A Final Mock On The Final Day

I’m going to be honest with you, I’ve just about thrown in the towel on the whole mock draft thing this year.

It isn’t for a lack of preparation.   It isn’t a lack of confidence in my evaluations.  It isn’t for a lack of reading “this will 100% happen” or “there is no way that happens” from various media outlets or from fans.  It certainly isn’t for a lack of caring.

I just find this draft class to be so incredibly unpredictable.  The lack of quarterback talent will test teams with the need for a new one.  The incredible depth at the defensive line and secondary positions makes it very hard to stack the talent with any conviction.  With the Vikings now having two first round picks to work with, and a roster with plenty of needs, their draft possibilities seem even more endless than usual.

Setting all that aside, however, I now present you with my final 2013 NFL Mock Draft with just hours to go until the real thing goes down tonight.

I have decided to give the Vikings a well-known linebacker and an often-mocked defensive tackle, and the results in full can be seen right here.

Get ready for a wild evening, Vikes fans!  We’ll be here all night to give insight and opinions as the action unfolds.

Don’t touch that channel!