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The Other Guys: Ross, Nelson, and Clausen

Welcome to my first installment of what I am hoping to be a regular feature here at Vikings Territory.  Essentially, “The Other Guys” is an effort to take a look at the other teams in the NFC North and see what is happening with them.  After all, they are enemy number one, and our success can often directly correlate with their failure.


It sounds like the acquisition of Golden Tate had more to do with his talents as a wide out than what he can offer on special teams.  Only Dexter McCluster saw more punt returns last season than Tate did, but he has already conceded that the position still belongs to incumbent Jeremy Ross.  Additionally, Reggie Bush likes to think he has “graduated” from his return duty days and doesn’t plan on picking that habit back up anytime soon.  The news about Ross and his stronghold on the return man gig in Detroit is perhaps the first position battle in the league to sort itself out this offseason.


Vikings fans would love to see a talented and dangerous player like Jordy Nelson create a little drama west-of-the-border.  We’d like to see him clamoring for a new contract, threatening to hold out, or at least saying how he’ll test the free agent market when it comes to that.  Instead, Nelson is throwing leverage out of the outhouse and proclaiming his love for the Green and Gold.  Nelson doesn’t mince words and it sounds like he’ll do everything he can to stay with the organization beyond this season.


The latest quarterback to join the NFC North is a very interesting one, even if it is unlikely that he’s here for very long.  Behind Jay Cutler the Bears now employ quarterbacks Jordan Palmer, David Fales, Jerrod Johnson, and the newly signed Jimmy Clausen.  Clausen was once a very polarizing prospect that some considered in consideration for the number one overall pick while others thought he should go undrafted.  He ended up being selected by Carolina in the second round out of Notre Dame.  His career was derailed in part by poor performances, but the selection of Cam Newton meant he never got much of a chance to improve on his first impressions, and now he is struggling for a roster spot on a team where he is highly unlikely to see any action.

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  1. Clausen was once a very polarizing prospect that some considered in consideration for the number one overall pick…
    Not sure who would have considered him a top pick.

    1. I remember hearing he (Clausen) was the next Joe Montana, there was a lot of hype surrounding this kid when he came out. For not really accomplishing anything great in college ( he did put up some good numbers, but didn’t receive much individual recognition or play in any big games) some of the speculation on him got pretty crazy. Well at least he’s still in the NFL (for now), unlike the QB that got drafted before him (Tebow).