Lemke’s Bold Prediction #6: Randle Makes The Cut

Perhaps no undrafted free agent is getting more attention right now than Vikings running back Bradley Randle. He has been very impressive in training camp and is quickly becoming a guy most Vikings fans are rooting for to make the final 53 man roster. I’m predicting he will.

Randle is only 5’7, but his speed has impressed many. He ran a 4.38 40 yard dash at the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine, and frankly after seeing him in person during training camp, I’m sold on the kid. Not only is he fast, but he runs hard, breaks tackles, and is very shifty. Randle also has return capabilities on kickoffs and/or punt returns, although at least one of those spots will most likely belong to fellow rookie Cordarrelle Patterson.

He will have to compete with several others for the 3rd running back spot, including Matt Asiata, Zach Line, and Joe Banyard, but if Randle continues to impress and has a good preseason, I think the spot is his. His potential reminds me of that of a Darren Sproles, and I think if the Vikings haven’t seen that already, they will.

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  1. So, a short, fast scatback, reminiscent of Darren Sproles? This guy makes the team, a 3rd Warwas may be conceived that very night.

  2. Can he catch the ball? Having a David Palmer type of third down back would be a winner considering Ponder has a puss arm. It wouldn’t be the worst thing for him to have the option to dump it off short to a RB rather than hoisting up a slow motion rainbow to a streaking Patterson on third and long.

  3. Randle led UNLV with 9 TDs last year. He was Co-Offensive Player of the Year with starting running back Tim Cornett. Cornett rushed for 1135 as a junior. Tim is an explosive running back to watch in his senior season.
    Randle rushed for 635 yards. So with Randle moving on to the Vikings, Cornett could push the 2000 yard mark.

    Randle is more of a blocker in the backfield than a reciever. He didn’t catch the ball much, but I think he has good hands… he carried the ball 254 times before his first fumble. For a little guy, he is solid in pass blocking and also on kickoff coverage. He is a hard hitter.

    Lemke, I like the prediction, but I think the Vikings front office might like the big backs over the scat backs.

    The #3 rb competition will be a blast to watch in preseason.

  4. Can they sneak him on the practice squad? Might be good insurance for the injury bug.

  5. Thanks for the heads up. I haven’t seen the guy, but looked up a Youtube highlight reel….WOW this kid can flat out hit. One of those rare talents, especially for a little guy, that looks like he’s playing with granite shoulder pads. Very Percy-like with that attribute, although I don’t think he has the breakaway game speed that Percy does. I loved his blocking….and if he can catch, he could be a tremendous threat as a 3rd down back.

  6. THAT my dear Mister Lemke is Bold!! Damn right!

    Freds loves it. That shows you really do have the guts to make a bold prediction.

    That prediction has hairs! Nice, very nice. Freds will never doubt your ability to make a bold prediction again. Your old Pal hopes your right, Randal is one hell of a defensive lineman. He might be a bit old, but who cares? It’s bold prediction. John would look great with that weird war paint and his antics.

    Bold… damn bold.