarders on obsession. After graduating from St. Cloud State in 2008, he was a contributing writer for and has always had a passion for writing. When he's not cursing his golf clubs for failing him yet again, he's constantly on twitter @BrentLaBathe.

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  1. Anything that starts with a #1 and Ricky should listen…anything less? No. We should keep the best RB in the league. I’d set it at a #1 and a #3, minimum.

  2. I know that none of us have a crystal ball, but AP is capable of having a monster year next year. If he does, I would much rather see it done in purple. The Vikings are willing to pay him and make him the highest paid running back in the league. Surely AP and his agent must understand that this is the place where he will make the most money and they must also understand how difficult a trade will be with AP’s cap number and his age, and the fact that their stance has hampered the Vikings ability to make a value trade. With that being said, it appears that AP’s value is higher to the Vikings than what the Vikings could get back in trade value. So unless some team makes an unbelievable offer, AP can play for the Vikings or not at all.

    1. I do tend to like the argument that we should play hardball and say you play for us or you won’t play. It’s been said a million times that he has no leverage at all. A 30 year old running back isn’t going to sit out another year just to prove a point. His chance to make any money or make legitimate traction on career rushing records is then shot – if not already. That said, the Vikings have to serious look at the league and division and ask themselves if they believe they have a serious chance at a Super Bowl run. If the answer is no, then trading Peterson is likely better for the long term success of the team.

      1. Very well said, Brent. My question is ‘at what value?’. Being a life long Viking Fan, I just want the best players on the field to give the Vikings the best shot at being competitive and winning games. I would think Rick and staff must have an idea as to what AP is worth. That whatever you get back needs to make you a better team. That being said, I just don’t want AP “given” away ( just because AP is unhappy) whereby the team getting AP is so much better and we become less competitive without AP. If the Vikings can become more competive by trading him then I’m all for it. If not, hard ball is in order.

      2. I’d rather see the Vikings play hardball for 3 years, if AD sits out, than see AD with the Cowboys. Only way I want AD going to the Cowboys is a reverse Herschel Walker deal. Why let some other team get the best RB in the NFL.