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Mike Singletary No Longer Doing Whatever It Was He Did

The Leslie Frazier era in Vikings history will be described in history books as, well… so forgettable that it probably won’t be mentioned in history books.  That’s just the truth of it.

There were some shrouds of mystery during Frazier’s tenure as head coach, however, and one of those was the decision to hire his former teammate and close friend Mike Singletary.  Singletary was a linebackers coach and special assistant to Frazier, but his contract expires at the end of January, and he said he plans to leave the team.  He may not have had a choice with a new regime settling in, but Singletary told the Pioneer Press this was going to be his decision whether or not Frazier was fired.

Singletary’s role with the Vikings often perplexed fans and the local beat writers.particularly prior to Fred Pagac’s promotion to defensive coordinator, and his unit has certainly not performed well since Pagac’s departure.

Singletary did say that he met with newly hired head coach Mike Zimmer and noted that he’s “been a good coach for a long time.”

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. See ya Singletary…it’s like you were never here.
    Where the hell is BJohnny? Purple Charlie and Tomb? Haven’t seen those dudes around here in a while…Chime in any time.

    1. Carters,

      If you’d like to find Tombs, just make a comment concerning the fact that Liberals are ruining the fabric of this great nation of ours, and he will surely reply.

      Freds thinks BJohnny and Charles went to Disney world.

          1. I’m with you on that too. Vote Tea Party candidates only and we’ll fix this Country.
            There, if that doesn’t get a comment from Tomb we better all start getting ready for the obituary notice.

      1. Wait, what? For real? Johnny please email me. Tell me why you think that. You have not been blocked, or anyone else for that matter. I just assumed you were doing your annual offseason take-a-break.

      2. You’ve been blocked? Sorry to hear that Johnny…good to hear from you tho. Hope all is well.
        Maybe Adam should be hired as the new O-Line coach!

  2. Dear Hack Blogger,

    Mark Wilf used Mike Singletary as his personal guinea pig for the unregulated hyperthyroid medication he needs to take. With Singletary leaving, don’t be surprised to see Al Noga chugging, what appears to be cough syrup, in the owners suite next season

  3. Thanks Adam, that headline made me almost spit my coffee out. Talk about a guy that had no impact….linebacker play has been a glaring weakness since he got here.

    1. another –

      from article:

      When he was my defensive coordinator and position coach with the Dallas Cowboys in 2005, I remember watching game film with him one afternoon in his office. I can’t remember who the upcoming opponent was, but I remember sitting there quietly listening to him talk through calls as each play ran on the projector screen.

      I felt like I had a front-row seat to his game-day thought process, as he was essentially thinking out loud. And it wasn’t the defensive calls he was making that I found overly impressive. Anyone who “knows” football can run through a call sheet and match it up with the corresponding game situation. But what I found uncanny was his ability to correctly and specifically predict what each offensive play would be, one after another.

      After about 25-30 plays of him making offensive predictions with roughly 90 percent accuracy, I called “bull-s–t” and told him he had either watched this tape a dozen times already or that he was simply reading the offensive plays from his monitor.

      So he offered to switch seats with me. I sat in his chair in front of the monitor and pulled up the archives to search for a film of that week’s opponent that wasn’t part of the regular six-to-eight-game breakdown that most teams evaluate each week during the season. I randomly selected a game from early the previous season, hit play, and watched him work his magic. After watching a series or two to get a feel for the game, he started reciting the ensuing offensive plays again, one after another.

      Finally, I told him he was showing off. His response: “Nope. I’ve just got these bleepers down.” And that he did. I began to think of Zim as a defensive coordinator with an offensive coordinator’s mind. Like I said — this guy knows football.

    1. I totally agree CAL. Looks like he was a little nervous at the beginning but he quickly git it going. There is just something about this guy when you hear him talk that makes you feel like “don’t worry, things are going to be okay”. He is definitely driven that’s for sure. KUDOS to Spielman and the Wilf’s. I may be bias but I think we have had the best HC hire out of everybody.

  4. Haha I was youtubing and found the highlights of ADs game where he set the single game record for yards and I noticed the HC for the Chargers was none other than Norv Turner. Bet he relishes the thought of designing plays for AD.

  5. Adam, this is just weird. I just tried to email you again from your contact us link at the bottom and the email just disappeared exactly like my comments were doing. Any thoughts?

  6. I think we are going to find that his football knowledge base on the offensive side of the ball is a lot better than we initially thought. All signs point to this being a great hire, I like what this guy stands for and hope he is given what he needs to be successful.

    1. Unbelievable decision by McCaron to bypass the game, especially after ended his college career with two straight losses. Its Garappolo’s gain, he got the invite in McCarron’s place. It would not surprise me at all if Garrappolo ends up being the 5th QB off the board when things are all said and done. He did a nice job in the Shrine game today, he’s going to need some time to develope, but that quick release he has is ridiculous. There’s a lot to like about him.

  7. Just read Norv Turner officially named OC. I’m most anxious to see who comes up for DC.

  8. Yeah I’ve heard that name too, Charlie. It seems pretty apparent that Zimmer will get a guy with a much more aggressive approach than we had this year, and I’m all for that.

  9. norv turner is a better OC than HC, and having HC experience should take a lot of pressure off of zimmer. george edwards will probably be more of an ‘assistant DC’ to zimmer running the defense, as he referred to the D as ‘his baby’. edwards will first be shown how to run the team’s video projector, and how to make coffee at winter park, then he’ll be given his weekly talking points for his DC pressers, and he’ll enjoy his title in name only and paycheck very much, thank you