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2014 Minnesota Vikings: Anthony Barr is Made of Vegetables

Anthony Barr may be known to you as an explosive pass rusher with off-ball potential as a linebacker, but in other circles he is food.

I don’t mean he is prey for other players on the field, I mean there is literally a bust made of food of him.

As part of a Subway promotion to unveil Anthony Barr as a “Subway Famous Fan” along with Eric LeGrand (of Rutgers fame), they created a “life size” bust of food (which looks a little larger than life size).

He is made of food
He is made of food


More than 12 pounds of Subway vegetables were used to make Anthony Barrway, and made by artist James Victor of Conshohocken, Pennsylvania.




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  1. Now I want me some Subway. Lost in all the hupla last night, I don’t think any of us talked about how Zimmer and Spielman projected Barr as a strong side backer in the new scheme. That is where Greenway has been playing his whole career, so there could be a position switch coming there, maybe even to the middle.

  2. That’s nice but anyone who eats Subway as a healthy choice is screwing themselves.

  3. Subway sound good right now.

    Dan, I think in the early part of the season you will see Greenway mentor Barr. Greenway has already restructured his deal and said he is willing to move to weakside or middle. Cole has worked middle and weakside… and says Zimmer’s linbackers spot are somewhat interchangeable.

    Brinkley, Mauti, Cole, Hodges and a couple rookies will get most or the early camp work at middle and weakside.

    Greenway doesn’t need move right away, however I do think the Vikings will want to get Barr and Greenway on the field together as soon as they can.

    I just think camp and preseason would be a great time to let Greenway teach Barr a few things at the strongside position.

    1. I’m sure they will be looking to Greenway to mentor all of these young guys in that group, Greenway will be learning a new scheme himself though. I think the scheme change will be good for the collective group.

  4. Yes well the Vikings will need to cough up the dough, the bread, the lettuce and the cheddar to sign him, and hopefully Barr will provide the meat and make a lot of quarterback sandwiches.

  5. Wait, does Barr have some affiliation with Subway or was this just a sammy chain trying to raise some eyebrows?