Report: Chris Madel Report to Come Out “Soon” and is “Favorable” to Chris Kluwe

According to Mike Freeman at Bleacher Report (formerly of CBS Sports), he’s getting wind of a possible release of the report on the allegations Chris Kluwe raised against special teams coordinator Mike Priefer:

This is honestly better sooner rather than later. Were it released a week before training camp, it would put a pall over the camp and give a little less time for the coaches to react to any changes they’ll be forced to make.

In all likelihood, the Vikings coaching staff has contingency plans in place for whatever the outcome, but giving them lead time before camp would be optimal from a football perspective.

For a perspective on the potential legal ramifications of this incident, take a look here.

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  1. I think this tops whizinator, love boat, and star caps. If it is in Kluwes favor the Vikings response has to be swift and severe.

  2. Here’s what I hope, regardless of the outcome.

    1) Priefer gains some wisdom, whether he said something wrong or not.
    2) The Vikings’ special teams are successful this year and into the future.
    3) Kluwe quiets down after this. Or at least directs his next drama in a different direction.

    I’m glad it’s almost over.

  3. Maybe the NFL needs to codify some rules of common decency to its coaches. The players need to submit to pot-smoking tests, what about coaches? Firing Priefer isn’t enough if he’ll just join another team. He needs a suspension from the NFL, and some sensitivity training classes. Maybe he can sit in on such classes in a local High School – that seems to be the level he’s at emotionally.

    1. Well, maybe. Or…do they have an over sensitivity training class? Maybe Kluwe could sit in on one of those. If there isn’t one…there should be.

      1. Kluwe oversensitive? IF what Kluwe said is true then what Priefer said was really evil. Round them all up on an island and nuke it until it glows. I’m not gay but when any group of people are supposed to be rounded up and killed i’m bothered by that. That’s not funny and we shouldn’t be a bunch of homers. I’m not sure if what Kluwe claims is true but if so he was not being too sensitive. Not funny at all on Priefer’s part and he should grow up.

        1. Adam…Kluwe didn’t make a sound about this til he got cut from the Raiders. If it bothered him that much, why wait so long? Why is he the only one? Blair Walsh has came out and defended Priefer. I think Kluwe wants revenge. He waited because to him playing in the NFL meant more to him than what Priefer said pissed him off. So…I take that as – It is what it is. Does this mean no more Packer jokes? Making fun of a wife or dog getting hit because some hillbilly’s team lost?
          I respect your opinion Adam…but just don’t agree. Words are words…and they can hurt people. But at the end of the day…they are words. I’m of the mindset some people these days are to sensitive to them. I really doubt Priefer would push the button to nuke gay people. Reading between the lines here, Priefer was probably tired of Kluwe running his mouth about his mission to stop gay discrimination. And said something….if he said “that” then it was a poor choice. Maybe he thinks being gay is wrong…maybe it’s how he feels. Coach Frazier didn’t fire him over it, most everyone agrees Frazier is a good man. I just think if it was that big a deal, say something about it soon. Quit the team…do something! No, he waited what? over a year? Continued playing for a guy like that?

  4. The fundamental problem here is that Chris Kluwe is a self-absorbed, self-promoting jerk, all other issues aside, who suddenly rediscovered his conviction after it was obvious that no other team was going to pick him up and pay him big money for marginal skills. So then he launched his principled crusade to get revenge.

    Whatever the report says is Priefer’s problem, and he is a big boy; I suspect he merely talked the same way as most assistant coaches did in the locker rooms. Hopefully the results also provide Kluwe no benefit whatsoever.

    1. Your comments demonstrate a shocking lack of awareness…culturally speaking. You seem to at least have enough self-awareness to name yourself appropriately. But does an old, cranky, out-of-touch person realize that the “same way” (as you put it) is GOING AWAY?

      1. If he truly is old and cranky and out of touch and his “same way” is “going away” then you seem to be at the wrong blog, because his comment has 5 thumbs up and yours has 5 thumbs down.

        Wait, 6.

          1. Wow, you leatherhead homers are even dumber than I thought. I’m a big Viking fan but live in the REAL world…and it’s MUCH bigger than “Viking Territory”…. So if you think I’m discouraged because 13 losers-with-no-life voted “thumbs down” then you’re probably not even worth wasting my breath on. Bottom-line: For all of you who think that the culture (even in the NFL) is NOT changing….I’ve got a bridge to sell you. Wake up. And grow up too, while you’re at it…

    2. Priefer joking about rounding all of one type of people up and having them killed isn’t funny or decent. I’m sorry you find it tolerable and find Kluwe more at fault for being a drama queen, which he is, over Priefer not acting like a decent human being that I want representing my team. I’m not OK with it, and if what Kluwe said is true I sincerely hope they fire Priefer for it. Learn what the coach said before you call his player oversensitive. Maybe I just don’t appreciate a good joke about genocide when I hear one. Those are always funny. I guess as long as they are talking about killing someone else it’s funny. I’m sure if Tony Dungy joked about rounding up all the white people and nuking them then that wouldn’t be near as acceptable to you. Kluwe isn’t the fundamental problem. Ignorance is.

    1. Ya think? No way…old Bert had the whole country watching. Who really cares about a punter who can’t make a team?

      1. That’s the thing, were talking about a punter. What happened to the days when they just kicked the ball and ate Snickers.

  5. Time to put it out there and get on with things. The Vikings were hell bent on keeping Priefer so here we are wallowing in this. Just time to get moving on and let the chips fall where they will.