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Cordarrelle Patterson: Grade The Pick!

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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    1. I went with “D”. I like the pick but I didn’t like how much we gave up for it. I would have rather stayed in the second and taken woods/Patterson/Patton/Allen or whoever fell. But I am happy we got Patterson.

  1. I gave it a C. Very risky pick, gave up too much. Way too much, this kid better be in the running for ROY.

  2. I just have a bad feel for the guy in general but he does have the potential to be great. One of the big reasons I wasn’t in favor of taking him was because I don’t think he’s going to give you much as a true WR in his first couple years. On the other hand, most rookie receivers don’t give you much in the first couple years, so that’s not exactly a great point to make to not take a guy. What he will do is give us a big-time return man, and it will be nice to have a guy who can handle both kickoffs and punts. We also already have a play book full of short passes meant to get playmakers the ball quickly and in space. I just wonder how much of that they can do with him because the long term goal is to make him an outside receiver and most of those short routes and reverses came from our slot guy. I’m interested to hear what our WR coach has to say about him. I’m really hoping to get some ringing endorsements about the guys character. It’s a darn good thing we have a veteran like Jennings to take this guy under his wing.

  3. I gave it a C too. Patterson better be an IMEDIATE help, or this will haunt us.
    I really dig the Floyd/ Rhodes pick.

  4. It is kinda bugging me that we gave up a 7th round pick instead of getting one back from the Pats. We already sent them 647 points to get 640 according to the value chart. We should have kept our 7th and they should have sent us one. Yeah, I know, its a 7th round pick but still. Atleast it was the latest of our 7th’s we gave up.

  5. Vikings actually got 4 first round picks today. Lawrence Jackson signed at some point today.

  6. I don’t know why everyone thinks they gave up too much for Patterson, they weren’t exactly moving up a few spots.. It was essentially a 3rd and 4th rounder to move up 20+ spots.

    All in all I thought it was a fantastic day for the Vikes. Really looking forward to seeing Floyd in action and having a trio of young corners to slow down the WRs in our division.

    1. After sleeping on it, I don’t really think we gave up too much. This morning I’m looking at it like this. Instead of having a pick in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounds, we got three guys in the first. We still have our own picks in the 4th, 5th and 6th plus two early picks in the 7th, so we will still end up with a full draft class. I’m really happy they didn’t have to trade any picks from next year to get back into the 1st to take him.

      1. I’m with you Dan. It makes tonight sort of suck, but all things considered, it could easily end up being a brilliant move. After a night to mull it over, I’m on board with Rick. Great draft so far.

        1. Agreeing with Spielman and not mocking me? Who are you, and what have you done with Tomb? Next thing we’ll hear you’re having the local cub scout pack over for milk and cookies.

          1. Thought I’d try your Pollyanna approach. It’s kind of nice!

            Ponder was still a reach though…better?

              1. Dang, you’re right…and I didn’t say BIG Reach.

                What’s happening to me? Am I going to start obsessing about the OL next?

  7. B grade. at first i thought it was way too much, however, getting three firsts is excellent and then i did the draft calc thing and saw that it was about fair value. but yeah, he has to show that he’s worth it, and 1st rd. WR picks are risky. could’ve done a lot with those picks

  8. I gave this a D.
    Now before going creazy here are my reason:
    I think he is very raw. I think the draft is very very deep at WR (could have waited untill perhaps mid 2nd round to trade up for a WR if we really badly wanted one. He hasn’t been very productive.
    I think we got robbed in the trade.

    Also compared to other draft day trades (fx. cowboys moving down to 31 with 49’ers). all 49’ers gave up was a late third.

  9. Seems to be a national consensus that the Vikings had a tremendous draft last night. Can’t argue that we got three highly rated players at some important positions (even though NONE of our first round picks were OL!) . I notice we got three of Adam and Brett’s top 22 players. Nice. Now the real SOD’s become available today – Good luck Vikes.

    Top seven selections were linemen! Guess the NFL suits are finally catching on – if you have a lousy team, better start by upgrading the guys up front.

