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New Mock Focuses On Defense

In free agency, the Vikings have really only made moves on the offensive side of the football, other than their decision to dump Antoine Winfield.  This suggests to me, combined with Rick Spielman’s praise for the defensive talent in this class, that the Vikings plan to address their needs on defense early and often.

For the first time since the Percy Harvin trade, where the Vikings acquired a second first round selection from Seattle, I have updated my 2013 Mock Draft and you can take a look at it by clicking here.

I’ll leave the discussion portion up to you all, for now.  Just know this:  I was torn on both picks but decided to try and predict what the Vikings will do, not necessarily what I think they should do.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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      1. I have a feeling that they already know who they want to draft as their MLB and am hoping it’s not Te’o, but it’s a likely possibility. I still am not sold that he’s a 3 down backer in the NFL.

  1. te’o, ugh, just don’t like his bs. if they take him and he’s real good, i still don’t know. he was a screwball during his time at ND, so being around other ND guys on the vikes doesn’t make me feel any better, it’s in his dna

      1. idk for sure, but how do you have a gf that you’ve never met? that’s screwball, and if he didn’t know he was being played, well, that’s REALLY naive

        1. Agreed, and I wouldn’t want to hire him as a police officer or appoint him CEO of a Fortune 500 but how does any of this translate to being a productive linebacker. That’s the question.

          1. it doesn’t, and he might work out well, but he’ll always have the stigma and maybe the baggage. i’m sure he’s hoping he can outplay his perceived nuttiness, and i don’t mean that because he might be gay, i don’t care, if he’s really good is the main issue, but the mlb is a position of leadership on the defense and must command respect. idk if he can get that

  2. PLEASE PLEASE NO TEO! I would consider the draft a failure if the Vikes use a pick on him before the 4th round. He is slow and and not a good fit for the Vikings 34 defense.

  3. I’m the kind of guy who could give a sh*t if a guy is gay. Like the Manwich? Have at it. I really, genuinely don’t care. I don’t have latent urges that you may somehow unmask, and feel all threatened.

    But the Te’o thing admittedly creeps me out. I don’t get it, and it makes me feel all weird and unpleasant. If he’d just admit he’s gay, I could make sense of his whole deal, but he’s sticking to his bizarre ass story. WTF is wrong with you? Who does that? I just don’t understand.

    In any case, if he was a beast, I’d be cool with him in purple, but the only game I watched him play in was the National Championship. Ouch. He looked awful. AWFUL. He was owned. Don’t want him.

    1. Homework by the front office will be key, for sure. But, the media looked HARD for a way to draw this story out and it has really kind of died. If they can’t find him out as a lie, will the Vikes?

      1. Well, let’s not pretend the media hasn’t ran with it further because the truth is out or anything; it’s because he and those around him have a story and stuck with it. There’s no where more to go.

  4. Even without the bizarre headlines I wouldn’t want Teo until the third, he’s simply not talented enough. I’m sure the NFL talent evaluators see this as well tho so I’m not worried. I like Trufant but Amerson from NC State is my favorite cb in the draft and he’ll likely go in the second.

      1. You don’t like Amerson? I’m sure time will tell with Teo but my track record is pretty damn good at picking good draft picks.

  5. Manti Te’o is without question an upgrade from Audie Cole… with that said, I am not sure I would take him with a first round pick? If Spielman does his homework and really likes him, I am ok with it.

    Keenan Allen’s knee really has me questioning him right now?????????????

    I think I would also select Hopkins or Woods over Te’o with that pick.

  6. There’s no way our front office takes Manti Teo with Arthur Brown still on the board

  7. Brendan- I agree Arthur Brown looked good at his pro day and he is moving up boards. (Brown ran 4.56 and a 4.66 at his Pro Day with 21 reps on the bench)

    Manti has his Pro Day on March 26th. If he runs in the high 4.6 low 4.7 range and can bench 21 reps or more, I think the Vikings will grade Te’o over Brown.

    If Manti doesn’t do well in the bench or if he runs poorly… he will continue to fall. If that happens, I still think the Vikings like him and will target him later in the draft.

      1. Where was Te’o in the championship game? He was destroyed by Alabama. Alabama has pro level talent. And that game showed Te’o may struggle in the NFL. Don’t draft Te’o. Unless it is in the second or third round.

        1. My biggest issue with his play in the national championship is that he obviously allowed the whole girlfriend hoax deal to greatly affect his play on the field. I don’t think he got beat up in that game because he couldn’t compete physically with Bama, he got beat because his head wasn’t right. I don’t want to see a guy react to pressure by crapping the bed like that. That is honestly my biggest problem with the whole hoax deal, he wasn’t mentally strong enough to put that aside for three hours and play football. If I’m using a first round pick on a guy I am hoping he would have performances like Favre had after his father passed away and Torry Smith had last year for Baltimore after his brother was killed. It’s not often that a player has something you can sample at the collegiate level to see how they handle adversity. Te’o does and to me he failed the test.

          1. That’s mostly what I wanted to say, but that’s a lot of words to type, so I sort of avoided it. I’m glad you summed it up. Agreed.

