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Now might be the Wright time for Jarius

 Norv Turner enjoys watching young players develop. He told a group of reporters at last week’s press conference that it’s one of the reasons why he coaches. When ask about his thoughts on working with Cordarrelle, Norv talked about his experience developing a young Josh Gordon and went on to say, “We got a really good group of young players here, not only Cordarrelle but a number of guys and a pretty good running back. I look at the potential this group has, and you’re anxious to get started and see how far they can go. Cordarrelle has all the physical skills you would like in a player. When I watch tape, one of the things I look for are the things that they already do well, and how they match up with the things we want to do. I think he (Cordarrelle) will fit our offense extremely well.”

 Later in the press conference Norv said, “I look at the roster, and certainly I look at the offensive side of the ball, and I think this is a group that can be very good. I think we can be good real fast.”

Whether we’re talking about route-running, explosiveness or overall play-making ability, this team has enough firepower for Norv to take some positive steps forward in the passing game as well as the running game.

Norv certainly likes a balanced offense with a physical running attack. One goal he said is,  “We would like to get him (Adrian) in space a little bit more and get the field spread a little better for him.”

The key to spreading the field and getting Adrian Peterson and also Cordarrelle Patterson good touches in open space will depend on how effective the Vikings can be when taking shots down the field.

Norv gets excited when he talks about explosive plays, vertical passing and yards per catch. His record speaks for itself as he has coached a number of wide receivers who have finished near the top in yards per catch. That could be good news for Jarius Wright. Jarius emerged last season with the Vikings as a legitimate big play threat by leading the team with a 16.7 yards per catch average. At Arkansas he had three consecutive seasons where he had 40 or more receptions and averaged over 17 yards per catch.

Because Jarius is only 5’11 180 lbs, he is labeled as a slot receiver, while Cordarrelle being 6’1 218 lbs is stereotyped more as a true #1 split end type of receiver. However, their playing styles and skill set is not necessary a “typical” fit for their body types. Jarius has consistently shown great route running ability and a knack for getting open down field, while Cordarrelle excels in yards after the catch on shorter routes. Norv said he doesn’t get “caught up” in body types when he talks about quarterbacks,… let’s hope the same rule applies for wide receivers as well. Musgrave’s West Coast system failed to maximizing the potential and get the most out the skill set of these young playmakers.

 In 2013, Jerome Simpson played 608 offensive snaps compared to Jarius’ 403 and Cordarrelle’s 404. Jarius was targeted far fewer times yet still found the end-zone more often than Jerome. Over the last two seasons, Jarius has scored five times compared to Jerome’s one touchdown. Jerome Simpson may not be back with the Vikings in 2014, so Cordarrelle and Jarius should get more snaps and targets next season. Norv will also utilize more three wide receiver sets, so having Greg Jennings, Cordarrelle and Jarius on the field together, should help stretch the field and open things up for Adrian. 


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Carl Knowles

Carl Knowles (Contributor) is a former member of the Professional Bowler Association and an avid lifelong Vikings fan. When he is not bowling you can find him on websites and forum pages sharing his creative insight and enthusiasm for the Minnesota Vikings any chance he gets. Carl was a Phoenix Institute of Technology and Purdue University standout who currently enjoys the challenge of being a graphic director in the printing business. You can follow him on twitter @carlknowles_vt.

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      (Said in my best Richard Sherman voice)

        1. Ohhhhhh… no, I’m sorry, not Mary Poppins. The answer we were looking for was Ponder… “who was Christian Ponder?” We subtract 300 there. Would you like to try “Unlikely Heroes” for 400?

              1. All right, good luck, Cal.

                This back-up QB led his team to a Super Bowl victory filling in for one of the all-time NFL great QB’s, defying all the experts who felt his presence would cost his team any chance at a title.

                1. the guy that came to mind was the miami qb when they won every game (Earl Morrall), but i couldn’t remember his name or all the details, so i looked it up and found this:


                  i wouldn’t call griese an all-time great, though. good, but not that great. so, not sure if that’s who you meant. as for your point, yeah, it happens, but i’d still rather take my chances with the original starter

                  1. Didn’t see your post Cal…yeah, it took me that long to think that one over. I didn’t look it up…no really.
                    I think it was Super Bowl 5 Cal…when Morral was with the Colts. Backing up the great Johnny Unitas!

                  2. I truly believe Wade Wilson belongs in that list, Cal. And not sure of the criteria, but Gary Cuozzo did some damage as a backup for the Colts, if I recall correctly, which I believe is one of the reasons we acquired him.

                2. Okay Coach…great question. Earl Morral would be my guess.
                  Got one of my own. Which 2 QB’S have played the most games against each other?

