Minnesota Vikings at St. Louis Rams: Live Score Updates and Reactions

Minnesota Vikings: 34
St. Louis Rams: 6

First Half Recap here

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4th Quarter—1:31

Vikings 34 – Rams 6

After a hilariously bad drive by the Rams, they were able to trot out their big-legged kicker, Greg Zuerlein, and pot in a perfectly placed 46-yard shot.

4th Quarter—3:18

Vikings 34 – Rams 3

A defensive score that highlights the playmaking ability of Harrison Smith, the Vikings were able to combine several important elements after putting together pressure after pressure on Austin Davis. Though they had gotten home on sacks (courtesy of Everson Griffen) earlier, it was pressure by Anthony Barr that led to the final interception by Smith, and his runback was aided by none other than Griffen himself, blocking downfield on the return. Though the offense hasn’t been spectacular outside of a penalty-assisted drive, the Vikings have done more than enough to dominate a bad Rams team.

4th Quarter—6:27

Vikings 27- Rams 3

A sputtering start to a drive was aided by a penalty for roughing the punter. Though the Vikings repaid the favor by taking away a run-and-catch from Rhett Ellison, they drove home with a touchdown to Kyle Rudolph running a levels concept concurrently with Ellison on the next play.

3rd Quarter—1:54

Vikings 20 – Rams 3

A 67-yard, insane run by Cordarrelle Patterson was solely responsible for the offensive drive, though it should be noted that the defense, and Linval Joseph in particular, deserves credit for stopping an admittedly anemic Rams offense.

3rd Quarter—10:11

Vikings 13 – Rams 3

Greg Zuerlein hits a 56-yard field goal attempt after the Vikings struggled a bit against Jared Cook, a predictable problem before the season started—without any clear, consistent answer to defending tight ends. But Austin Davis, second-year undrafted rookie from Southern Miss, couldn’t handle the blitz looks and was stopped deep.

2nd Quarter—0:26

Vikings 13 – Rams 0

After a mediocre set of drives, the Vikings were able to take advantage of both Patterson and Jennings’ skills, as well as a few good Peterson runs to set up the first red zone appearance for the Vikings of the game. It didn’t take long to convert the red zone appearance into a touchdown, with fantastic play design and execution by the Vikings, and most notably Jennings to get the score.

2nd Quarter—14:16

Vikings 6 – Rams 0

The Vikings defense keeps escaping despite worrisome pressure percentages on first and second down, but third down playcalling has been superb. On offense, inconsistent but effective gains have led to getting just inside of field goal range twice for the Vikings, both resulting in scores. Earlier, the Rams could not do the same.

1st Quarter—10:37

Vikings 3 – Rams 0

The Minnesota Vikings started off with the ball and after some impressive runs and quirky playcalling, the Vikings found themselves pushed back by penalty and plays for loss, forcing a third and 20 despite a solid drive. After a run for no gain, the Vikings opted for a 52-yard field goal, which was good.



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  1. 3rd down playcalling was the nightmare last year on d. What a refreshing improvement.