2014 Minnesota Vikings: Practice Squad Update—Three Enter, One Leaves

The Minnesota Vikings announced earlier today that they made three moves in relation to their practice squad, (re)signing receiver Donte Foster and quarterback Chandler Harnish, known to Vikings fans (sort of) and a new player, safety Pierre Warren of Jacksonville State—a rookie.

Because the Vikings had room to sign two, not three, they needed to cut someone from their practice squad. In this case, it was the ever-popular McLeod John Baltazar Bethel-Thompson.

Player Position
Josh Kaddu Linebacker
Chris Greenwood Cornerback
Kain Colter Wide Receiver
Zac Kerin Center
Isame Faciane Defensive Tackle
Justin Trattou Defensive End
Pierre Warren Safety
Donte Foster Wide Receiver
Ryan Otten Tight End
Chandler Harnish Quarterback

The Vikings cut Foster for Chandler Harnish on September 29th. Now they can join the practice squad together.

Of the ten practice squad players, five were not at Vikings camp. Pierre Warren, the latest unknown, had a well-rated preseason, both by Pro Football Focus and the New Orleans media. PFF gave him a +2.3 grade, and he played 170 snaps overall, with only one negative grade (the third game; he played in every game). His grade in coverage (+1.3) was higher than his grade in run defense (+0.9) and he largely played free safety for the Saints.

Scouting report from


Good size and arm length. Nice athleticism and range. Flashes the ability play off the hash, get over the top and break up throws. Productive on the ball, including five INTs as a junior.


Keeps his eyes glued to the backfield and is vulnerable to quarterback manipulation. Raw recognition, instincts and anticipation. Lasso/grab-and-drag tackler. Turns down some contact. Did not test well — average timed speed, pedestrian shuttle and three-cone times and poor strength (eight bench press reps). Marginal pro-day positional workout.


Priority free agent


Lean, long-armed, finesse free safety who left I-AA JSU a year early despite his status as a fringe prospect. At his best in deep zone coverage, but deficient strength, physicality and instincts will turn some teams off, and he does not project as a core special-teams contributor.

There aren’t many of them out there.

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  1. I heard last week MTB was really struggling trying to learn Turner’s offence. This wasn’t a surprise to me.

  2. I had wondered if picking up the offense was an issue for him and when Harnish got the call up last week I kinda figured the writing was on the wall. To bad, the guy had a cannon but the mental side is the number one priority. Harnish will be an interesting guy to watch for next year.

  3. Glad to see Isame still on the list. Best chef on the team, and a good tackle too. Looking forward to more recipes, and any sacks will be a plus.