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REPORT: Vikings To Discuss WR Mike Williams At Combine

Many think the Vikings could use the 2015 NFL Draft to bolster the depth chart at wide receiver, perhaps as early as in the first round, but there is always the possibility they get a jump start.

They flirted with CFL star wide out Duron Carter already this offseason, and the next free agency rumor also involves a wide out.

Mike Williams (6′ 2″ and 212 pounds) has had an up and down career in his first five NFL seasons.  He has twice came within 50 yards of the 1,000 yard mark and posted 11 touchdowns as a rookie. He was expected to bring continued success to Buffalo last season, but 2015 couldn’t have gone much worse for him.

He was released by the Bills in December who had a giant case of buyer’s remorse after giving Tampa a sixth round pick in exchange for his services. Tampa, before them, also seemingly regretted their decision to give Williams a six year extension worth up to $40.25 million. His next team will certainly be making less of an investment.

The 27 year old reportedly has six meetings set up with NFL teams during the combine this week and now, thanks to Darren Wolfson, we know the Vikings are one of them.

Williams has sat on the open market for two months now, so I have to wonder if this whole “six meetings” thing isn’t some creative licensing from his agent. After all, Wolfson tells us that they are primarily talking to Hadley Engelhard in the first place to discuss Captain Munnerlyn.

Williams, or a receiver like him, certainly could make sense for the Vikings. However, the bigger story here might be what exactly the Vikings want to discuss with guy behind Munnerlyn’s contract.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. I agree bjohnny.We can draft a wr in round 3 or 4 with the same ability and no baggage,less money.Why would they waste their time even talking to this stooge?

  2. I don’t think he’s any better than what we got now marc. I sure wouldn’t take him over Theilan.

  3. I liked Williams when he came in as a rookie, he looked good in TB at first and started out having a promising career even with Vincent Jackson coming their from SD. Then he started to struggle (albeit at the same time TB had major QB struggles as well) and with their plans to draft Mike Evans that year he was expendable and was traded to Buffalo (another bad situation with QB concerns). If he’s really is refocused on football and ready to battle Thielen for a roster spot then I say let’s do it. With solid QB play he’s already proven he can do it at this level and we need the potential reward of a starting caliber receiver more than we need the (little) money it would take to sign him on a flier risk reward type contract. His ceiling is a lot higher than his current play. Question is, is he ready to get his career back on track?

    I wouldn’t not draft a WR though just because we sign him. Like i said he would be fighting guys like Thielen not Patterson, Johnson, or Jennings right away. And certainly not DeVante Parker.