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Minnesota Vikings: Scott Studwell Steps Down as Director of Scouting

Vikings legend Scott Studwell announced today that he is stepping down as the Vikings Director of College Scouting, but not leaving the Vikings. He wants to spend more time with his family and cut down on the extensive travel time associated with scouting players across the country, but will continue to remain “a big part of the draft process,” according to Sid Hartman at the Star Tribune.

Instead, Jamaal Stephenson—NFC scout of the year of 2012 and former Assistant Director of College Scouting—will step up in his place. Stephenson has previously worked with Norv Turner when they were both with the Washington Redskins as a scouting assistant (along with Charlie Casserly). He was a part of the team when they made the famous 1999 trade with the New Orleans Saints that netted the Redskins two first-round picks, two third-round picks, a fourth, a fifth, a sixth and a seventh. The Saints got Ricky Williams. The Redskins used a lot of those picks as trade assets, and ended up with Champ Bailey and LaVar Arrington, as well as a number of other useful starters.


Jamaal Stephenson and Zygi Wilf as they receive their respective awards (2012 NFC Scout of the Year and the 2012 Fritz Pollard Alliance Award)
Jamaal Stephenson and Zygi Wilf as they receive their respective awards (2012 NFC Scout of the Year and the 2012 Fritz Pollard Alliance Award)

This will be Stephenson’s 13th year with the Vikings. Stephenson was promoted to Asst. Director of College Scouting in 2009. Before the Vikings, he (and Casserly) were with the Texans—he for only two years as the College Administrator and also served as the area scout for Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana.

In college, at Brown University, he was a defensive back and in his final two years was recognized as an All-Ivy honoree. In that final year, he also won Brown’s “Unsung Hero” award. After that, he coached defensive backs at UMass before the Redskins hired him.

Scott Studwell is excited to remain a part of the team and still be a big part of the decisionmaking process. Studwell has been a part of the Vikings organization since 1977, first as a phenomenal linebacker drafted in the ninth round from Illinois, then as an executive.

He continues to hold the Vikings record for career tackles (1,981) and season tackles (230) as well as holding the single-game record (24). He also holds each of the defensive tackle and solo tackle records as well. After retiring in 1990, he spent a year as the Vikings Assistant to the President/Player Relations before he was named the Player Personnel Coordinator from 1992-2001. He then was named the Director of College Scouting in 2002, a position he has held until today. He is one of five former Vikings players to have played in 200 games as a Viking.

To honor him and his service to the Vikings (though he is not leaving), here’s the Vikings’ “50 Greatest Vikings” video below:

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  1. Glad he is not leaving The Vikings! He was an inspiration to me as a young football player!

  2. hmm, “spend more time with his family” is often a red herring. hope everything’s ok, and hope we don’t get a drop off in scouting

  3. Wow!. I know being on the road must be a grind. Do not blame him for wanting to spend more time at home. I hope it has nothing to do with any health reasons.

  4. I loved the blood on his thighs. Every game there would be blood on his thighs. He’d come out of the tunnel before the opening kickoff with blood on his thighs. My favorite Studhell tackle was him moving lateral to his left at full speed, leaving his feet to launch himself at the running back and using a right handed round house punch to tackle the runner. Penalty! I went nutts, screaming, yelling and eventually deciding not to punch or cut myself.

  5. Thanks for everything Scott. Great player, great scout. Pretty cool Barr will be wearing #55…lot to live up to kid. I hope you can!