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2015 Minnesota Vikings Training Camp—Live Feed to All News

I’ve consolidated a list of people you can expect to livetweet training camp, so it should be easier to follow along here if you don’t have a twitter account to get up to date with the comings and goings of camp. I will be updating every day or so the members of the list to most accurately reflect which members of the media will be there on that day (so, for example, Darren Wolfson of KSTP will not be there every day, but on days he is, he will be on the list below)

Hopefully this should make for an easy follow. If there’s every a player you want to know more about, don’t hesitate to tweet any member of the Vikings Territory staff! Follow them. There’s Adam, who heads up the main account, myself, Lindsey, AustinBrett, Brent, Carl and podcaster-in-residence Andy. Also be sure to check out Matt Engstrom’s feed, as he’s a phenomenal illustrator.

If you want a particularly in-depth look at or scouting report of a Vikings player, have a question about the scheme the Vikings use on offense or defense or if you want to know how to best watch the drills yourself, consider purchasing my training camp guide! You can check out a preview of it here, if you like. It will be a good way to follow along at camp if you hear about a player but you’re not entirely sure what they can bring. At the very least, it will help pass the time; at 50,000 words and over 120 pages, it should keep you occupied.

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    1. Impressive indeed Cal. Thanks for sharing that. I have buddies well in their 50’s still giving it hell, and I’m still playing hard…but this guy is double my age! Very cool.