                  1. YES! Earl Morral for $1,760,277. (Contact Cal for your payment, Cart).

                    Yours is a tough one, Cart. Gotta be two teams in the same division. Wondering about Elway and Fouts, Unitas and Starr, Tarkenton and ?, is George Blanda in there somewhere, Len Dawson, Favre?, just not sure. Are any of the names in here part of the correct answer, cart?

                  2. We talked about this before Cart. I believe my best guess was Marino/Kelly. Did you ever find out the answer?

                    1. Coach and Count…the answer is……….I don’t know.
                      They had that question on NFL network a few months ago and I never saw the answer.

  1. I like Wright…think he can be a really good player. Resembles AC a bit. I thought he was going to break out last year…Ponder hindered that.
    Good write up Carl…thanks for the video Cal. Guessing Sherman didn’t run his mouth after that play.

  2. Very ok w/ a receiving corps of Jennings/Patterson/Wright/Simpson/Insert anyone at #5, along with Rudolph/Ford/Carlson at TE. No need to waste high draft picks on those positions.

  3. This receiving core has great potential. I’m pretty excited about Rodney Smith, Adam Thielen, and the possibility of Greg Childs vying for the 4-6th spots. With the depth of the WR class this year, there is potential to add a nice player in the mid to late rounds to increase competition of those last few spots. If they end up bringing Simpson back that is really going to be a position of strength next year.

  4. “I think we can be good real fast.”

    YEAH BABY!!!
    I think I’m going to dig Norval ALOT!

  5. Well, Freds off season is now over. Freds’ pea sized brain is refreshed and ready to break down all thing Viking. As always, Freds will bring an upbeat approach to football and try, as always to find a silver lining in all thing purples.

    Jerry Wright is terribly soft across the middle and has a tendency to show “short arms” when a hit is pending. Dude hates contact. He will alter or break off a route instead of making a catch across the middle with a DB approaching for a hit. He has a long way to go before we can even consider him a high end starter.

    Please note Coach Turner’s comment concerning the offensive line “and I think this is a group that can be very good.” He doesn’t complement the line saying they ARE good, he says they CAN be good. This mean’s they AREN’T good and they need work. Sullivan is soft, the slap nut to his left is crappy and the other guy to his right is a yawner, the two tackles are vastly under achieving…. thus.the line CAN be good, but essentially they are barely below average. Thanks Norv… but you are right, the O line is a problem.

    Concerning the suggestion of the Vike hiring Mike “the dog whisperer” Vick as a QB for next year… That is the most kooky ass thing Fred has ever heard!! But, Freds loves the idea! Freds has been scratching his privates for two years on his corduroy couch drinking Colt 45 watching his team hand the ball off to AP. It is BORING. Give Freds something to watch damn it! Get the Dog Catcher in here, let him throw long…. let him run, let him get injured, Freds doesn’t care. Just give Freds something of some interest.

    Trade down. Draft Louis Nix (aka Pat William), draft a QB in round 2.

    Ahhhhh…. it’s good to be back!

    1. welcome back, freds…..yeah baby, the off season ended for me right “everyone” was fired! GO VIKES!

      2018 NFL World Champs………win it all at home!

    2. Well what do you know, Freds came out of hibernation. Good to see ya old pal. I could live with your draft strategy but not so sure on the dog catcher

    3. Just so’s you knows Freds, I’m one of the two that “Liked” your comment.
      Just sayin. . .

  6. “The guys I have been around that are so-called franchise quarterbacks, weren’t considered franchise quarterbacks until they started winning,” Turner said.


    Norv, please leave the deep thinking to Coach Childress.

  7. A few stats to think about from

    Jarius Wright:
    43 targets
    26 receptions
    60% completion rate
    yards per target average 10.1
    20+ yards: 10
    40+ yards: 1
    TDs: 3

    Cordarrelle Patterson
    77 targets
    45 receptions
    58% completion rate
    YPT average 6.1
    20+: 6
    40+: 1
    TDs: 4

    Greg Jennings
    106 targets
    68 receptions
    64% completion rate
    YPT average 7.6
    20+: 11
    40+: 2

    Jerome Simpson
    100 targets
    48 receptions
    48% completion rate
    TDs: 1
    YPT- 7.3

    The Ponder/Freeman/Cassel to Simpson completion rate was not good.

  8. Musgrave was crazy about Simpson.
    Ponder could be a much better QB if he doesn’t have to target Simpson so much.

  9. Based on the risk reward factor of the 10.1 yards per target and the 60% completion mark, I would say Jarius has earned the Wright to a few more targets next season.

  10. I look for Wright to have a breakout year unless Ponder is under center then all bets are off.

    1. that was Spielmanese used to boost the trade value of Ponder…..why else would he answer with anything other than we’ll evaluate every player on the roster……..etc etc…

      1. Ponder will not be traded. He is cheap and under contract. Vikings have no other qb’s. If the vikings draft a qb, the rookie won’t start or shouldn’t start for a year.