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Vikings Fan Spotlight: Paul Feiner, I Love Minnesota Sports

Paul Feiner is a sports fan through and through. Minnesota sports, to be specific. Vikings, Timberwolves, Twins, Wildhe cheers for them all.

And it’s his love for the state’s teams that gave him the idea to create a Facebook page to bring all Minnesota fans onto one platform.

“I Love Minnesota Sports is a better way to follow all your favorite Minnesota teams on Facebook,” Feiner explained. “Only the best links and fan conversations. No ads. No fluff. True fans.”

The page started in June 2013 and grew immediately, attracting fans from all over. It currently has over 16,000 followers, and over 12,000 fans interact on the page weekly.

MNSPORTS screen shot

One of the challenges Feiner took on with the page was creating a logo that would be recognizable as well as versatile for the changing sports seasons.

The I Love Minnesota Sports website says the following about the concept:

“Loyalty has always been at the heart of the best fans. We’re so ready for a winner we can hardly stand it, but the best fans hang in there with their teams. […] we wanted to create an iconic symbol of pride in our state, and in our shared passion for the teams we love. It’s a symbol just as appropriate for a playoff game at Xcel, a tailgate at TCF, or a t-ball game in Maple Grove.”

What he came up with was a clean and trendy icon that now serves as a brand photo.

mnsports logos

So how did Feiner become such a sold-out fan of Minnesota sports, anyway?

Interestingly enough, Feiner isn’t even a native of Minnesota. He was born in Iowa, and his family relocated to the land of 10,000 lakes when he was 10 years old. Being that Iowa has no pro teams, or as Feiner says, “they don’t allow professional sports,” he had no allegiances to an NFL team when he moved. But that all changed soon enough.

“My friend had an Anthony Carter pennant in his room,” Feiner recalls. “One of those where he has a giant head on a tiny body and he’s catching a one-handed touchdown.”

The two boys often threw a football around, and Feiner’s friend regularly “played” Anthony Carter. Feiner was then given the playtime role of Cris Carter, which he says now “was obviously the better end of that deal.”

The Minnesota transplant then watched his first Vikings game, and he says he’s been hooked ever since.

Feiner’s favorite Viking of all time is easily guard Randle McDaniel.

“[McDaniel] quietly dominated at his position like few othersnot just in Vikings history, but in the league’s history. He was that good, and he did at a high level for a long time. Very humble, true greatness.”

Feiner has lots of great memories surrounding all four teams, but his favorite Vikings memory coincides with most of us: the 1998 season. Feiner described the offense as “unforgettable” and expressed that the entire season was a fun ride to join in on. And for those of you who are wondering, he is already planning ahead for his second-favorite Vikings moment, and he’s going on the books now:

“My next favorite memory is when we win the 2018 Super Bowl. Callin it. Mark it down.”

If you would like to chime in with Feiner and thousands of other Minnesota sports fans, make sure to follow I Love Minnesota Sports on Facebook.

Play-by-Play With I Love Minnesota Sports Fans

How Did You Become a MN Sports Fan? “I Was a Packer fan my whole life… followed Favre… then I rooted for Favre whole he was on the Vikings. I got disowned by Packer fans, and Vikings fans welcomed me. Now it’s skol 4 life.” – best answer, ILMS

Who is Your Favorite Vikings Player of All Time? Randy Moss. – most popular answer, ILMS

Favorite Vikings Memory: “AP running wild for 296.” – fan answer, ILMS

Vikings Offseason Goals: “Would like to see us smartly add depth along with at least two quality starters in free agency–ideally, a LG and a WR. Then draft defense in the first round. Shaq Thompson, please.” – Feiner’s answer

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