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2014 Minnesota Vikings: Adrian Peterson’s Hearing with Commissioner Scheduled for Monday

Both ProFootballTalk and Jay Glazer both reported that the expedited non-injury grievance hearing for Adrian Peterson will be scheduled on November 17th, the Monday after the Vikings’ game against the Chicago Bears. That the NFL waited the longest possible amount of time the CBA allows to grant the hearing is a little disingenuous, but it allows the NFL to collect all of the information they feel they don’t have but need in order to make a ruling on his suspension as soon as they need to lift the exemption on Peterson.

As PFT reported, the hearing will likely not take long and the arbitrator will not have to use all five of his allotted days to come to the conclusion that the NFL breached the written agreement it had made with Peterson to restore his roster status as soon as his legal issues ran their course. Even if the arbiter took all of his allotted time, Peterson would be theoretically active in time for the home game against the Packers in two weeks, though it would more likely mean that the NFL would be forced to roll out its punishment of Peterson then.

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  1. Maybe they waited until after the Chicago game so there would be 6 games left and they would suspend him 6 games.

  2. This is stupid. Just make a decision and get on with it. What information do they need to collect? Peterson agreed with the prosecution’s version of events! It’s not like they need to dig for the truth, and even if they did they’ve had months to do it. Oh wait, I forgot, they’ve been busy trying to make is all forget rhe way they tried to cover up domestic violence incidents for their players.

    1. apparently a good administrator, loves football; would embarrass holy crap out of any domestic abuse perp, I imagine. Probably even wants the job, pays better than professor does. And not afraid to make decisions.

  3. this smells. they’ve had weeks to look in to this. forcing their hand seems ‘convenient’

    so, on to the bears and we roll with the RBs we have, which has been ok. just hope we can jump on jay quitter early

  4. After much thought I think I’ve grasped the feelings and emotions of the AD situation.
    I feel, now that the legal situation is resolved, AD’s case can kind of be compared to that of Ray Lewis. As far as being a potential HOFer and punishment from the legal system not matching the offense in the public’s eye (not the offenses themselves). I’m sure some people will or do feel AD is ‘getting off lightly’ as far as punishment and what the conviction ended up being as a result of his plea agreement.

    In ray Lewis’ case it was widespread belief that he ‘got off’ completely. And, the charges he agreed to (including obstruction of justice, and should’ve included evidence tampering) were actually far more serious than those AD has been convicted of. Not to mention the original charges.

    Minnesota, Viking’s Nation, should really sit back and think about what they will be achieving by basically exiling AD from and out of MN. I totally understand AD losing his own sponsors and private advertising contracts. However, I don’t understand or agree with outside entities trying to control the situation by pulling sponsorship from the team as a penalty for letting him come back. There are obvious union and labor laws at play here, and to force the team into cutting an asset in ridiculous in my mind.
    Agreeing that AD should be allowed to play or come back with his team is in NO way approving of child abuse or endorsing AD’s conduct IMHO.

    1. While I understand where you are coming from,there is something that maybe you don’t understand,and that is the golden rule of marketing,”Image is Everything”.
      Different organisations have their own view on how far they will go to stick to that rule,but many take a “guilt by association” outlook,so therefore want nothing to do with Peterson or any entity that can be connected with him,and that is the problem with your last statement concerning the fact that allowing Peterson back on the team in NO way approves of child abuse.Many will contend that in fact it DOES condone child abuse,and the fact that his punishment was perceived as lenient compared to what was touted as possible outcomes in the media when the case first broke,further complicates the issue for some people.
      In my opinion,the legal system has dealt with the issue so it is done,Peterson should be allowed to play.Unfortunately such a simplistic,and in many ways logical viewpoint,doesn’t work for corporate sponsors and those who rely on said sponsors for survival.Why is this so? Because,image is everything.

      1. While not being completely oblivious to marketing strategies and corporations ‘protecting their image’, I feel the damage is already done. So, what I was trying to drive at is: If the image is damaged already, what is accomplished by not allowing him back in MN? That image remains engraved in history. If he repairs himself and his image with another team, why couldn’t he in MN? What’s wrong with MN that players always get arrested and can be OK elsewhere? The best possible outcome for everybody is for AD to repair his image while in MN.

  5. really wanna see kalil do well against allen this sunday. both need a good game, should be a good match up to watch

    1. The way Kalil has been playing, and as poorly as J. Allen has been playing, I’m still thinking Allen is going have Teddy running for his life all day.

      1. wouldn’t surprise me

        apparently, the bears have now gone soft and will give up if we jump on ’em early. if so, then we can run it and give TB a break in the second half. this season is about change and improvement, and i’d really like to see kalil improve. we need him

  6. I think Barr will be critically important in this game as well, maybe even more than usual. His pass rush ability is always a factor, but I think his ability to help limit what Matt Forte can do underneath will be invaluable. If Cutler is under pressure and the dink and dunk stuff isn’t working, he will inevitably start forcing throws that he shouldn’t even be thinking about attempting.

  7. ^^How can they start the punishment process before he he is reinstated into the league? And, why would a lawyer tell his client to attend and potentially agree to terms BEFORE a pending legal action is resolve re: the grievance. The author in the ESPN article suggests this meeting was more important than the hearing on Monday. That’s BS. Again, how can you hand out punishment while someone is currently NOT in the league? Seems like NFL lawyers offering something they know AD’s lawyers wouldn’t let him partake in in order to gain PR for their image of trying to resolve the issue. If he would’ve attended and agreed to something, I wonder if it could compromise his grievance anyways.

  8. The NFLPA screwed up by allowing the NFL carte blanche on disciplinary matters in the CBA.The NFLPA have realised they screwed up and are now trying to correct that but the league is not interested,so Peterson is caught in a power struggle.One of the biggest grey areas in this whole process is the “Commisioners Exempt List” which nobody seemed to have a strong understanding about when it was first announced.I am now interpreting that “exemption” as meaning “the Commisioner can use you as a puppet and do whatever he wants”