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Brandon Bostick A Vikings Addition

“It seems entirely likely to me that the Vikings will ignore the tight end position in free agency…”

Well, it appears my free agency previews are off to a stellar start.

News broke on Wednesday afternoon that the Vikings claimed recently waived tight end Brandon Bostick, formerly of the Green Bay Packers. Bostick will be best remembered in Cheese Land as that guy that mishandled the onside kick that allowed the Seattle Seahawks to make their incredible comeback in the NFC Championship Game.

Bostick is a tight end and wide out hybrid (6′ 3″ – 245 pounds) that only managed nine catches in two seasons with the Packers. On those nine catches he gained 123 yards and scored two touchdowns. The Vikings will inherit the third and final year of Bostick’s rookie contract where he is slated to make $585,000, according to Spotrac.

Packers fans can joke all they want about the Vikings picking up trash left at the curb outside of Lambeau, but they’ve all been just as intrigued as anybody about Bostick’s potential since he came into the league. That upside could still come to fruition and there is very little for the Vikings to lose in making this move.

Bostick received death threats following his playoff gaffe, and it is worth noting that Vikings wide out Greg Jennings was one of the first to jump out there and offer some support.

Bostick will now compete with Chase Ford and Rhett Ellison for a job on the active roster and that will likely be an uphill battle.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. They snagged this dude up pretty fast, must have had some inside info. Hope he works out

    1. 6.5?! Okay, we should all pitch in $100 each and have Brett walk over and make that bet. I’d be glad to take their money. While we’re at it let’s see how much we can get together, and put it on us to win the whole damn thing! Then we could have a big 3 day long party at…Adam’s house.

    2. i saw that and thought they were crazy, even though we have a tough schedule next season. i have a brother from mn out here visiting right now and he mentioned the other day that he was going to vegas for a couple of days. i just called him and left a message. if i can, i’ll take a piece of that action

      bostick is my kinda phacker. once we debrief him, he can go

    1. Im not sure how much credit I’d give them; One says Brian Robison was a replacement for Jared Allen, while the other has Cardale Jones going 2nd overall(and the Vikings drafting a guy named Laquan? really?)… You know Cardale Jones that guy who has started THREE college football games.

        1. His post got flagged because he said he doesn’t like the new site,and now the new site is taking revenge!
          Sorry WTF,I couldn’t resist 🙂

  2. We gotta put an end to this former Packer thing… Longwell, Favre, Jennings… OK, now Bostick, but that’s it. I’ll be glad when we are good enough not to need former Packers.

        1. Last I saw he had rape charges in 3 different states. I think he’s sitting in jail waiting for trial but its been a few months since I’ve read anything.

          1. Three different states? I’m a “innocent until proven guilty” guy, but that pushes it to the limit. Don’t see sunshine in his future.

  3. The opening line to this story cracked me up!
    Don’t feel too bad Adam.If I recall correctly my comment at the time was “You nailed it”. I don’t think anyone expected a TE to be part of our off season needs.