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2014 Minnesota Vikings: Vikings Announce Preseason Schedule

The Minnesota Vikings have announced their preseason schedule, and it’s about as interesting as you’d expect.

Dates aren’t nailed down, but the general outline of the schedule reveals that the Vikings will play the Oakland Raiders, Arizona Cardinals, Kansas City Chiefs and Tennessee Titans in that order. The first two games are at home (August 7-9 and August 14-16) and the next two games are away (August 21-23 and August 28-29).

For what it’s worth, it will be good to see Norv Turner’s offense against one of the best defenses from last year in the game that has the largest percentage of snaps nominally given to starters, traditionally (the third game, against the Chiefs). The Chiefs also have an efficient offense with great running talent, but questions after departures on their offensive line and a smart, but safe quarterback. The revamped Vikings defense will get their first run at a decent offense in this context.

All that said, we’re probably going to be way to excited about a player who is going to get cut no matter what we like about him.

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  1. Gino Toretta comes in in a mop-up role and leads the 4th Q 2 minute offense down the field!

  2. Pretty good preseason schedule, first game warm up, second really great D, third balanced, followed by the infamous throw away game.