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Felton Suspension Adds To A List Of Woes

Remember how Jerome Felton’s DUI charges from last offseason just seemed to disappear?

Well, they’re back.

Felton eventually pleaded guilty to careless driving, a reduced charge, but that was his second offense which lands him in hotter water with the NFL.  Today, it was announced that Felton will be suspended for the first three games of the regular season.

Felton’s recent surgery meant he was sitting for the remainder of the preseason already, so now we know we won’t get Adrian Peterson’s lead blocker back until week four. 

The good news for Felton is that he already cashed in on last year’s Pro Bowl season by signing a three-year deal this offseason which will pay him $2.5 million in guarantees this year.  The good news for the Vikings is that this suspension is not the result of a new incident involving Felton.

If Felton’s suspension (and DeMarcus Love’s for that matter), come with roster exemptions then the Vikings will be able to store some “bubble” players on the active roster for an extended look until their veterans return.  In Love’s case, he may not return at all.

While it is unclear if Rhett Ellison will take over as the starting fullback, it certainly doesn’t hurt Zach Line’s chances of being on the opening day roster.  Line has two receiving touchdowns this preseason and has impressed overall.

For an offense that desperately needs a kick start, however, the news that Peterson’s trusted lead will miss three games is not welcomed.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. I don’t feel too good about this year…watching them play has been a bit painful. I imagine it’s the kind of feeling Coach gets when he sees a guy wearing his hair long.

    1. The way they played last night makes you wish you had a baseball bat and a scissors in your hands? That’s weird.

  2. I think Ellison will be fine…
    Not sure about Ponder. I am sure that Cassel needs to go.
    Hey! Did you guys see Jumpin’ Joe go get that TD?
    J.Robinson needs work.
    That low block on K.Will was cheap…real cheap. I’d like to see J.Allen fist fight that dude.

  3. Things just keep getting better and better geez. I’m with ya Tomb, not feeling too good either.

          1. Well I will try to put a positive spin on these and just remember that the Colts went 0-4 in preseason when they won the Super Bowl.

  4. Tombs
    I don’t either, and your right, it was painful. that first half was Sloppy.
    And Ponder…

  5. I would have Never imagined the O-line would have played that bad.
    Johnnys right
    They have ALOT of work to do in the next couple weeks.

  6. Looks like K. Will escaped serious injury from what I just read. Still gonna be real iffy for the opener though.

    1. “Kevin Williams suffered a hyperextension injury to his right knee in last night’s football game. An MRI exam today revealed a significant bone contusion as well as a posterior capsular strain. Kevin was fortunate in that there was no injury to any of his ligaments.” – Head Coach Leslie Frazie

      Could’ve been worse, but that doesn’t sound good.

      1. All I read Johnny was that The Vikings were going to send the tape of the hit to the NFL. No idea when or if the NFL will act on it. Should be a no brainer for the NFL but that is a lot to assume.

  7. O-line is horrible! How can a QB even look down the field, when there are 5 guys in the backfield. Kalil is lucky he is a first round draft pick, because he hasn’t played to earn a roster spot. AD likes to run without a full back anyway.

  8. Here are the Vikings cuts:

    Vikings released DE Lawrence Jackson.
    Jackson, 28, was signed on draft weekend. The former first-round pick was trying to make it as the fourth or fifth end. The Vikings also waived WRs LaMark Brown, Chris Summers, and Erik Highsmith, OG Tyler Holmes, DE Marquis Jackson, LB Stanford Keglar, DB Greg McCoy, RB Bradley Randle, QB James Vandenberg, C Camden Wentz, RB Jerodis Williams, and DB Roderick Williams.

    1. Yeah, that one surprised me to. Maybe they will try to get him on the practice squad.

    2. Somewhere out there, Adam weeps for the back that never got to scat.

      Wait, that sounds weird.

  9. Well the good news is Floyd is 100%, and he was a top pick so I don’t think it will hurt us significantly. In my opinion as long as we can get our o line woes straightened out everything will fix itself. And I also agree that cassel clearly isn’t the answer if ponder struggles. Truth be told I think we have enough talent maybe it’s time to pull a Washington and do whatever it takes to get our franchise qb, although I wouldn’t give up 3 firsts like they did.

  10. I got home late Sunday and by the time I got caught up on the DVR, you guys were gone from the Chat.
    I realize Ponder was going against a VERY good 1st team defense and i liked the fact that he at times stepped up into the pocket and actually made a couple of good passes but still, I see the hesitation, the inaccuracy that we’ve seen all along with this guy. And yes I know AD wasn’t on the field and all but I just can’t get to where I think this guy will make it. Cassell= Ponderlite. The guy is less accurate than Ponder.
    I think we’re in trouble deep at the QB position. If only AD hadn’t played in that Redskins game. . .
    Sure liked our first team D and Zach Line. Cordelle looked good too. And Webby caught a TD!!
    With our brutal schedule this year, I’m with you guys; LONG Season!

    1. That’s why playing fantasy football is a blast. No matter if the ole home teams blows, football is still just as interesting because of your FF team. I have my office league ( The 2 Six Pack League) draft tomorrow. Can’t wait!

      1. You guys are terrible. Rank amateurs. They have to be meaningful posts or they don’t count.

  11. VG?? Where did that come from? I meant VT!
    By the way Adam, I won first place again at the Alaska State Fair for my Blueberry wine.
    You should have hung to a botlle of that. It could worth a fortune someday. . .

  12. This preseason has given us nothing to go on, and game 4 won’t change that. There is really nothing to be either encouraged or discouraged about. This has only been about looking at individual players and testing some schemes. We won’t know anything until Sept. 7. If you believed this was a playoff team a month ago, you should still believe it.

    1. But Coach, what about my battle with Tomb for 5th place in the comments section? That HAS to account for something in this exciting pre season, right?

      1. Oh sure, Fran, easily the highlight of the preseason. It’s like…. like…. like watching a five yard punt return. Way better than a fair catch.

        1. Well gosh, thanks Coach! Coming from you, that’s one hell of a compliment!
          And by the way, this post puts me 6 posts ahead of Tomb in case you’re keeping track.

  13. yeah, yeah, I know, here comes krugs and the glass is half empty and all that……early prediction: Frazier will not get a new contract! you all can fill in the reasons why…..if I start listing them Freds will have to pull me out of my purple depression, and he has better things to do…..

    1. I think you’re right Krug. If we end up with the same vannila offense because of Ponders inabilities, Frazier and Musgrave should go. I’m dying to see how our offense looks once AD takes the field but I still have zero confidence in Ponder.
      To think that we passed on kaepernick (Or however you spell it) just kills me.
      And of course there was that MEANINGLESS Redskins game that AD should never have stepped on the field. . .

      1. yeah, Fran….a good coach is ready to go with whatever players you have healthy….and uses whatever skill set your players have….wat too much talent on our roster to struggle with offense like we do….later