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2015 Minnesota Vikings: Vikings Trade Matt Cassel to Buffalo Bills

UPDATE2: Alex Marvez at Fox Sports has the terms of the deal:

Moving up from the 6th round into the 5th, plus gaining a 7th for Matt Cassel equates to about 28 points on the trade value chart (the Buffalo Bills have the first pick in the 5th round), or the equivalent of a late fifth-round pick. If one includes the discount to the future 7th, the value drops by about three or four points, and the total package is closer to a high sixth-round pick.

Original story below:


The Vikings have announced that they have agreed to trade quarterback Matt Cassel to the Buffalo Bills for an undisclosed draft pick. The trade will execute on March 10, the beginning of the new league year, at 4PM EST. Matt Cassel started 9 games for the Minnesota Vikings, and recorded a passer rating of 78.1 with the Minnesota Vikings and an adjusted net yards per attempt of 5.2. The Buffalo Bills, who do not have a first-round pick, have been looking for a quarterback to replace Kyle Orton after Orton’s retirement, either as a backup or (more likely) as a starter. I cannot begin to guess what the trade value of a veteran borderline backup/starter quarterback is, but the Vikings likely got a good value for someone that was being paid slightly more than a backup. Cassel would have been useful to keep on the roster, but this solidifies head coach Mike Zimmer’s comments made at the combine that they will be looking for a developmental backup quarterback late in the draft. Matt Cassel will be able to play the team that drafted him, the New England Patriots, twice a year and will reunite with Marqueis Gray, who played tight end for the Vikings for a short period of time. UPDATE: The Minnesota Vikings have seemingly packaged a pick with Matt Cassel and may receive two draft picks in return, according to Albert Breer and Andrew Krammer

The Buffalo Bills website has the following press release active as of 11:44 AM CST:

The Buffalo Bills are making it clear they’re not going to rely on free agency to fill their positional needs on offense. Buffalo made a move to address the quarterback position Wednesday. The Bills agreed to terms on a trade with the Minnesota Vikings that will send two undisclosed draft choices to Minnesota in exchange for QB Matt Cassel and an undisclosed draft pick.

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Following the trade the Bills still have six draft choices for the upcoming 2015 NFL draft.

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    1. Well, now it seems the elements of the trade have changed since the original post, so it may be too hard to calculate how well the Vikings did with three total picks (along with Cassel) in the mix.

  1. I’m sure we got a good trade for Cassel but it’s a bummer to see him go. We gave up Cassel and a pick for two picks. He would have been a solid back up for us next season. Since Ponder is hopefully gone, it doesn’t leave us with anything else to fall back on. A late round QB is not going to be able to step in if something happens to Teddy.

  2. Starting to think jake locker is on vikes radar. He could be a cheaper high ceiling Norv guy.

  3. I could see a 4 and 6 from them with a 5th from us going back. Wonder who they have in mind for the backup job. I dont think Hoyer will be quick to come on board with no chance to start. I’m not so sure he’ll find that chance anywhere though, so if they wait it out he’ld be the logical fit.

    1. Dan T., I’m thinking maybe from Buffalo a 3rd & 6 for Cassel & Viks 5th. Because EJ MANUEL has not live up to expectations? And while Cassel was here, he play smart football..not to good, not to bad, but just smart..And that’s a + for us on this trade..Also Rex Ryan just might had enough of Geno Smith alike in EJ MANUEL and trying to just save his ass in Buffalo by bringing in a veteran who is a smart player …To do like what Trent Dilfer did with the ravens when they won the Super Bowl XXXV…In this case Cassel is way better than Trent Dilfer…That’s also with the LeSean McCoy trade…So Buffalo is trying to put the pieces together…and we are lucky to be in on it ! I’m thinking of 3rd , cause or this RB class…..But your 4 & 6 with our 5th going back.. is more reality ! But let’s hope i’m right… we can get better pick’s …

  4. Locker is the other name I’m thinking too. They were rumored to like him coming out in the draft and I think he’ld be a good spot backup.

  5. Locker won’t come here, he will want a team where the starting position is a possibility.

    They will be looking for a veteran. Hoyer? Matt Moore?

    1. Yeah…I think you meant to flip Hoyer and Locker’s name on that post. Hoyer has actually shown some promise as a starter and his ACL tear was a one time thing. Locker won’t get any realistic opportunities to start because no one trusts he can stay healthy. He’s constantly hurt and it’s been a variety of issues. He’s meant for a backup role. Realistically there aren’t many teams where any of these guys will get a chance to compete for a job with both Cleveland and Buffalo striking early. The Jets job is the only one I can think of off hand where a guy can go in and compete to be the top guy. Hoyer should be the Vikings top option if he can’t find a team that is willing to let him compete for the top job. He’s likely the most expensive option as well.

      1. Aw Cmon cc… I was one of the first to gripe about the ponder pick in 2011 but I gotta say he’d still be a decent backup. I’d prefer locker but wouldn’t be too disappointed with CP7.

        1. Really Skol? All I know is, just the thought of him taking a snap in a real game, that matters if we win or lose, it…turns my stomach. I think I’m kind of feeling ill now, just typing this out.

          1. Would you rather have Vince young? Michael Vick? Dan Orlavsky? Tim Tebow? Trying to be unbiased here I think Ponder is better than we give him credit for.
            That said part of me still wants him gone just to dump him and sign Jake Locker or Brian Hoyer. All I hope is none of these guys take any snaps doing anything other than taking a knee in a 41-0 blowout of Green Bay.

  6. I think this is a mistake. Who’s out there? Hoyer? He wants to be a starter, maybe Cassel does too…but he was here, under contract. I’d rather roll with Matt. Locker? No, I don’t think he is any better. Matt Moore? Geez…
    And for what? A 5th round draft pick? Backup QB is very important. Need a veteran who knows how to win in this league. Those are hard to find…

  7. Turner tends to be loyal to his QBs. Maybe Norv likes what he’s seen and has chosen Ponder over Cassels. Maybe its just the money. Ponder is terrible but his stats roughly similar to former Vike QB Rich Gannon.

    Other names to watch include Hoyer, Tom Savage and Jimmy Clausen.

    1. No to TJack! And no to Shawn Hill…last I saw , dude couldn’t throw it any farther than I could! I’m available! At a far less price. Hell, I think BJohnny could out chuck both of us put together…you busy for the next 10 months Johnny?

  8. I’d love it if the Vikes brought Tarvaris Jackson back. He played very solidly for Seattle back in 2011 and they’ve been confident in him backing up Russell Wilson the last two years. I’d also be comfortable with Matt Moore or Shaun Hill and I’d take Michael Vick over Christian Ponder any day