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Jerome Simpson Arrested Saturday Morning

The Vikings retain Phil Loadholt, but have to cut Antoine Winfield as a result.  Kyle Rudolph scores a touchdown and then suffers a serious injury.  Christian Ponder plays the best game of the season, but can’t finish it.

Now, the Vikings win their first game on this side of the Atlantic Ocean and the celebration has been cut short due to Jerome Simpson being arrested for Driving While Intoxicated.

I guess it is just one of those seasons.

Simpson is currently the leading receiver for the Vikings with 33 catches and 491 yards.  He has certainly played better than in 2012, but he may have played his last game in purple.  Of course, everything is just speculation at this point, but this isn’t his first run in with the law which could land him a hefty suspension from the NFL as a repeated offender of the league’s conduct policy.  His previous offense occurred when two pounds of marijuana was shipped to his home and he served a three game suspension last year, and is still serving three years of probation.

Early Saturday morning, Simpson’s car was stalled on I-394 and a trooper arrived on the scene.  Simpson performed a field sobriety test and was arrested, despite his denials that he had been drinking.  He refused a breath test at the Hennepin County jail and was booked.  This afternoon he was released on a $12,000 bond.

Simpson is playing under his second consecutive one-year deal with the Vikings.  He now has a number of obstacles to somersault over if he wants to continue playing for the Vikings, or any other NFL team, beyond 2013.

I have previously touted Leslie Frazier’s ability to keep his players out of trouble as a reason to keep him at the helm beyond this season.  That argument for Frazier just got a whole lot weaker, as have so many other arguments for Frazier these days.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Skol12, Manziel is to short listed at 5’11”, with the tall o-lineman now he will never make it in the nfl. I would rather see the vikings draft Jimmy Garoppolo or Brock Jenson before Manziel. I called for the Viking’s to sign Case Keenan, but they didn’t. Now look. Sometimes there are jems in the rough. Manziel is not one of them. He has rich parents that are buying off the NCAA. I don’t want the on kind of person as a Viking.

  2. Adam,
    It has been one of them years for sure, Worst I have seen.
    Only bright spot is C.P. will have to be on the field more.
    I think that will end up being a good thing.

  3. I don’t think they will cut him, but the decision on activating or IR’ing Childs has to be due pretty quick here, so maybe this makes it an easier decision.

  4. I agree, Adam, Simpson may have used up his last chance. As expected, though, I would offer a bit of a different twist on Frazier here. He chose to give Simpson a second chance, as did the Vikes with Chris Carter. Sometimes those things work and sometimes they don’t. Who knows what the relationship is between Frazier and Simpson, but I am sure that if there is any ice left beneath Simpson’s feet, it is quite thin at this time. And it’s a shame, because he seemed to be making some strides on the field – had some big catches in the game Thursday.

    Adam, you gonna weigh in at all on the Miami Dolphin mess? I heard Tony Dungy say that the Colts passed on drafting Incognito because of character issues. Also thought it was funny that some outlet quoted the thoughts of Bryant McKinnie.


    George Gray: Come on down, Cordarrelle Patterson! You are the next contestant on the Vikings Price is Right!

    *applause and theme music*

    Bob Barker: Alright, Vikings wide receivers. You know the game. We give you an item, you give us your estimated bid on that item. Player closest to the actual value without going over will win. Today you will be bidding on…

    George Gray: Christian Ponder’s passing yards at the Seattle Seahawks, Sunday, November 17!


    Bob Barker: Alright, let’s start off with you Greg.

    *audience shouts numbers at Jennings*

    Greg Jennings: *listens*… I’m going to go with 105, Bob.

    Bob Barker: Okay, Jarius?

    Jarius: Um…. 130

    Bob Barker: Alright. Give us your number Joe.

    Joe Webb: I’m going to go with 90, Bob.

    Bob Barker: Finally, what’s your bid Cordarrelle?

    *crowd screaming numbers at Patterson*

    Cordarrelle Patterson: Um… *tries to cue in on audience*

    *audience continues screaming*

    Bob Barker: We need your number Cordarrelle

    Cordarrelle Patterson: Um… Uhhhh.. One.

    Bob Barker: Okay. The number is… 67! Cordarrelle come on up, you’ve won! We’ll be playing Final Score Plinko for…

    George Gray: A neeeeewwwwww Quarterback!

    *crowd and Patterson cheers*

    1. I thought you was a Ponder dude Brett? And he did play pretty darn well Thursday…you’ve turned on him. I know it’s Seattle, but 67 yards?

      1. I think Ponder gives us the best shot to win right now but I still want a new QB in the draft… And it’s Seattle! Some of that is tongue and cheek but I wouldn’t be surprised with 140ish…

        1. it’s all good with the gallows humor

          give freeman another chance

          bears and phackers suck

          jags rock, c’mon bucs