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Question Of The Week: Former Vikings In The Super Bowl

Here is an interesting topic for us during this Super Bowl Week that doesn’t involve Ray Lewis, murder, deer antler spray, brother-on-brother action, Joe Flacco’s political incorrectness, or a diva tight end’s complaints about how he is being used.

Instead, I want to know who you are cheering for in the upcoming contest and which former Vikings you would most like to see get a Super Bowl ring.

Randy Moss hasn’t exactly been a juggernaut reminiscent on the 1998 version of himself, but if you are like the then you still have a soft spot in your heart for the seldom used 49er receiver that once made Minnesota the most exciting football team to watch.

Playing for the Ravens, though, are two guys that were once considered to be mainstays along the offensive line in Minnesota.  Matt Birk and Bryant McKinnie are both playing for Baltimore on Sunday.  They left two very different legacies behind in Minnesota, and McKinnie may actually be cheered against by some Vikings fans, but it is hard to imagine a more deserving-of-a-ring player than Matt Birk.

So, what do you have to say?

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. Really tough call between Moss and Birk…McKinnie’s presence actually helped steer my vote to Randy. Birk was always a class act and certainly deserves a super bowl ring, but in terms of leaving a legacy, I think having claim to a super bowl win would go further for Moss than Birk. I would like to see Moss have a big game and go out on top. It would be fitting since he’s been more of a role player/decoy for the 49ers this season, and he’s shown a lot more maturity than he ever did when he was here.

  2. ok, i happen to be wearin my ’98 vikings nfc central division champs sweatshirt at the moment, and i’d like to see moss get a ring, just out of appreciation for the impact he made on that super-exciting team (sigh)

    mckinnie has wasted much of his talent, but i like birk, especially since he joined the vikings and lived in his parent’s basement at the time

    all things being the same, no big rivals involved, gotta back the nfc

    1. “gotta back the nfc” he says.

      But if someone says, “gotta back the North division”…, welllll, he gets stoned!

      1. you excluded this part, “all things being the same, no big rivals involved…”

        gotta draw the line at the fudge packers. i wouldn’t pizz on ’em if they were on fire, unless i had been drinkin’ gasoline

      2. Buds,

        Easy boy, that stuff isn’t good for you!

        Freds thought you were more of a chivas regal type guy. You are a very complex man Buds.

        1. I was speaking of stoned in the biblical sense, Freds. It was brutal and relentless. I had go to cry uncle or die.

            1. maybe you buried your pain with your ‘medication’?
              or an escape or defense mechanism?
              avoidance behavior?

              very real chance it could’ve been a freudian slip, buds, but then, that could just be a pipe dream, too, or a lighter side of your sensi of humor. either one could be a match for you

              anyways, you’re still our favorite, one and only bowl coach

  3. my hate towards Mount McFatty is bigger than my surport for Birk. Still he is a guy who really really deserves to get a ring. I want Moss to get a ring.. otherwise you know, he might not even get into the hall of fame …. – Nah he will must likely be a first ballot anyway, but seeing what has happend to CC you never know

    1. I don’t think Moss to the hall is a sure thing. The people that vote are likely going to keep him out because of his “I play when I want to play,” antics. He’s stirred up an interesting debate on the whole best receiver to ever play deal. Even during his most ridiculous times I have stayed a Randy Moss fan. While the perceptions people have of him are ultimately his own fault, I do think if he had started out his career with a Belicheck type coach instead of a Denny Green and then Mike Tice things may have turned out a little different for him…but again, he’s the one that opened his mouth in interviews and took a traffic cop for a ride. Personally two of the things he did that he gets railed for, squirting the official with a water bottle and mooning the Green Bay crowd, I think were frickin hilarious and it’s always bugged me that while people are quick to jump all over him about it they don’t stop to realize that he did didn’t hurt anybody. I mean, I’ld much rather see him squirt an official with a water bottle than sucker punch him from behind, and I’ll bet the GB fans that moon the team buses would rather have a player fake moon them than the bus stop and 53 pissed off athletes pile out to beat the crap out of them. In any case, there isn’t a question in my mind that Moss is the most talented receiver to play the game, and before AD got here I would have said he’s the best of all time, but seeing how AD goes about his business makes it hard for me to completely disregard the stupid things Moss has done in his career…except mooning the Packer fans, the guys a cult hero to me for doing that.

  4. Forget Mckinnie. Moss, Birk…Birk, Moss. Hmmm…I agree Moss was very talented, and the moon was an all time great…But I’m gonna go with Birk, great player, great man. Moss’s antics in 2010 were BS. The other times we could claim youth, but in 2010 he was what 33-34?
    Time to shut up and play ball…Birk has done that his whole career. He is more deserving.

  5. Loved the quote from Mike Golic this morning. “If you feel you have to tell people you were the greatest, then you weren’t.” Randy Moss has never grown up, and probably never will. NOT a professional. Talented? Of course. But not a professional.

    1. Bud,
      No doubt, The way he acted toward the Food caterer the last time he was here was enough for me…

  6. Birk and only Birk.

    But, that isn’t going to happen now is it? Freds takes comfort in knowing that if Brian McKinnley wins a ring, he’ll pawn that sucker off within 3 weeks for two double McBacon Wraps during a pot induced food bender in South Beach with two 95 pound hoochies on either arm. So he won’t have that ring for long. Some 16 year old pimpled faced clarinet player working the drive up at Burger King will be sporting that ring by March 1st.

    Moss is a complete and utter jackass and Jim Harbaugh is perhaps the only other player on earth who is in the same class as Moss. Freds can’t stand either of them.

    Then there is Ray Ray Lewis. Does this clown have one ounce of modesty? You show this fool a damn kodak instamatic camera and he will burst into tears, fall on the ground in mock prayer or if it’s before game time do some crazy ass dance that makes Mrs Freds damn near puke in disgust (and believe me, Mrs. Freds is not one to disgust easily…having married Freds and all).

    Freds can’t remember a time when he sat down to watch a game and hoped on top of hope that both teams lost.

    Tick you stupid clock! You’re old pal can’t take his next fist full of Prozak until 2:00 pm.

    1. ray lewis looks like a very bad actor who is trying to groom his reputation for his eventual hof vote