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2014 Minnesota Vikings: NT Linval Joseph Struck by Stray Bullet

Shortly after the Minnesota Vikings’ preseason win against the Oakland Raiders, Linval Joseph was struck by a stray bullet in 400 Soundbar in downtown Minneapolis, per the team. The bullet “grazed” his calf, and the team is characterizing it as “minor”. The team released the following statement:

“The entire Vikings organization is extremely thankful that Linval was not seriously hurt, and our thoughts are with all of the victims of this shooting. The team will defer any further comment to the Minneapolis Police Department during its ongoing investigation.”

Linval was taken immediately to a hospital, where he was treated and released. He is expected to return to the team this week.

According to the Pioneer Press, several people were involved in the incident though the police believe there is only one shooter. Police were called over at 1:50 AM, and among the several people who suffered gunshot wounds, two are in critical condition but expected to survive.

The police will hold a press conference shortly.

UPDATE: According to Ben Goessling, we can expect to see him in games within two weeks.


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  1. Whew!, narrow escape!
    Anybody know how he did in the game he just played in?
    Didn’t some other fellows play in a game yesterday?

    1. I agree.. VT in need of a splash reporter for people who don’t go on twitter this is where they come to talk. Love the analysis and the profiles.

    1. Lot of good things happen after midnight. Bad things too. Worn out platitude suggesting Joseph did something wrong.

  2. Used to work at that hospital. Seen a TON of tragedy and loss of life, or changed lives in those 10 years. Glad LJ is safe, but sad for the families of those less fortunate. Not that any players did anything wrong, but maybe this will help them choose their venues with more carefulness.

  3. I hope he knows now what places to avoid. This was way too close to a Malik Sealy situation.

  4. I was sure glad to see the secondary looks vastly improved. Man, those guys were sure moving around a lot, disguising coverages. I loved the movement of Barr on his sack.
    Several players stood out to me;
    Cole, Captain, Barr and Coleman, to name a few.
    If Thielen keeps playing this way, he’ll make the team.

    Mckinnon.looked good too. Cassel looked sharp. And Patterson looked fantastic!
    Can’t imagine how much better we’ll be with AD in the game. Total different looking offense with Turner running the show.

    Not real impressed with the D-line. Robison looked good as always, Was Sharrif Floyd even in the game? If the secondary is as good as they seem to be and we can get our D-line working, this defense will work over a lot of teams.
    Man! I’m STOKED!

    1. yeah, not too bad, fran, but i’m not gonna get overly-excited yet, it was just pre-season, and it was just the raiders. good signs, though, and no big injuries

      1. Yeah, I know Cal. I always get a little too excited too early.
        But I’m telling you, this team is WAY different then it’s been in years.
        That’s what excites me the most. No more Cover 2 and Norval has the O.
        Great things could be in store for this team in the next couple years.

    2. Not so much as a mention of the offensive line, Fran. Zip, nada, nothin’. What, pray tell, has been going on around here?? I didn’t see the game, so I counted on you for the most important report to be had. O-line report? Anybody?

      1. I don’t have near the eye you do as far as evaluating the O-line. The very first drive was as crisp of a series I have seen in many years and the O-line was a big part of that. Here is what another blogger had to say on another site (Since none of the ‘bloggers’ here saw the game, apparently);

        The first team offensive line looked downright dominant at times. Brandon Fusco played a great game at right guard and held down the right side very well with Phil Loadholt. We saw a couple silly penalties from the offensive line, especially Matt Kalil, but overall this unit played just as well as you would hope they would.

        1. Thanks Fran. When the QB has time for his reads and the RB is able to get his speed up, the o-line is playing well.