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2014 Minnesota Vikings: Matt Cassel Named Starter

Surprising no one, the Minnesota Vikings have named Matt Cassel the starter for the season at quarterback and informed the team this morning, according to Jay Glazer.

Like Glazer points out, Cassel has done very well in the preseason and has done nothing to indicate he shouldn’t have the job, from the perspective of the current coaching staff. This announcement mostly formalizes what we already knew, as Bridgewater took precious few snaps with the, and only then when it was late in the process.

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  1. Perfectly sensible choice. Could be 6 weeks, or a full year. If the latter, it would portend good results. If the former, it would let Cassel absorb the ugly early schedule.

  2. good. another indication that our new coaching staff knows what they’re doing. best to let rookie QBs sit for awhile

  3. The best thing about is that I can now listen to all the internet “experts” whine about it for the next few weeks.

    If Kalil doesn’t pick up his play, I’m for keeping Bridgewater on the bench all season. Very disappointing performance Saturday.

  4. “Protect Ponders blind side for the next 15 years.” All the morons that said that. It turns out Kalil sucks, too. ( I wanted Blackmon that year, also a mistake). I’m so glad that, and Fraziers tired act are OVER. All time low in Vikings passing game and coaching.. With Bridgewater, it’s clear he can play. It’s been clear from college. I like Cassel, too.I hope he has his best season, along with Peterson and Patterson. If Zimmer does his mojo with the defense, there’s no reason we can’t win now. Ponder was such a liability. Trade him to St. Louis.

  5. Glad to see the commitment made to begin the week, uncertainty is never good. Sounds like vets supported Cassel starting, and Teddy has such a good head on him that he gets it and it will only benefit him in the long run.
    Please don’t trade Ponder to the Rams until after week 1….you know he’ll turn into Tom Brady against the Vikes.