    1. Also not just three of the top picks on the board at the time.
      3 guys in the green room :O
      Which Adam and Brett guessed we wouldn’t get a chance / would take any from the green room .

  10. Impressive night for the Vikes. Gave up a lot to come back into the 1st round which concerns me a little, but I understand the gamble. I asked Ricky to bring his “A game” yesterday and so far so good. Just gotta figure out what to do today since the Vikes have no picks these rounds.

  11. Well the team felt it was worth giving up them picks to get Patterson.
    I think there will more Reward than Risk.
    Go Vikes

  12. After watching video on him he looks alot like a bigger Cheech Harvin so he’s got that going for him. Cant undervalue his kickoff and punt return skills.

  13. I like the Pick and the trade.

    They would have use pick 52 on a WR anyways… AND I was expecting them to trade up anyway from that postion to land a quality WR. So, I had already thought they would trade that extra 3rd round pick from next years draft (percy trade) to land a good WR. I wasn’t expecting Patterson, but I think he was worth throwing in that 4th round pick. Now, I think the Patriots play hard ball and convinced the Vikings to give up this years 3rd instead of next years 3rd.

    Anyway, I don’t think the Vikings are done trading up.

    If a RB hungry team wants Toby (Jets Pitt Cincy)… plus that extra 3rd round pick next year… the Vikings could get back into round 2 or 3rd for Manti, A Brown, Kiko Alonso or A.J Klein. Spielman may not be done making a splash!

    With Pick 120 the Vikings could land Marcus Lattimore, Andre Ellington or Joseph Randle.

  14. Really hope they do trade up to that Cincy, Jets, or Pitt pick so we can land a ILB. I really like Te’o but think I’m alone on that front. Wouldn’t mind Arthur Brown and Kiko Alonso has off field issues (think armed robbery is worse than getting catfished) that makes me hesitant on him.

  15. Cincy has 2- 2nd round picks some mock have them taking Eddie Lacy… How does Toby stack up agianst Lacy and can the Vikings sweeten the pot with an extra pick?

    Pitt at 48 could be a trading spot if The MLB are still on the board.

    Some mocks have Denver at 58 taking a RB… Elway is a big Stanford guy!!!!!

  16. Liking the Pitt at 48 for trading up to. Some mocks don’t have ILB’S going until that point, offer them Toby and this years 3rd pick could be where we get Te’o, Brown, or Minter. Hopefully Spielman is still feeling balsy and pulls off this type of move.

  17. Also Toby and Lacy have similar head down between the tackles type of running styles, also Toby has proven he can handle being the #1 RB on a team, so Cincy may be tempted taking him, and a 3rd pick over Lacy.

  18. Cincy pick 37
    Pitt 48 (some reports had pitt showing interest in Toby when he was drafted)
    Cincy 53

    If Spielman covets Teo, and he is still on the board… The Vikings have Toby and a 3rd round pick next year to offer.

    1. I’d love to get rid of smelly ol’ fatface Toby. I like the idea of that trade scenario…just not for Manti.

  19. If this trade doesn’t happen are other options are Erin Henderson, Audie Cole, or sign Brian Urlacher. Out of all those I like the Erin Henderson but still hoping we can get this trade done.

    1. I actually like Urlacher. I know he’s old and has lost a step but if he’s healthy, he could be a real help to us in the middle. He’d come with a chip on his shoulder and all kinds of tidbits on Cutler. The guy is a solid human being to boot.

  20. Remember hearing about Rick having 6 guys on the board in the 1st.
    If he would try to make a deal I think it would be for Te’o

    1. Why would you trade up that far for a 2 down LB. He has to be covered up and he can not shed blocks. Plays softer than a down filled pillow. Just don’t see the value and apparently 31 teams besides the Vikings didn’t either in the 1st round.

        1. That could have all been part of a smoke screen to show more interest than they actually had to force somebody higher to draft him and push down somebody they actually covet.

  21. With us signing Lawrence Jackson could allow us to go with trading Robinson or (although I hate the thought) Allen and a future 3rd pick to move up in the 2nd.