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2014 Minnesota Vikings: Browns Claim WR Rodney Smith

In order to make room last night for quarterback Chandler Harnish, the Vikings waived Rodney Smith, who was subject to the waiver process and could be claimed by any team. The Browns submitted a waiver claim and were awarded Rodney Smith, meaning that the Vikings will have to look elsewhere to fill their final two practice squad spots (or one, assuming Harnish is signed to the practice squad).

The Browns waived receiver Laron Byrd to make room for Smith.

This means that the Vikings functionally swapped tall receivers with the Browns, because the Vikings recently signed Charles Johnson off of Cleveland’s practice squad.

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  1. i’ve been looking at puppy and kitten pictures for 24 hours to try and wash that game out of my memory. doesn’t work

  2. Rodney Smith will now go on to be a 10-time All Pro.
    That’s just how the Minnesota Vikings roll.

  3. The Vikings waive Smith to bring in Harnish, then waive Harnish to bring up Line. Changes are in the wind. I don’t know who but the Viking’s are not utilizing Felton in the games very much. I thought Norv might give him some runs and a try at catching some passes.

  4. Jeff Dugan – Tanned, rested, ready to save the season and to become the first Super Bowl MVP in Vikings history

    It’ll never happen. SpielMullen hates people who have better fake tans than him.
    FYI, Dugan’s fake tan is mostly real. He uses “Alabaster Ghost” sunscreen