HouseCleaning: GiveAway, Big Board, and Live Chat

A few things I wanted to update our readers on while I was thinking about it:

GIVEAWAY:  Don’t forget to take advantage of our “thank you” giveaway.  There are nine days left to enter, and you can enter every day, for your chance to win some gift cards compliments of… well… us.  Don’t forget to get your daily entries in by visiting our Giveaway Page.

BIG BOARD:  Yes, we plan on releasing a Vikings-specific Big Board once again this year, and Brett is lined up to work hard throughout Draft weekend updating it in real time by crossing off players as they are selected.  Our Big Board is very close to being finalized, and I would guess we’ll be ready to post it sometime this weekend.

For those that don’t remember, our VT Big Board is made up in a somewhat complicated manner.  We essentially spend tons of time doing data entry in a spreadsheet, using other prominent big boards from the leading experts, and put them side-by-side with our own big boards.  We then use a weighted formula to create a big board that is 100% unique.  It includes input from all of the experts as well as the Vikings-specific rankings we put together.

We’re excited to share that with you and it is coming soon.

LIVE CHAT:  Yes!  We plan to have a place to chat live with other Vikings all set up for you during Draft Weekend.

For a number of reasons, we were looking for an alternative to our normal format, and one VT reader stepped up to the plate to help out.  The reader many of you know as “Harvest” has generously volunteered to set up a chat room which will be hosted here at VT.  It will look very different, has it’s pros and cons, but should provide a great experience for all of us on Draft Weekend.  Even more generous of “Harvest,” he has volunteered to provide us with tech support throughout the entire event which will allow Brett and I to focus on normal content for the site.  I am excited about this and can’t wait to see you all there!