MORE THAN WORDS: Picking Up Momentum


In the world of Go Fund Me and whatnot, we are used to up-to-the-second updates at our fingertips, but the ongoing results of our “More Than Words” campaign are likely to come more slowly… in the form of weekly updates like this one. We appreciate your patience as we work to track all of the donations being made.

So, cutting to the chase, we are off to a great start and the effort has generated a considerable amount of buzz throughout Vikings nation. Even the great Fran Tarkenton gave the #MoreThanWords campaign a shout out.

The video above was produced by MakeYourName and sent to all of the participating sites to use in conjunction with our competition. Check out the video for an up close look at just what exactly it is that Chad Greenway does within the community and why we have chosen to support him.

Okay, and now for the early results…

No, we have not hit our $10,000 goal yet. Yes, however, we are doing quite well.

All of the five participating sites have raised a combined $1,822 which is an amazing display of generosity from our online community of Vikings faithful. We are amazed at the support that #MoreThanWords is getting and can’t wait to see how how big the impact ends up being at the end of August.

As far as our friendly competition between sites, in which the displayed digital trophy will be awarded, here are the early standings:

This "Digital Trophy" Will Be Awarded To The "Winner"

This “Digital Trophy” Will Be Awarded To The “Winner”

1. Daily Norseman

2. Vikings Territory

3. VikeFans

4. Vikings Corner

5. Vikings Journal

Of course, the competition is one of the most friendly in nature, and it is really all about the bottom line and supporting this worthy cause. Still, it is worth noting to the VT faithful – DN is only leading us by $17 and we can totally win this thing.

One important announcement: There were some possible hiccups in the opening hours of our event, and it is possible some donations that were intended to be credited to a specific site were not due to technical difficulties.

If you donated and have the following initials then your donation did not get credited to a particular site and we can fix that: AG, DB, SM, RB, KQ, and DH. If anyone that has donated to More Than Words wants to contact me I am happy to ensure that your donation was done on behalf of the correct site.

A big “thank you” to everyone that has participated in this effort so far. We have a lot more coverage of the effort ahead of us, with a few exciting announcements, and in the meantime we are relying on all of you to help us spread the word!