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Minnesota Vikings: Teddy Bridgewater Fourth In Jersey Sales

I understand that this story breaks your heart, but Teddy Bridgewater has only ranked fourth in jersey sales, as of noon yesterday.

Obviously, this is a travesty that needs to be fixed.

I mean, even from an aesthetic perspective, just look at them:

Teddy Bridgewater Jersey

Works of art.

On the other hand, the jerseys beating out Teddy H20 are Johnny Manziel, Michael Sam and Jadeveon Clowney. You’d think I’d understand and be sympathetic—after all, Manziel is the most exciting college player since Cam and before that, Tebow. Michael Sam holds extraordinary cultural significance. Jadeveon Clowney was the first pick in the draft.

But screw that. Have you seen their jerseys? I won’t publish that filth on this blog.


No need to disappoint our dapper young quarterback of the future.

Dapper Young Man

If you’re not the kind of person who is into buying rookie jerseys (at NFL Shop), which I understand—people have asked me about whether or not they should buy Ponder, Patterson or Rhodes jerseys and I told them to hold off—you could always invest in one of the snazzy New Era Hats that both he and Anthony Barr were wearing, or the even snazzier mod they have in the NFL Shop. It seems that the NFL has a deal with New Era, as the “2014 Draft Cap” collection is the only hat that these new draft picks have been seen in.

Snazzier Mod

I’m not typically a corporate shill (though that Subway post was too cool to pass up), but these hats (if you’re into the flat/wide brim style) have reflective material, that reveal a mosaic of the team logo and words when exposed to a camera flash or other high-intensity light.

New Era Hats

I don’t know, man. I just hate losing. Even if it’s a jersey sale contest.

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  1. Those flat, wide brims make anyone wearing them look like a cartoon character. Give me a traditional ball cap any day. I’ve collected about 30 through the years.

    1. Yea, they aren’t for everybody. The other hats in the collection are traditional ball caps, just like the ones Teddy and Anthony were wearing.

  2. Ha! Just when I was thinking even-handed, numbers-based impartiality resolutely ruled your every word, the true PURPLE HOMER you really are stands revealed!
    Luv your stuff — don’t you ever dare to go to Dallas, or the Bright Lights on the Coasts and leave us without the smartest football mind and best writer on the Web bar none.
    [BTW: Did you see MEL KIPer junior’s B- draft grade? Go school him.]

    1. you must’ve missed arif’s reaction on twitter when TB was drafted

      with all our new traffic here, maybe adam can put the squeeze on somebody to have a jersey give-away

  3. I just might have to get me a Bridewater jersey.
    I wonder if Cassel is second guessing not signing with the Texans right about now???
    Holding a clipboard behind Bridgewater in Minnesota doesn’t look nearly as good as starting ahead of Fitzpatrick, Savage, Keenum and Yates in Houston.

  4. I bought one, and then I canceled it. I doubt that helped the sales numbers … but I’ll eventually get one anyways