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Matt Asiata Returns On A One-Year Deal

The Minnesota Vikings have yet to strike a deal, at least a public deal, with a new player from outside the organization. However, they are still in the process of getting some of their own free agents back into the fold.

The latest to re-sign with the Vikings is running back Matt Asiata, according to Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press.  Specific terms of the deal are not yet known, but it is expected to be of the one-year variety and heavy on the incentives.

Asiata was a restricted free agent, but this negotiated deal means the Vikings do not have to tender Asiata in order to keep him. It was always expected that Asiata would be retained, at least through training camp, so this should not be deciphered to mean anything at all regarding the status of Adrian Peterson.

The 27 year old back has not been the most flashy player over his time with the Vikings, but he has quietly gotten the job done in a role that has varied greatly over his first three seasons.

Last year, in the absence of Peterson, Asiata rushed 164 times for 570 yards (3.5 average) and scored nine touchdowns. He tacked on an impressive enough 44 catches for 312 yards. With over 200 touches last season, it is worth noting he only fumbled the ball once.

This news certainly won’t satisfy your craving for some big Vikings news, but Asiata could once again to be an important part of the Vikings running back depth in 2015.

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  1. Asiata is serviceable but there is no potential for improvement. I understand why he’s back but I’m hoping he’s beat out in training camp by a rb with more potential(like he could have been the past 2 years).
    Not upset about the signing but not excited.

    1. That about sums up my feelings as well Skol.
      I do expect we will pick up another RB in the draft,the Peterson saga will determine what round it is.

    2. Asiata , is pretty effective at the goal line and should only be use on 2nd & 2 3rd &1 / 2nd & goal 3rd & goal Situation, almost like Mike Alstott who play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers… I can see the combo in Jerick Mckinnon & Matt Asiata similarity to Warrick Dunn & Mike Alstott .. But they are Not There Yet..! But let’s hope ? I don’t see Asiata as a starter or even a backup.. Only in Situation, like i explain above ! Asiata did have 9 TD last year..! So let’s give him some credits…! Com mon Guys….! And he runs HARD…

  2. A reasonable retention. Asiata has value, both in passing situations and as a goal line back. The Vikings just need to find a way to keep him on the sidelines outside of those scenarios.

  3. Matt “All he does is run for 1 yard touchdowns” Asiata! Good for Asiata. He is a stand up dude! He was surprisingly fluid at catching the ball out the backfield and even lined up wide sometimes and caught passes, outside of running for Td’s. Only one fumble eh? interesting and important stat Lindsey.

    1. Jeff Meta Universal Peace Dugan would have scored two touchdowns on one play vs the Patriots.

      Fun fact – Dugan discovered Antarctica
      Little known fact. Dugan invented the moniker L L Cool J and sold it to James Todd Smith.