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Bradley Randle, No Longer A Viking, But Still A Fan Favorite

If Bradley Randle  becomes an NFL player with a great and long career it won’t be because it came easy.  If he doesn’t, it won’t be because he didn’t feel the love from the fans in Minnesota.

The little firecracker of a running back should consider giving lessons to other professional athletes on how to gain popularity within a fan base.  By being incredibly accessible to the fans via Twitter, and always willing to talk about Vikings football with the little guys (like us), Randle quickly became a favorite of Vikings fans despite never seeing regular season action.

The Vikings invested a third round selection on running back Jerrick McKinnon after retaining Matt Asiata.  The even sniffed around the likes of LaRod Stephens-Howling according to the rumor mill.  After the Draft, the Vikings wasted little time in cutting Randle loose, which resulted in an outpouring of disappointment from Vikings fans.

As if being released (again) by the Vikings weren’t enough to see Randle look elsewhere for a contract, surely watching them draft a young running back would have him facing facts, right?  Well, apparently not.

Randle continued to make himself a hero to Vikings fans on Tuesday when he revealed he actually turned down a tryout opportunity with the Packers because of his love for the Vikings.

The kid either has reason to believe he will be rejoining the Vikings again soon or he is truly a rebel like his Twitter handle suggests.  Perhaps maybe, just maybe, he’s just a little insane.

Whatever the case may be, though, he is certainly loyal and continuing to earn brownie points with the purple faithful.

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Adam Warwas

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    1. wow, this guy’s like a player-fan. loyal to a fault. something about a nose and spite come to mind

  1. I love this guy! I know life long Viking fans who don’t love the Vikings this much. You can’t help but pull for this kid. Where do I get a #38 jersey. I wish him nothing but the best and Skol to you Mr. Randle.

  2. Randle truly is a Rebel in more ways than one (UNLV). Awesome to see someone from my alma mater representing the Vikings so well. Even though they may not be a member of the team at this specific moment.

    1. Fran, that article is about McKinnon. Good article, wrong dude. I’m not gonna speculate as to what went wrong…
      Nah, why not. You were hittin’ the scotch a bit too much? Or maybe your fat fingers got in the way? Or could be time for some new spectacles.

  3. I too dig Cordarrelle, he seems like a good kid. And very talented, Ricky did well on that pick.