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Harvin Gushes About Minnesota, But Avoids Ponder Topic

Percy Harvin seems very happy to be a millionaire in a new location that, incidentally enough, has no income tax and just legalized marijuana (yup, had to go there).

Despite all of the drama that led up to his eventual trade to Seattle, Harvin had nothing but nice things to say about the Minnesota Vikings and their fans.

“I have nothing but love for that whole Vikings organization,” Harvin told NFL Network. “And from the texts I’ve been getting today and yesterday, they have nothing but love for me.”

“It’s absolutely false. Me and Coach Frazier have a great relationship,” he said when asked about reports that he was, at least at times, at odds with coach Leslie Frazier. “He has the utmost respect for me, and I have the utmost respect for him.”

Then Harvin laid some of the blame for the drama at the feet of the media.

“We were talking almost every day (and) texting each other,: he said.  “We both understood what the situation was. I think this whole thing was blown up (by media). We did have our ups and downs.”

Harvin was briefly pressed about his opinion of quarterback Christian Ponder.  While he was plenty willing to rave about his new quarterback Russell Wilson, and plenty willing to say he had love for the Minnesota Vikings, he opted for a “no comment” on the Ponder question.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. They stacked questions on Harvin and he commented on the first question in regards to Frazier and then the interviewer from NFL network didn’t allow him to answer and moved on (making it appear that Harvin didn’t want to discuss Ponder).

  2. Screw you Harvin. We don’t respect your pothead, migraine, selfish attitude. You are more disrespectful than Moss. You have nothing but love? Yeah, because you got your trade to a contender. Have fun playing 10 games a year in Seattle. What a piece of garbage. If he was staying in MN he would be pissin and moaning

  3. Harvin, what makes you think WE ALL love you so much? You are a prick, even to the quarterback who graciously passed you the ball constantly. If you were healthy all year (MIRACLE) then you would have led the league in catches probably

  4. I really think the kid is bipolar besides a diva. That would go along way to explaining him and his temper tantrums.