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2014 Minnesota Vikings: Adrian Peterson Loses Appeal Over Exempt List

Shyam Das, the arbitrator in the hearing over Adrian Peterson’s time on the Exempt/Commissioner’s List, has ruled in the NFL’s favor. This hearing determined whether or not the NFL violated a contractual agreement with Adrian Peterson when they didn’t take him off the exempt list; this has nothing to do with Adrian Peterson’s current appeal about his discipline, but entirely about the fact that the NFL didn’t take Adrian Peterson off of the exempt list when he pled no contest to an assault charge.

The arbitrator ruled that the NFL “failed to establish” the NFL violated the letter agreement or the CBA by keeping him on the list. This means that instead of being active while the appeals process for his suspension goes through, Peterson will not count towards the Vikings’ roster or be eligible to be activated on game day.

I suppose the wording of the signed letter did not match the NFLPA’s insistence that there was a clear violation of good faith.

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  1. it’s time for the union to call a strike. One game. Goodell only understands money. It’s time for all the players to work together to control this tyrant.

  2. During all our crappy years just about the only thing exciting about Vikings football was watching AP break a long run. Just like Detroit in the Sanders years. Gonna be hard to watch for the near future, like 2 years or so.
    And the NFL itself is just pissing me off.
    AP goes to Dallas and is a *reformed and redeemed* man — hallelujah. Has a couple monster seasons behind that line. I can just see it now. What a joke. As if Texas in general and Dallas in particular isn’t about 100x more corrupt even than the Twin Cities.