  8. Manti Te’o is NOT an athletic freak or workout warrior… but he is a very instinctive talented football player.
    437 career tackles and 7 ints at ND is no hoax.

    1. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good player. But if the Vikings draft Te’o, it better be in the second round.

      With our strong ND connection, we’d probably be a good fit for Te’o

  9. i woud rather have Arthur brown from k-state become our 25th pick and the new ilb. he has more raw ability then teo and went from 228 to 236, he is gaining weight to show teams he can play in the middle. I like trufant alot but i dont see the vikings taking a corner that early, maybe another third rounder or with our first fourth.UNlike most people i dont like allen the wideout from cal and i think the vikings dont have to take a receiver with the first two picks.

      1. yeah, we’re better off now, but we’ve just swapped jennings for harvin
        we still need a fast deep threat tall end zone wr or two
        greedy jumpin jerome hasn’t proven himself yet, and childs is a very long shot
        wouldn’t be surprised if we took one in the first rd.

    1. Agree Jorge…no need to panic and take a receiver if their ain’t one worth a darn. DEFENSE is the key!
      Isn’t A.Brown kind of short?

  10. Adam, I think Geno will go #1 but not to KC. Somebody will trade up (jags, raiders, browns, jets, cards…)

    Chip Kelly has always said great things about Matt Barkley. Chip already has Vick and Dennis Dixon, so I think he will want a traditional pro style QB like Barkley. Chip will not pass on Matt Barkley!

    You heard it from me first, Geno Smith and Barkley will go in the top 5.

    1. I have Geno first for that exact reason. I don’t include trades in my mock but I think Geno goes #1 overall.

      I actually think the Eagles are the Chiefs most likely trade partner.

      Don’t forget about Foles though

    2. Being a huge Oregon Ducks fan and knowing people who work in the Athletic Department, I can almost guarantee Chip won’t draft Barkley (at least not at 5). I dont see much difference between Foles and Barkley. That was 2011 and was just Chip saying something nice about an opponent that has beat him in the past, dont read too much into that.. Don’t be surprised if he takes Geno though.

  11. Your CB pick with our first sort of surprised me. I guess if we really luck out and somehow get Winfield back, we won’t be looking at CB in the first round. I’d rather see us go WR THEN LB and not Te’o. I’m not near the “Draftnik” you guys are but I just can’t get a good feeling out of him. Same as Tomb tho, I only saw him play in the Championship game and he didn’t impress me at all. Then add in all that weird stuff. . .no thanks.

    1. Fran, just want to prove that I can reply to the proper comment.

      TOMB goes the dynamite! Oh yeah, I so went there.

      1. You did….I uh, don’t know what to say. I’m….wait a minute. I get it, TOMB goes the dynamite. Brilliant!

        1. I knew you’d get it Cart!

          This is awkward, but can you explain it to Coach for me? Sometimes The AOL confuses him. But make sure he had his nap first.

          1. No one needs to explain that to me. Oh no… I know what… I mean, don’t think I don’t… Yup, I’m all over that right there.

    1. thi is creazy.. Simple a stupid stupid rule. I really don’t think it will be good for the game.
      Perhaps a bit concerning is that it passed 31-1 cincy being the only one against.
      I really think all these safety rule changes are being made so they can have a 18 game scheldue and make some more $$$$$$$$$$

  12. The Redskins just signed E. J. Biggers. I was hoping we would make a play for him. That is a good low cost signing by the Skins.

  13. Interesting.. I don’t know how big of a fan I am of Manti, but still way way way to early to judge wether or not he will be a good fit.

  14. Crown rule will be especially hard for taller backs like Peterson. Pretty hard to get your pad levels low without putting your head down when your 6’2”. The way the rule is written it almost sounds like a guy would have to torpedo himself into a defender for it to get called, but Peterson has a habit of diving head first into contact when he’s on the sideline. He’ll be better off just stepping out of bounds now instead of risking a 15 yard penalty.

  15. I’m not sold on Truffant. I think it’s pedigree that has him listed high. My buddy from WA, who watched a lot of games isn’t impressed. I like Jonathan Banks (seems to be a very smart player), assumimg Rhodes is off the board. In the middle, I’d like Ogletree or Minter.

      1. That’s SUCH an easy question. ‘Toine, with no hesitation.
        I do think Urlacher could be a great help to whatever young LB we draft and Erin too.
        He’ll play with a chip on his shoulder and have some great games but the guy is definately at the end of his career.

      1. I knew it! I was pretty sure that was the case about pendulums, and I even told a couple people that I thought so. I just knew it!

        1. My spidey senses are picking up traces of sarcasm and irony…and the cloying odor of meatloaf. That’s weird.

  16. At first I thought ‘wtf would we bring in this old guy when they preach youth through the draft, etc…?’
    If we get him at somewhat of a bargain through spite, why not? Veteran leadership is needed to win on and off field. There needs to be examples of how act and be a pro for the youngins. Otherwise it’ll always be the same.

  17. their tone has changed lately, however, been hearing a lot of ‘win now’. sometimes they talk out both sides of their mouths.

  18. Spielman seems to be stressing that the Jennings signing has eliminated the need to take a WR in the first round . . . so I’m guessing a WR in the first round