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Percy Harvin Traded To Seattle Seahawks

According to “an NFL source”, Percy Harvin is being traded to the Seattle Seahawks.

The compensation for Harvin is believed to be at least a 2013 first round pick. is reporting that the Seahawks gave up this year’s first and seventh round picks as well as a mid-round pick in 2014. When the final details of the deal are known we will pass them along.

It is believed that Harvin is currently on his way to Seattle for a physical to complete the deal.

“Sources” say the two organizations have been trying to work something out for “some time.” Ultimately, this move makes sense for the Seahawks organization as it reunites Harvin with Vikings former offensive coordinator, Darrell Bevell and Sidney Rice.

Whether or not it makes sense for the Vikings is something we will hash out quite a bit here at VT. Check back soon for more details and analysis for this huge trade.

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Brett Anderson

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  1. Very good value for a player that didn’t want to be a Viking. Spielman gaining a rep as someone who gets max value in a trade

  2. Better than I thought they could get. They better do well with those picks, not like Moss trade.

  3. Wow. Letting a very, very good offensive weapon go. AND a WR to boot. Something tells me we have something else up our sleeve. Perhaps a Wallace deal in the making?

    Just saw on the twitter ticker below that Anquan Boldin just got traded to the 49er’s for a 6th round pick. That seems like a steal to me.

    1. I truly believe there was a lot more going on with Harvin then what has been put out. The Vikes still held all the cards regarding his contract and they still traded him. It will all come out sooner or later.I bet the Vikes have already put up their pick at 23 or 25 up for auction. This is going to be a very interesting draft.

    2. Vikes apparently offered a 7th for Boldin. He would have been a solid veteran pickup to help lead our young troop forward. Too bad Harbaugh had a brother to trade him too. Kinda makes me wonder if the 49ers were players in the Harvin trade. That would explain why Seattle upped the ante to a 1st round pick.

  4. Wallace won’t work. Do people realize all of his deep catches came to fruition from an Andre the Giant sized QB who deflects defenders and extends plays, giving a guy with speed an unfair advantage? All hee had to do was run under bombs. PITT fans call him noodle arms. Just sayin’.

    1. I understand the attraction people have with him, but spending $50+ million on a glorified nine route? One year before we play two seasons out doors in Minnesota? I think the money would be better spent beefing up the guard positions and bringing in multiple, less expensive, receivers.

    1. Dude,
      Yes !
      Brandan Lemke wrote a article on him on recent post.
      Down on the lower left hand of this page

  5. personally im glad about the trade…i think we got some good value…and seattle good luck just got a guy who refuses to play more then half a season, im happy to see the whiny baby leave