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2014 Minnesota Vikings: Vikings Announce 3-Game Suspension for Jerome Simpson

The Minnesota Vikings have announced that the NFL has upheld its three-game ban of Jerome Simpson for his arrest while on probation. Simpson, who for much of the season was the Vikings’ receiving leader last year, finished the year with 726 receiving yards but only one touchdown. Of note, his efficiency was not all that different, at the end of the year, from Greg Jennings or Cordarrelle Patterson—each had 1.61 yards per pass route run (45th of 94 receivers).

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He will be allowed to resume practice with the Vikings starting September 22. In the mean time, it’s generally expected that this opens another spot for a wide receiver on the roster, presumably Adam Thielen or Rodney Smith, who have finished the preseason in excellent form.

Jerome Simpson’s violation is generally understood to be a DUI, but he was actually convicted for careless driving and refusing to submit to a chemical test, though he was initially charged with a DUI instead of careless driving. This occurred while he was on probation in Kentucky, where his home is, as a result of his prior conviction for mailing himself two pounds of marijuana. He is now on probation in Hennepin County for two years as well.

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