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2014 Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Coverage – Live Feeds

I’ve consolidated a list of people you can expect to livetweet training camp, so it should be easier to follow along here if you don’t have a twitter account to get up to date with the comings and goings of camp.

Hopefully this should make for an easy follow.

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    1. Hahaha, no. Just three cameras station on giant cherrypickers looking down on the fields.

  1. Anyone happen to be keeping a total record of completions/attempts between the QBs? Total as in so far this camp.

    1. I think 1500ESPN is, but I made the decision to not do that after last year. It’s truly irrelevant information.

  2. It’s funny, waiver wire to address depth, there’s not a position group we couldn’t bring someone in for. Maybe even QB.. later in camp after a game or 2 and an injury elsewhere Ponder will actually become a commodity.
    I haven’t heard any other names, no practice squad QB there? I suppose Colter could, but it would hurt his development a-la Thielensanity

    Safety is another spot you’d wonder if there’s room to push around, but.. I’m not sure how patient Zimmer is going to be. He might swap guys out quickly and turn the heat up on guys that aren’t figuring it out. Same on the other side. Is Rodney Smith going to figure it out? I get its early, but otas and a playbook all summer should have you ready if you want it. New system, etc, but after 8 weeks you need to know your Xs and Os.